Welcome To Mayberry: Mount, Hovey And The House

OIB friend Michele Mount (MCAT) is challenging Republican State Representative DebraLee Hovey who’s answering questions about improvements to her Monroe house. Don’t ya just love suburban cat fights? From Bill Bittar, Monroe Patch:

Less than a week before Election Day, an incumbent Monroe state representative is defending herself against claims that she failed to get proper approvals for work done on her home.

Town building officials confirmed with Patch that an anonymous caller this week alleged that state Rep. DebraLee Hovey (R-112th) sectioned a finished basement into three rooms and added a bathroom, and did so without permits or a new assessment.

Hovey said it’s an unfinished basement.

The field card for Hovey’s one-story ranch at 296 Fan Hill Road says the house has two bedrooms and one bathroom.

Full story: monroe.patch.com/articles/democrats-take-the-fight-to-hoveys-house



  1. Deputy Barney Fife: Nip it! Nip it in the bud! Hovey’s basement could be flooded with Feds in this Mount Hovey Caper. Where’s Aunt Bea when you need her Ange???

    We need Doing It Local on this case!!!

    Those Republican Goobers really hate Bridgeport!!!

    What’s in Their Water???


  2. The Oracle of Omaha Steaks!

    Ms. Hovey is clearly a value investor. She has many assets including horses that play the field. An avowed agronomist who believes in her own self sustainability that is exemplified in her temperature controlled root and wine cellar.

    All she is missing is a Rowlandesque Hot Tub!

  3. Could you imagine if this were a Bridgeport issue with one of our pols? Press would be making hay out of this and the mainstream media is treating this like it is a whine press.

    This is a vintage Fourth Estate Gran Cru issue that will be treated like sour grapes.

    Bucolic Monroe would never cover up their grapes of wrath.

  4. The Monroe First Selectman is probably covering this up. He had Hovey and a zoning person in office at 7:30am going through building records. He forgot to mention the person who came into his office and he took them down to the building dept. His “anonymous source” clearly identified herself to him, building dept and Assessor’s office.

  5. No matter when the issue of Hovey and the allegations concerning her property taxes RTC would accuse the DTC of being “desperate.” Except, the failure to pay taxes is not nonsense, it is illegal. Rather than open her doors to town officials, she has elected to hide behind the trite cliches. Without the inspection, her statements give you the impression that the assertions are true. Hovey had admitted replacing the shower and compares it to an outdoor unit that you can barely stand in. Then a few days later she admits that a toilet was also installed. The admission that a bathroom has been installed are not “baseless allegations.”
    She knew permits were required because she did so to build a garage with a breezeway. It is much easier to finish a basement without detection, but not possible to build a garage and breezeway without being seen.
    Hovey states “It’s incumbent upon the town to evaluate my property.” It is the law to obtain a permit so that the associated increase in value to the property can be assessed for TAX purposes.
    She completely misses that (1) the law does make it incumbent on the property owner to obtain the necessary permits and to pay the proper property taxes (2) it is the law-abiding HONEST thing to do.
    The RTC Chair critizes the DTC Chair for allegedly blowing an anonymous, unverified complaint out of proportion … yet Edgerton admits, “I’ve known DebraLee for 10 years and have never been in her basement.” Why comment when you cannot? She further states “since my counterpart has been named chair of her party, she has taken things down to the gutter,” is this not a clear oxymoronic expression? The DTC chair did not “tear down Hovey’s character, Ms. Hovey did that all by herself.
    Hovey’s campaign manager Sredzinski is quoted as saying “People know DebraLee. They love DebraLee.” Perhaps, as Ms. Edgerton does not know the real DebraLee, neither does Sredzinski.
    The DTC chair has a point. Hovey’s alleged failure to pay her fair share of property taxes is a taxpayer issue. Failure to pay taxes is illegal and affects every taxpayer regardless of party affiliation. Every taxpayer has a right to know whether the sitting representative violated the law and failed to uphold her sworn oath.
    Ms. Hovey open up your doors.

  6. I have just learned that the actual complainant has appeared before the Monroe First Selectman and Building officials. This is now a formal complaint. If the First Selectman does not order an investigation he is complicit with this illegal activity and becomes involved in what I suspect is about to be known as the Monroegate Coverup.


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