Groundbreaking For East End Market


State Senator Ed Gomes tonight will join members of the East End Neighborhood Revitalization Zone for a groundbreaking ceremony to mark construction  of the East End Pop-Up Market & Cafe, 1851 Stratford Avenue.

Gomes says the 6 pm event will address the “East End’s long standing food desert. Its main purpose is to provide residents with fresh and healthy foods from local sources.”



  1. Let’s hope it does not to turn out to be another place for the locals to loiter in front of, smoke weed and drink like the Sunshine Deli.

    Too bad they could not find a better known store to go here. Look what happened to the Sports Authority in the North End. I guess no one looked into their finances before they opened the store. It remains empty to this day after the company went out of business.

  2. For a second there, I was hoping it was a pop-up Casino.
    Did Old Ed cash those Casino checks yet?
    Moore and Gomes should explain why they voted against the people of the East End, when they voted for East Windsor jobs , now they come with a bone.

  3. Is this a permanent or temporary market. In today’s marketing “lingo” pop up shops /markets are temporary. Sometimes can only be for one day although these are more “fashion” shopping destinations.

  4. The term “pop up market” refers to a place for vendors to occasionally gather to sell their wares, often at a town green, in a parking lot, etc.. Can anyone offer some clarity here?

  5. Sorry that the rain put a damper on the event I was hoping to attend.

    Some people seem to be disappointed in the grocery store. Look, investors are not yet ready to put their money there. Just because the neighborhood wants a CVS< Walmart, Walgreens etc does not mean a company is ready to invest millions. A Price Rite, Aldi's , Save a-lot would have been a good fit. It would be a start before hosing on Steelepointe drives up the demand for a Shop Rite, Big Y or Stop and shop. Even a Food Bazaar would make out well.

    1. Steve, really? The voters in the East End and their friends and family in other sectors of Bridgeport must punish Mayor Joe Ganim politically because Ganim has done absolutely nothing for their except to give hot air.

  6. I’m surprise no one mentioned that they remember Tony’s fruit Stand on Hollister ave back in the day. Anthony Verrelli was the owner. For those who remember, I can picture a bigger version of it hitting a homer in the East End….

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