Tuesday Night Fights–Pereira Arrested At Success Village Flareup

Pereira arrested
Pereira, in cuffs, escorted out by police. Photo by Angel Figueroa.

Board of Education member Maria Pereira was arrested Tuesday night following a heated altercation at a residents meeting of Success Village to remove a co-op board member politically aligned with Pereira. She was charged with criminal trespass in the first degree, breach of peace, interfering with an officer and escorted out in cuffs by police. They are misdemeanors. 
A special meeting of Success Village residents took place in an attempt to remove Samia Suliman, vice president of the Success Village Co-op, and others from the board. Pereira does not reside in the co-op but Success Village, off Boston Avenue, is a treasure trove of votes for politicians working the JFK voting precinct. In 2017, when she was Democratic District Leader, Pereira ran Suliman for City Council in the Upper East Side 138th District. Suliman came up short in a primary.

According to the police report cops responded to a disturbance with about 80 people in attendance. Police observed a “chaotic scene” and called for backup. Multiple officers arrived at the scene. Police were advised that only residents of Success Village and elected board members and attorneys may be present during the meeting.

Police ordered Pereira to leave the building “numerous times.”

“To ensure Pereira would leave the building without any further problems” Police Officer Chealsey Lancia walked behind her until she exited the building. “Moments later, Pereira turned around in a fast manner while swinging her arms in an aggressive nature, almost striking (the officer) in the face with a black object. Due to Pereira entering (the officer’s) personal space responding officer removed from her hand a black object, fearing it was a weapon. It was later determined the black object Pereira was holding in her hand was her cellphone.”

Pereira was handcuffed and transported to the police station where she was processed.

The meeting Tuesday night was scheduled on an application to remove board members Suliman, Gamaliel Samayoa, Kate Frank, Lisa Moragne and Thieu Tran based on “abuse of process, violation of laws, disrespect of members, self-dealing, malfeasance and outright negligence in the governance of Success Village Apartments,” according to a letter noticed to apartment residents.

Moragne was also charged with interfering with an officer and breach of peace.

Pereira is a passionate political warrior at odds with the political establishment. She resides in the Hooker School precinct where she enjoys a base of support. She won a school board seat in 2009 running on the Connecticut Working Families Party line. After serving four years she returned to the board in 2015 running on Joe Ganim’s mayoral line whom she supported. They had a falling-out shortly after over school board issues. In 2016, Pereira ran a slate that captured all nine seats in a primary for Democratic Town Committee in her district. In March of this year, her political opponents returned the favor winning all nine seats.

In 2016, she fell short in a primary challenge of State House member Charlie Stallworth.

Pereira’s school board seat is up in 2019.



    1. Maria, Danny said once he’s done filling up the sand bags to protect his house, he’ll come an bail you out.
      I told him that the hurricane was not coming this way. Then he said he was in Las Vegas on Vacation and when gets home if he wins he’ll bail you out. I said when will that be?
      He said maybe three weeks.

  1. I’m so glad God don’t like ugly, here she is again causing trouble in my community with her agendas and tactics, hopefully now people will see how devious and what a negative example she is to anyone or anywhere in Bridgeport, she’s not a example to even carry her leader position for the board of education what are we telling our kids that we can put a person in a leadership position that breaks and violates laws and its ok, we need to strip her from whatever privledges she has, obviously she dont deserve them…oh this is Angel Figueroa????

      1. I know you don’t respond to “screen names” but this was not a Ganim / Testa thing and had nothing to do with them. If this was government / politically related then you may have had a point. This was something else. The MLK thing is a big stretch.

      2. *** Yes MLK was arrested & so was Joe Ganim & one has nothing to do with the other, no? Just like Maria & MLK! Take your Prevagen to help you concentrate & remember the real meaning’s of events past & present.***

        1. More people need to get arrested in BPT over the crappy governance in BPT. Maria has more guts than all of you combined. Maria has more guts than I will ever have. Most of the OIB posters are cowards and chickens. Sit in front of your pc/smartphone and blabber on. Maria is out there and fighting.

      1. Derik Brown, Bridgeport Kid. I forgive you. Your life has got to be so sad and empty to respond to me as usual unprovoked. Very sad indeed. I forgive you. I think you are right , I really need to get out of here. This blog breeds misery . Not my thing.

  2. Really…….
    You put thestory out of here and then you say it’s not a big deal.
    I’m surprised that Maria wasn’t shot by the Bridgeport Police saying they thought her cell phone was a gun!

    1. Mr. Walsh- You are still living under a rock. I pout the story out there? It is all over Facebook with photos and Videos. I forgot this is your source of information. You may want to expand your horizons- The post has the story – Facebook has the story it has been liked and shared by countless people. I saw the Post from at least 50 different posts. Just thought I’d share. I do not have a problem with Maria. You do not see me making derogatory comments about Maria. I admire some of political savvy. I have never made that comment about you. 🙂 Enjoying my Lunch and thought I’d get a little agita on top of a Moe’s Burger with Fries and a Coke.

  3. I met Samia over the summer when Ed Gomes and I were campaigning for Aaron Turner. She came out of her home when she saw Ed to say hello.
    All of a sudden a tenant came out to say they were getting water in their unit. Samia told them to cal the property management company to report it.
    Then another tenant came out with the same complaint. She told them the same. Then she went knocking on all of the doors in the building to see if anyone else was home and if they were having a problem.
    I can’t say for sure but it would seem like some people just don’t like her proactive way of problem solving.

