Gulp! You Really Wanna Be Governor?

We have a state budget, finally, but the financial horizon skies look awfully stormy for the next governor who takes office January 2019. Hide the whiskey bottle.

CT Mirror reporter Keith Phaneuf provides the sobering news for the state’s next chief executive.

While it orders net tax increases this fiscal year and next, the new state budget pledges major tax cuts after that. But it’s unclear whether the businesses, estates, retirees, students and others promised about $130 million in annual breaks will actually see that relief.

That’s because state finances are projected to be much worse off in two years than they are now, when lawmakers say this relief is unaffordable.

Without the tax hikes, spending cuts and other adjustments in the new budget, analysts had said state finances would run $1.6 billion in deficit this fiscal year and $1.9 billion in 2018-19, or $3.5 billion in the red across the biennium.

… The nonpartisan Office of Fiscal Analysis says this plan, if continued into the 2019-20 and 2020-21 fiscal years, would amass red ink totaling $1.9 billion and $2.7 billion respectively–gaps of 10 and 13 percent–or $4.6 billion across that biennium.

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  1. In 1992 that’s how William Jefferson Clinton a little known former governor from the poor state of Arkansas became the 42nd President of the United States because the big Democratic candidates were reluctant to run because of the financial and world issues.

    1. The election for governor will be a very low turnout so the candidate who has name recognition and can he their voters to the polls will win. Now who will win is a different question.

    2. And under Clinton very prosperous years for the US, and remind me, who did he want for Comptroller General? Who was his Comptroller General? Oh yes, Dave Walker, candidate for Governor of CT. Another man not afraid to run because of serious financial issues.

      1. Don’t be surprised if JB gives Dave Walker a powerful out-of-state endorsement for Governor. JB has pull, power and clout and is known for picking the winners.

      2. Jennifer, maybe 45 will fly in or go on Twitter to endorse David Walker, PLEASE!!! What is Walker’s plan for education and for big cities like Bridgeport, New Haven and Hartford?

      3. Attended a Dave Walker for Governor fundraiser last night. His CT-centered approach with a proposed major fiscal overhaul was refreshing. Not much ego and that was even more refreshing. As an independent, Dave Walker is the most qualified and responsible adult in the race.

    3. How long have I been pointing you guys to the obvious. I’ve been asked many times why I don’t run for State Representative in the 130th as a Democrat. The current and future state of our economy and state budget is beyond my ability to save it. was the answer. I’ve been watching that wave coming for 15 years.

    4. Joel Gonzalez // Nov 2, 2017 at 2:14 am

      Andy, JML is trying to change the subject.
      Fuck what Greenwich to or didn’t get. I got a copy of the 8 page BPL Petition. On September 6 and September 7, 2017. Eight (8) poeple set out to circulate the BPL Petition. The leader is James E. O’Donnell. John Marshall Lee appears as having signed sheet 1 on line number 11. Sheet one (1) looks like a who’s who of OIB posters and tells an interesting plot to cover up the existence of the Petition and Referendum Question. So Much for “transparency” JML. I sent Lennie Grimaldi copies of all 8 pages and I request he writes a commentary and publish the Petitions.


  2. Ron is that the same Democrat, William Jefferson Clinton that gave you the crime bill that devastated the black and minority communities and sent many young black men to jail, and the effects are still felt today with disparage sentencing, and his wife Hillary Clinton call those young black men Super predator and needed to be brought to heel?

    1. Robert, that stemmed from the idiotic federal sentencing guidelines from the 1980s that created disproportionate sentences for even low-level drug cases before Clinton was elected. The Supreme Court overturned mandatory sentencing in 2005.

  3. Lennie thanks for pointing that out. Jeez, some people will run their mouths without any attempt to research. If you don’t know for sure what your talking about, keep quiet; better to keep people wondering if you’re smart or stupid. Once those words leave your mouth, you own them.

      1. “Here’s what Manafort’s indictment tells me: Mueller is going to go over every financial dealing of Jared Kushner and the Trump Organization,” said former Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg. “Trump is at 33 percent in Gallup. You can’t go any lower. He’s fucked.”

        Again with the You Tube defense, Robert. 

        When Mr. Obama was in office “It’s Bush’s fault!” became the punchline of many jokes. Now that The Donald is in the Whitehouse he and his uneducated supporters living in the trailer parks of the rust belt and  the deep south blame everything they don’t like on Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and them high falootin’ Demmercrats. 

        It was the GOP that painted Michael Dukakis as soft on crime using an ad campaign that featured a mugshot of an unkempt Willie Horton, an African-American convicted felon who, while serving a life sentence for murder (without the possibility of parole) was the beneficiary of a Massachusetts weekend furlough program. He did not return from his furlough, and ultimately committed assault, armed robbery, and rape. 

        Donald Trump has perpetuated the ugly mythology of the Ku Klux Klan and other white nationalists by not denouncing them after the violence that occurred  in Charlottesville, Virginia, earlier this year. He didn’t put any distance between himself and David Duke when the latter endorsed his presidential campaign. Mr. Duke is an American white supremacist and white nationalist, politician that served in the Louisiana House, antisemitic conspiracy theorist, Holocaust denier, convicted felon, and former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. During the Charlottesville protests he was recorded 
        saying “We are here to fulfill the promises of Donald Trump!” (Presumably one of those promises was fulfilled when one of Trump’s supporters drove an automobile into a crowd of counter protesters, killing one and seriously injuring several others.)

