In East End, Officials See Progress

Things are happening in the East End that’s creating optimism in a neighborhood many residents say has been long neglected. On Seaview Avenue Russian-born developer Anatoliy Gurevich is close to completing a condominium complex that officials say will help brighten the neighborhood. “Things are beginning to happen that are going to encourage people to want to live here,” says City Councilman Ernie Newton who represents the district. “We’re trying to clean that up, close the afterhours spots down, tear these old buildings down, and build some new ones, so we want to try and keep it affordable.”

The condominium development is not far from the Steelpointe Harbor waterfront area making progress on construction of the Dockmaster building that will feature offices of the developer RCI Group, marina and restaurant.

More from CT Post reporter Jordan Grice:

“I do think it’s a matter of integrity and even though he was secondarily associated with the project I think he felt he had a primary responsibility to finish it,” said Bill Coleman, deputy director of economic development. “He’s showed remarkable staying power and a remarkable commitment to excellence in construction. He’s a finisher. The kind of businessman and developer we want in our city.”

Now, the Russian developer is looking to finish the project by the end of the year, making good on his investment in an area that has caught the eye of several other developers.

“There is a lot of value here,” Coleman said.

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  1. gentrification; plural noun: gentrifications
    the process of renovating and improving a house or district so that it conforms to middle-class taste.
    “an area undergoing rapid gentrification”
    the process of making a person or activity more refined or polite.

    I witnessed the gentrification of Harlem, I witnessed when Bill Clinton proposed moving his office to Harlem after his term and the people praised him for this. Now 17 years later black’s are being priced out of the area. People that lived in Harlem their whole lives now can’t afford a rent much less own a home. Ernie and Enida don’t let this happen to the East End.

    1. Don, it’s to late, the East End is prime property, it’s right off of 95 and the East End has a waterfront that’s not being used to itd9be ability. There is big money to be made and those blacks will definitely moved out for gentrification and there’s nothing Ernie and Enida can do.

  2. Ron you are right, the NRZ helped the developers to get zoning approval to change that property to residential with the condition that the units would be priced to sell to local residents. There are only 2 residents living in the development. others from out of town.
    There are very few residents in the East end that can afford a $230,000.00 condo with condo fee. The income would have to be $80,000.00 average. The East end resident were used and the city gave the original developers 7 year tax credits in addition. Some of the original unit owners are in foreclosure due to the high cost.

  3. Just follow the money, the black community will be displaced but Joe Ganim doesn’t give a damn because he’ll be getting those donations from the development owners and contractors and the blacks on the East End will be looking for a place that can afford to stay because it won’t be the East End, thanks again Joe for nothing.

  4. Day and Mackey need not worry. When units go into foreclosure, they will be bought by ‘investors’ and converted to rental. Maybe Joe Ganim will purchase one to add to his collection of Bridgeport rental units.

  5. Ron is right. The east end is prime property. If you can no longer afford it then move. Plenty of affordable homes in the east side. Again all the bitching for years and now that there is progress people want to complain. It can turn the whole city around . The progress in the east end with the downtown development. On and off i95 is huge.

  6. America is reinventing their downtowns and the surrounding area’s. Back in the day it was all about the north end , now there is progress in the other side of town ……..


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