In Case You Were Wondering–Trump Staff Bleeds

Trump staffers
White House staff sworn in on Jan. 22 in the East Room. Photo by Al Drago/The New York Times

Coffee musta been cold. From The New York Times: With the departure of Stephen K. Bannon, at least eight top officials are no longer in the White House. Full story here.



  1. As for me I’m sorry to see Bannon go as he was leading 45 down the abyss of abject failure. This is the failure that the conservative Republican’s wanted for President Barack Obama that never materialized. Come back Steve, come back.

  2. Ron: I don’t think that we have to worry much about Steve Bannon: From his appearance I’d say he’ll be needing emergency by-pass surgery and a long convalescence in the near future… Gorka is giving up politics for the cinema and is due to be cast in the next “Twilight” sequel… Judging by his last press conference, there has obviously been a cooling-system failure in Steve Miller’s reactor core rendering his head imminently in danger of an explosive fission/melt-down (which could be happening at this moment)… Jeff Sessions is going resign in a couple of weeks to become the next director of the Southern Poverty Law Center…

    President Donald Trump will soon wave his final, brisk, “good-bye” as he prepares to enter Marine 1 on his way to his next career as a reality- show vintner/Hair Club for Men pitchman…

    And the special election for POTUS next Fall will be cleansing and healing. The national enema that Ben Franklin suggested as an alternative to the Jeffersonian Revolutionary Renewal, “constitutional” regimen…

  3. So..what does this have to do with Bridgeport,CT. Were some people(as in Joe Ganim) feel that they may have a personal connection with Donald Trump and this personal connection,on it’s own, would benefit Bridgeport. Excuuuuse me but The Donald and his butler,Ben Carson, are proposing massive cuts to cities like in Community Block Grant Programs.

  4. I meant, Thanks, Ron. It’s s complement to be perceived in terms of one of OIB’s great wits… (Hey; we need the Grin Reeper to lighten things up around here..,)

  5. Trump’s so-called “presidency” is not funny anymore. It was amusing for a month or two, with Sean Spicer’s daily press briefings providing endless fodder for late night television comedians, KellyAnn Conway’s rationalization of “alternate facts” and the three oldest Trump children behaving like the cossetted rich kids they are.

    After Charlottesville and his half-assed and vulgar defensee of white nationalists Donald Trump’s mental stability, lack of personal discipline an questionable morality are in plain view for the world to seee. At least a half dozen charitable organizations cancelled fundraiisers to be held at Mar A Lago, Trump’s flagship gold club in Florida. The entire arts & humanities commission resigned en masse, leaving chairwoman Melania to find moose and squirrel by herself. CEOs resigned from an industrial commission, concerned thaat the tarnishing Trump brand will affect the bottom line and cause an exodus of shareholders.

    He’s all done. The GOP has been muted, up to now. Senator Bob Coorker, R-Tennessee, was the first to openly criticise Trump. Mitch McConnell and other Southern Senators have been waiting for poll numbers to change, fearing that directly criticising Trump will have a nnegative impact on their job security, Not to worry, gentlemen. A recent poll of Trump supporters in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin showed that only 40% approve of The Donald’s performace.

    Robert Mueller’s investigation is moving ahead at a right good clip. In addition to Russian connections to the campaign Mueller is also gooing over Trump’s financial records, personal and business (including all of the dummy shell corporations he has to hide income from the IRS). Real estate laws are a bit more liberal than those applying to other financial businesses so much of his dealings may be legal. Junior will be hard pressed expalining it all to the punters.

    Trump will be forced to resign to head off an impeachment proceedinng, before the turkey comes out of the oven.

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