Holy Moly, Malloy And Foley In Flat Tie, Time To Suck Up!

Mario Testa
Eh, Dan and Tom, says Mario Testa, let's be friends

Could this be the closest gubernatorial election in decades?

OIB pollster Merriman River, commissioned by www.ctcapitolreport.com, has Republican Tom Foley at 45 and Democrat Dan Malloy at 45. Looks like Congressman Jim Himes, locked in a tight fight with Republican Dan Debicella, isn’t the only one who could benefit from Barack’s Saturday visit. Malloy will need a juiced Bridgeport turnout as well, along with several other Democratic candidates.

If I’m Malloy, I’d be kissing and hugging every political operative, every district leader, every voter in Bridgeport the next several days. “Hey, Mario Testa, hey, Bill Finch I don’t care that you supported Ned Lamont in the primary, I love you, I want you, I need you.”

Is this shameless sucking up? You bet it is, but who gives a shit. Malloy needs everyone pulling together. If I’m Tom Foley I’d stop into Mario’s restaurant for one of the Democratic town chair’s special salads. “Hey, Mario let’s be friends. Is Malloy acting like your friend? Well, I’m your friend. What do say, maybe you can take a short vacation between now and Tuesday, become part of my harem on my 100-foot Odalisque.”

Yeah, baby, what kind of deals could be cut between now and Tuesday? Bring it on! For poll details visit www.ctcapitolreport.com.



  1. Al Dente overheard much political fodder and mutters at Mario’s about how they were a little chilly to Santiago and Malloy. Foley could be giving a catheter to Malloy on Tuesday.

    That Curley’s Diner ad has a lot of people talking about Malloy being mean, especially to the Mama’s and Papa’s stores in Stamford.

  2. Malloy has problems in Bridgeport. He has not made peace with the TC and has further infuriated Dems by appointing long-time Pain in the Ass Americo Santiago as the manager of the Bpt headquarters. People going to the headquarters for lawn signs are being turned away and told that the only person giving out the lawn sighs for election day is Stafstrom.
    Malloy’s affilliation with SEIU (SIEU) has also pissed a lot of people off and their door-to-door visits have not be welcomed.
    The president’s visit could be a small help but if it turns into a nightmare and people are turned away (capacity reached) that is going to create hard feelings. I do agree big-city turnout is important in this election for Malloy but his not talking to the TC in Bridgeport and New Haven could hurt. Thank god it’s almost over.

  3. TC–How many times do I have to tell you? It’s going to be S-E-I-O-U!!! They are going to bullet for Malloy and leave the rest of the line holding the smoking gun.

  4. Just you I came from a socialist country you need to go there so you know what socialism is instead of quoting right-wing propaganda. One minute you call us nazi, the next socialist, when in reality they are the opposite, each polar extremes. You don’t know how close the Republican party Cheney Rove Bush brought you to fascism and dictatorship.

  5. My opinion;

    Our stupid Dems in our city need to stop fighting amongst themselves as to who did what and who is going to look good to Malloy and get out and fight to get him elected before Foley takes this thing.

  6. That’s the second-best photograph of Mario I’ve ever seen.

    The question remains, do the active Bridgeport Democrats have pride enough to suck it up and get a vote out even with the support of the president of the United States?

    (Nah, so-and-so didn’t get a lawn sign.)

    1. Mario needs to suck it up and get his people out there. Campaign headquarters are dead. There is nothing happening. Half the district leaders aren’t speaking. If Mario is a true leader he will pull this party together and do it quick. If he can’t or won’t GOTV, it doesn’t bode well for him next year.

  7. I don’t buy this poll at all, does not hold weight with me. Every poll has Malloy 5 points or more up. I saw this poll last week, then it had him up by 10 and I did not buy that one either!!! Malloy by 5 to 8 points on election day!!!

  8. For the record:
    Headquarters is not dead it has been full
    There are several satellite operations working hard
    Everyone I see coming in for a lawn sign gets one easily

    Stop the BS and support our candidate. He will make an excellent Governor so help out and he will win.

  9. Nice picture of the chairman. Lennie, is the new OIB book so easy to read and follow that even donj can do it? If so, it should sell well. The independent voters will decide this one. Linda McMahon needs to run ads targeted at women voters NOW. I’m wearing my WWE gear when I go to vote Nov 2.
    If I’m not allowed to do so, I will strip to my OIB underwear and proceed to vote. What do Democrats do when they are desperate for votes? They’ll pull out all the stops–don’t believe me? Check this out:

    www .youtube.com/watch?v=2NuLVvVb4oc

  10. how long will it take before people stop blaming Bush and Rove for the problems of the world and start shifting the blame to the one-part- dominated leadership in DC? I’m getting a little tired of it all. Pelosi and Reid sold Obama a bill of goods that he was ill-equipped to understand (being a newbie to the scene).

    As to the Malloy supporters look at the ad about the diner. That woman is telling the truth. Malloy is arrogant. Listen to his sermonizing speeches. He knows everything and we know nothing … and like Sgt. Schultz, the lemming Dems “see nothing.” Wait … after the election, Malloy will be looking for his crown!!!

  11. Pump Up The Volume!!!

    Russell Simmons to MC Obama Slamma Jamma! This will be a real Deaf Jam!!! I can visualize RW&B getting Jiggy with it.

    Peace Out!

  12. Malloy, is he good for big-box companies or for small- and medium-sized business? You may have heard of the ad in the paper about Curley’s Diner in Stamford. Well someone did a video to illustrate the issue …

    Search in Google for these words and it will come up number one in the search list:

    Eminent domain in Stamford, CT

    There is a segment in the video in which the fence was placed by the Mayor so tightly around the diner that they could barely even walk around it.


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