        Get you information from other sources, Robert. Anyone can find videos on You Tube. You select only those that support your parochial views.

          1. “Here’s what Manafort’s indictment tells me: Mueller is going to go over every financial dealing of Jared Kushner and the Trump Organization,” said former Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg. “Trump is at 33 percent in Gallup. You can’t go any lower. He’s fucked.”

      1. OK She didn’t call black kids (whoever) Super predators. Tell me who
        thaen who was she referring to about “THEM” AND “WE”? When she said “WE” need to bring “THEM” to heel?

    1. Incarceration rates in this country increased In the ’80s because of draconian laws that mandated lengthy minimum sentences for low-level drug offenders. Mandatory minimum sentences for possession of crack cocaine were 500 times higher than those for powder cocaine. Federal courts eventually ruled the sentencing guidelines unconstitutional because a disproportionate number of inmates convicted of crack offenses were black and hispanic.

      The GOP was responsible for prison overcrowding in the United States of America, not Bill Clinton, not Hillary Clinton, not Barack Obama. 

  4. Lisa Thanks for voicing my imperfections on OIB. Everybody already knows about my ESL skills. TBK I’m going by what the NY times wrote, and what Hillary said. Maybe Hillary can give us the facts on the “kids” turned into “Super Predators” She had enough time on how “they” got that way or is she still bring “them” to heel.

    1. That was an extremely poor choice of words on Mrs. Clinton’s part. I’m not going to defender her; she apologized for her insensitivities. I will point out that you are being held accountable for your mangled English and ignorant opinions the same as you are trying to hold Mrs. Clinton accountable. What’s good for her is good for you.

      Go stand in a corner, put on a dunce cap and be quiet.

  5. Robert,

    You’re going by a New York Times story published 4/11/2016. Mrs. Clinton is not in public office. Donald Trump is the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. By “occupant” I mean it in the most pejorative terms. He has not accomplished anything of note. (Dividing the nation is notorious, not noteworthy.) 

    Given the current national disgust with the GOP in general and the Trump administration in particular the Democratic Party is poised to retake majorities in the House of Representatives and possibly the Senate and governorships and legislatures in several states. 

    Is that Hillary Clinton’s fault? Is that Barack Obama’s  fault? Is that Bush’s fault? No, no and no. It is the fault of the current leadership of GOP’s national committee and Congress. 

    Neither you nor Andy Fardy can say Mueller’s appointment is ‘Politically motivated’:  Donald Trump nominated Rosenstein to serve as Deputy Attorney General for the United States Department of Justice. The appointment was confirmed by the U.S. Senate on April 25, 2017. In May 2017, he authored a memo which President Trump said was the basis of his decision to dismiss FBI Director James Comey. Trump’s dismissal of Comey, reportedly at the urging First Son In Law Jared Kushner, led directly to Mueller’s appointment. Robert Mueller, Special Counsel was appointed by Rosenstein.

    From Wikipedia:

    “A graduate of Princeton University, Mueller served as a Marine Corps officer during the Vietnam War, receiving the Bronze Star Medal with Combat “V” for heroism and the Purple Heart Medal. After graduating from the University of Virginia School of Law in 1973, he worked at a private firm in San Francisco for three years until his appointment as an assistant U.S. Attorney in the same city. Prior to his appointment as FBI director, Mueller served as a United States Attorney, as assistant attorney general for the Criminal Division and as acting deputy attorney general.

    “He earned a reputation as a no-nonsense, straitlaced attorney and investigator… Lauded for his non-partisan and non-political approach, he has been credited with transforming the FBI from an agency primarily focused on law enforcement into one of the world’s top organizations handling counterespionage and counterterrorism. 

    “In May 2017, Mueller was appointed by the Justice Department as special counsel to oversee the FBI investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, one of several investigations looking into the matter…

    “… On October 30, 2017 Mueller filed charges against Paul Manafort and Rick Gates. The 12 charges include conspiracy to launder money, violations of the 1938 Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) as being an unregistered agent of a foreign principal, false and misleading FARA statements, and conspiracy against the United States..”

    Donald Trump is not the victim. He is suspected of criminal activity.

  6. TBK according to Lisa “Once those words leave your mouth, you own them.” Clinton owns those words.

    You talk about KKK members that have no relevance that were not condemn instantly but fail to express any concern for a long standing Democrat Senator who was a Grand Wizard of the KKK, who Hillary show much sensitivity to when she hug and kissed him.

    My original post was to Ron, while Lennie made a valid point on the Federal disparaging sentencing that you touch on between cocaine and crack,(white and black) Bill’s Crime Bill didn’t do anything to address it. I don’t think anyone can really disagree with the devastation that bill did to the “Super Predators” . The uneducated living in the trailer part across America.

    Back to my original post before the attack on my stupidity or ELS skills. If fond Ron’s post ironic because he suggested no big name Democrats for the financial mess this state is in, so much so the the biggest name in the Democrat’s party don’t want to touch it. Who is the current setting governor that put this state on is current trajectory. Thinks that make you go WTF.

    PS. I commented Ron’s subtle racist post because Obama’s rise to the presidency was far greater the Bill’s. Obama when for State Senator to US Senator, to President quicker the it take to get through high school, and not on an ESL stills level. SHM


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