Holloway Flacks About School Plaque

Claytor School plaque
How could this be? Holloway left off school plaque. CT Post photo by Linda Conner Lambeck.

Jim Holloway, the longest-serving member on the City Council, who also sits on the School Building Committee, is hollering about his name omission on a plaque honoring a new city school, Geraldine Claytor Magnet Academy. The squawking will pay off, in more ways than one.

Jim Holloway
Holloway will get his name on school plaque.

… Holloway made a motion that everyone on the committee, which includes a smattering of city council members, school board members and city and school officials, be recognized on the plaque. It was approved unanimously.

The plaque cost about $1,300 according to Hedman. A new plaque, listing more names, is bound to cost more.

Luckily, the budget for the new school, the committee was told, is in excellent shape, about $5 million under its $50.8 million budget. About one fifth of that, $1 million, will go back to the city once the project is done. The rest to the state, which is footing about 80 percent of the project cost.

Full story here from Linda Conner Lambeck, CT Post.



  1. No conflict of interest here! Just a situation in which someone who has to make a decision in an official capacity stands to profit personally from the decision. Stipend and a paycheck.
    Mr. Holloway, you have a lot of Jingle Balls!!!

  2. I was there for some of the conversation and couldn’t help but think this school is going to open in about two weeks and this somehow seems to be of some significance.

    I thought it was silly.

  3. Councilman Holloway wishes for respect in his interactions with citizens of Bridgeport. With City employment, his role as Chair of the School Buildings Committee and a top-tier seat on the Council, he can receive respect. Trouble may be that it is not enough, ever, and if there is any alternative view attempted in his presence, he responds defensively or leaves the scene to enter his lack of respect for the opposing view.

    flubadub, your suggestion of a handheld mirror might suffice, but would that view of “the man in the glass” be enough for him? Time will tell.

  4. What we need on the City Council is the Hall-Dragging Principal, she can drag some of those members like Old Flucking Holloway’s Ass down the hall and out the front door just a few times, that should straighten his Narcissistic ass out!!!
    We’ll plant her right next to the Mic and Podium, so she can drag JML and Cecil Young’s ass down the hall, too! If we had her back in the day, I’m sure Cecil Young would think twice before suing this city, and John Marshall Lee would cut his dissertations down to 30 seconds.
    Joe could have hired her last week, maybe he was afraid of the escalator.


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