Ganim, John Gomes Crow At Red Rooster Fundraiser

Did your checkbook crow at the Red Rooster Thursday night? Deputy Chief Administrative Officer John Gomes hosted Mayor Joe Ganim’s latest fundraiser for governor at Gomes’ Red Rooster deli. See video above that appears on Ganim’s campaign Facebook page.

Ganim is moving around the state, often with Democratic Town Chair Mario Testa at his side, trying to build support in an exploratory stage for governor while petitioning a federal court to allow his participation in the state’s public financing program denied by the State Elections Enforcement Commission citing his 2003 conviction on federal corruption charges. Ganim is challenging the decision on constitutional grounds.

Ganim’s fundraising strategy thus far is small dollar amounts on a leap of faith he wins his court case. Under the state’s Citizens Election Program qualifying candidates that raise $250,000 in donations of $100 and less will receive a primary jackpot of more than one million dollars. It’s about $6.5 million for the general election.

The video footage from the Red Rooster features Gomes addressing the crowd of city employees, city pols and business community members. Later Ganim declares, “Let’s move this dynamic energy to the next level together.”

Ganim state central
Ganim addresses Democratic Party insiders.

For Ganim, it’s a challenging “next level.”

The federal court decision is key if Ganim’s going to compete financially with the field of Dems vying for the party nomination. And even if the court sides with Ganim there’s no guarantee he’ll qualify for the labor-intensive public dollars. The money will be parceled out by the state after the party convention in May 2018 and when candidates qualify for the ballot.

The other night Ganim addressed members of the Democratic State Central Committee, the regulars who conduct party business, elect a chair and spread the word to insiders about the viability of a candidate.



  1. This is no surprise about John Gomes, he’s not only drinking the Ganim’s Kool Aid, John is mixing it and pouring it out to others. Of course John Gomes wants Ganim out so he can take another shot of running for mayor.

  2. LOL..Ganim and Gomes saying how Bpt is moving forward,downtown looks like a nuclear bomb went off,people moving out of the city in droves,house being forclosed,crime rate through the roof etc etc…And yet we hear about the Majestic deal that isn’t gonna happen..Steel Point being developed??..our neighborhoods getting cleaned up??,jobs being created??,they think we are idiots..
    Feel bad for most of those people who HAVE to go to these fundraisers,or risk losing their jobs if they don’t…Saw Rich Paoletto there,having to pony up to look grateful for Joe making a job up for him with WPCA,looked like Richie was trying to dodge the camera,I would too if I were him…Not surprising,McCarthy was a no show,his disdain for Joe is evident..
    September’s fundraiser will be for Joe’s re-election campaign now,back at Testo’s…

  3. Any idea what those poor people had to pony up to keep their Joe’s pipe dream?.. I mean,I know when Mario has it at his place the required cost is $100 or more.. but at the Rooster deli??.. got to be $50,right?

  4. Len, quick question, why haven’t you addressed the matter of Ganim’s secret headquarters in an upstairs area over Joseph Steakhouse used for his intention to run for Governor? You may have, and I could have missed it. I think this would make for some good conversation from the bloggers. I heard there’s no information involving rent paid or any public indication it exists. I hear that John Ricci leads a walking caravan of “older” men on a regular basis. I hope this is being done on his lunch hour? HaHa. Oh, there’s no way to enter unless a code is used.

  5. They talk about all the great things happening at Steel Point. Didn’t Ganim announce Dave and Busters were signed and ready to break ground? Now they are out and opening in Milford. That raises an eyebrow!

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