Ganim Segues To Mayoral Election

See Ganim’s finance report for governor here.

From Brian Lockhart CT Post:

Mayor Joe Ganim spent nearly $850,000 in his unsuccessful bid for governor, and not only is he out a $60,000 personal loan, but he chipped in another $3,500 to help get his campaign’s budget in the black.

According to Ganim’s post-gubernatorial primary finance report, filed Thursday with the state, Bridgeport’s mayor raised $840,708 and spent all but $167.57 trying to wrest the Democratic Party’s endorsement from Ned Lamont at the polls on Aug. 14.

So the good news is Team Ganim, 30 days later, has no outstanding expenses to worry about.

… But according to his gubernatorial finance report, Ganim for Governor sold $2,547 worth of furniture and equipment to Ganim for Bridgeport 2019.

Full story here.



  1. Everyone at intervals needs to stop and reflect before making plans and commitments about the future. Preparations for a Mayoral campaign in 2019 can be prepared like buying some equipment from the Ganim for Governor unit and being ready for the Ganim for Mayor (again) campaign in 2019….if he so decides.

    What surprises me is the failure in the past two years for the Mayor to mention the fiscal status of the City each year as the books close with frankly large surpluses. Could it be that taxpayers would be called to mind the tax increase he burdened them with because of an inflated budget as well as mark down of assets in the taxable grand list?? Saying nothing maintains secrecy rather than accountability. It slowly erodes whatever trust remains.
    I have just reviewed the 131 pages of the Ganim for Governor report. Perhaps there are one or two double inclusions of the same check from the Committee? No biggie…..
    What is big is the small number of Bridgeport contributors who were otherwise not vendors to the City, not employed by the City, and not involved as a campaign operative. Isn’t that a “tell” of the urban feelings for the candidate trying to leave the City? Speaking of leaving town, foreign lands with good friends are great for reflection and decision making, like Cuba, France, etc. aren’t they? Time will tell.

  2. So I guess we will see Joe Ganim to start to pop up in black churches now looking for votes but Mayor Joe Ganim, it’s a new year and the black community came out and gave you a second chance but you did NOTHING for the black community. There will be two strong candidates coming forward and you popping up in our churches is really played out Joe, we know your game and you didn’t deliver.

  3. Say It Ain’t So Joe

    “Police OT forces Columbus Day parade move to Shelton”

    BRIDGEPORT – A 109 year tradition in the city – the Columbus Day Parade – will not be in town for its 110th celebration. Unable to resolve a dispute with Mayor Joe Ganim’s administration over police overtime costs, the parade committee Thursday night voted to move the event to neighboring Shelton. Shelton Mayor Mark Lauretti confirmed the decision Friday morning. “They were just looking for another option,” Lauretti said. He said the parade will be held on Oct. 7, which is also Shelton Day…

  4. *** The city-council members from the 131st district will be going through selected neighborhoods looking for donations for the “Joe for Mayor” again campaign. Sea-side village is going to be one of their first stops! So Mackey get your “chump-change” ready, no? ***

    1. Ralphie, I that you still got jokes. At the 100th year Seaside Village Anniversary two weeks ago Jack Banta announced that this is his last term as a City Council member. Congressman Jim Hines was there and spoke but Mayor Ganim was a no show.

  5. “Arbitrator orders Bridgeport to rehire fired cop”

    BRIDGEPORT – The city has been ordered to rehire a veteran city police officer fired because of his arrest in 2016 on charges of assaulting a man at a Fairfield motel and then driving drunk. An arbitrator ruled Chief Armando Perez did not have just cause when he fired Omar Jimenez last March. The arbitrator, a member of the American Arbitration Association, said instead Perez should have suspended Jimenez for 90 days without pay. “We are reviewing the decision and looking at our options,” sa…


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