Governor’s Race ‘Might Be The Most Vicious In State History’–Trumpanowski Versus Ned Malloy

Lamont, Stefanowski
Okay boys, fire away!

At times like this we must recall the visionary view of OIB friend Phil Smith who noted decades ago “Some towns play political softball, other towns play hardball … in Bridgeport they play hand grenades.” Maybe it’s time we import our favorite sport in town to Connecticut’s governor race.

Gary Rose, head of the Department of Government at Sacred Heart University, told CT Post reporter Ken Dixon this could be a major mud show.

“It might be the most vicious in state history,” he said, noting that so-called Super PACs, with vast outside spending capabilities will flow into the state as well as the personal wealth of Lamont and Stefanowski, neither of whom is in the state’s voluntary public-financing program.

“I think this race is up in the air too,” Rose said. “I think the demographics favor Lamont, but many issues favor ‘Bob the Rebuilder,'” Rose said, referring to Stefanowski. “The election will be decided in the suburbs. The rural communities will support Stefanowski, the cities will vote for Lamont, and the suburbs will determine the winner.”

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      1. *** Omarosa who’s been working for Trump on & off for 15yrs. And will do anything for attention aswell as money is certainly a leach & has no credibility with the black community, past or present. However, its obvious that Omarosa has “45” on edge aswell as his admin. What will happen next on the “Dump Trump” & his clowns sideshow? ***

          1. It was Laura Trump, his daughter in law.
            Fun fact, Omarosa worked for the Clinton White House in 4 different departments. I’m liking her more every day.

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  1. So, Professor Rose is saying that the existence of millionaires funding their own campaigns and billionaires funding Super PACs, these facts will produce “the most vicious” campaign in history. Reasoning for such position? Dr. Rose, Lennie G., anybody. Seriously? We often are asked about who we favor, who will win, etc. but how much money will be spent?? (Lennie, are you salivating?) Why isn’t the financing being spent to show the real problem with expenses for old legislative promises choking off today’s needs. Is it time to ask those who have to pay for this what their priorities are? Ganim2 has not done that which is why priorities go missing from his budgets presented since his return. No priorities posted then you avoid an accountability problem. Balancing the budget with tricks like overfunding employee positions expenses and benefits, refunding old debt at an expense to future generations and calling that maneuver a “saving” is dishonest to the general public, funding operating expenses with bonding funds, and more have been used locally and in other communities. Where do we go from here, without the tricks? Time will tell.

  2. No the elections will be decided by the cities. If lamant gets big margins out of bpt new haven Hartford and does well in stamford waterbury and norwalk he wins this election even if he loses the suburbs by 5 to 10 points. Ned has my vote an I have voted for Republicans since 2014 and have no plans on voting for a republican this cycle. Ned has my vote.

    1. *** Seems like you say one thing & do another when it comes to voting. What’s voting for republicans local & on the federal level done for you or yours? Its not the party of Lincoln, now nor ever! What has republicans done for minorities or the average Joe for that matter in the last 50-yrs.? You better start doing your political homework “donj” & stop dreaming for a change! ***

    2. Lamont was down to Testo’s to schmooze with Joe And Mario over pasta. Unknown if Lamont kissed the ring, drank the Kool Aid or ate the brownies.

  3. Professor Rose is just giving a global view of the election because he doesn’t discuss what the current record that is happening in the country about the different primaries and what those trends are. Democratic women are winning more than Republican women and healthcare is the number one issue then economy and jobs.

    1. Jahana Hayes a Democrat running for the U.S. Congress 5th District who won the National Teacher of the Year Award in 2016 won her primary with 62% of the vote as a first time candidate will really bring out voters in hr district but also black females statewide to support Democrats and those white females in suburbs. Professor Rose doesn’t even come near in speaking on that area.

      1. You are right Ron!! I think Jahana Hayes will win the 5th district easily. Replicans usually do well in that district as litchfield county usually votes republican but She is appealing to a lot of voters.

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