  4. Right on Bubba. Recent history in our country shows that those who stand up to injustice, bullies, and bad politicians sometimes face arrest, and they don’t let that deter or frighten them. It’s the cowards that stand for nothing, but are the first to criticise, that should be locked away just because they’re useless and perpetuate what is wrong in this City. To your second point; when I was informed of this incident, last night, my greatest fear was that we could possibly have faced another death or unnecessary injury because of impulsiveness on behalf of a few in the ranks of Bridgeport’s finest. I applaud the female officer for using caution and common sense in what amounted to a political disagreement. By the way, if the police were called every time that occurred in Bridgeport, we’d have to build another jail. Maria, be brave and true to yourself, let the cowards voice their negative opinions, that’s about all they have the courage to do.

    1. Lisa on a serious note. I don’t think we should politicize or trivialize a kid’s death. While I agree we need a more highly skilled mind set and trained officers, not only keep order while protecting themselves, but the citizens as well. We don’t need another tragic, shooting because of, ill- trained, unqualified cop like what happen here, and in a country with a gun for every American citizen, and those are just the legal ones. We don’t need a Philando Castile either. Please put things in perspective people, while we enjoy the liberty of doing what you do, we done put on a bullet proof vest to go to work. So while the cops got to deal with the political bullshit they have to deal with much more. JS https://www.facebook.com/bluematters/posts/1005660292960078?__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARABDR8D2aB9HZKoZuBAJn2H8u9WyMNhKkQxamM5IYep4kV50PlQTDcqZJxF8fPXgBd74vIN9lev_UP_Z2L6PRp5ZrPE0E8HjIT4hnzEaRRBW6Gu8DmHyahb8toN8ylfJ5ICa3QnqEVOBurshQJA-WlFhdo8dIcC0r1DbZjm4iVpWgDNUxyO9g&__tn__=-R

      1. I’m going against my better judgment I’m responding to your above post Robert, but if comprehend what I wrote you will realize we are both conveying the same message, albeit there is a difference in how we articulate our opinions. While I wasn’t present when this incident occurred, be assured that far worse has taken place; this was a district dispute between two groups who strongly disagree on district matters. It’s been going on for quite some time in that district. If there was violence or the threat of bodily harm, the charge would have reflected that. One group didn’t want Maria present because she’s effective and has the knowledge to show what fools they are. So, they call the police. The men and women of the police force face life and death issues every day they put on that uniform. And, unfortunately, we have become aware of a few officers who reacted impulsively causing unnecessary tragedies that may have been avoided. I expressed my fear that this had the possibility of happening, I in no way minimized or devalued past disasters. Had I known a woman was in charge that evening, the thought would have never entered my mind. Sorry guys, women are wired to use caution when necessary, don’t panic easily, and have the ability to handle intense emotions without causing unnecessary harm or unnecessary force. So Robert, while I notice your writing skills have improved a bit, work on comprehension when reading.

        1. A lie is a lie no matter how it’s conveyed. If it was just about my comprehension, and we are saying the same think why is it going against your better judgement. While this may between two different groups there’s always common ground. I’ll say your better judgement got the better of you when you were in Joe’s group in his reelection. Wouldn’t you say? And yes my writing skills have improve a bit but as for my comprehension it’s hard to know what someone is saying. Wouldn’t you agree. So while we battle for the perks and benefits within the police force they have real job in keeping order and a death of kid shouldn’t not be trivialize with political bullshit that been going on for along time. And no the police don’t face life and death issues every day they put on that uniform. but those life and death issues are real and part of their Job. PS “Had I known a woman was in charge that evening, the thought would have never entered my mind. Sorry guys, women are wired to use caution when necessary, don’t panic easily, and have the ability to handle intense emotions without causing unnecessary harm or unnecessary force.” #betterjudgement Is gender bias = to racial bias? SMBH buy the way you been active in Bridgeport politics for sometime, Right. when actual did you become aware of those few officers who reacted impulsively causing unnecessary tragedies that may have been avoided? How you think body and dash cams would easy those fear or those male offices? #notapriority

        2. Lisa, please, you are talking to a wall, he’s trying to be a wise ass but if you notice nobody follows up with him. I agree with your point about women in general because some will say that you are talking about ALL.

  5. I think racism may extend beyond the police force. “More bad smell emanating…” What do you think dynamic duo and none “white privilege” people? Is reference smelling badly, racial language? Bob what say you? I could be wrong, things smell. It’s been said. 🙂 Hey does anybody finding it ironic that people want to punish a minority chief for what a white racist did. Good job “white supremacy” why to take one for the team. 🙂 SMBH https://www.facebook.com/PeteSpainBptCC/posts/319839715446367?__tn__=-R

  6. *** Lets stay with the facts first, then make-up your minds as to weather the police actions were appropriate & justified for the situation @ hand. This is not political in anyway; it just tends to bring more lite to the unfortunate negative actions from either physical & or verbal altercations; (regardless of the well minded intentions before hand) that this person continues to fall short of in controlling these dramatic out-burst! Its not being political or anti-women nor personal, etc..etc.. its merely pointing the finger, (past & present) on a continuing trend that sometimes appears to be more than just emotional passion, no? ***WHAT SAY YOU?***

  7. I’m not going to kick Maria when she’s down. Through the years, she has always been very passionate with caused&people she believes in, which for the most part is commendable. Maria’s problem always has been her temper,she can’t control it. Maybe this will be the wake up call she needs to get some help with anger management.Imo, if she could get control of that, she would be a far more effective advocate for her ideas.

  8. So, when she bullies everyone at a School Board Meeting it’s called passion but when she crashes a co-op board meeting that she isn’t part of she’s a psychopath that gets arrested? I think all psychopaths could be considered passionate, don’t you? Get help, Maria.

  9. Lifelong Bridgeport
    How do you know this does not involve Testa and Ganim?
    I can attest to the fact that there is no political fight that is too small for Mario and Joe.
    They will go any length to extract their political revenge. I have seen it first hand.
    This reeks of Joe and Mario.


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