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 Monday September 24, 2018

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Ganim Presents Budget To City Council With No Tax Increase, “Predicated On State” Resources

April 4th, 2017 · 7 Comments · City Budget, City Council, Law Enforcement

Mayor Joe Ganim Monday night led a prayer prior to the start of the City Council meeting hoping perhaps for a little manna from heaven as his proposed budget that holds the line on taxes survives anticipated revenues from the state “running a parallel path” during its budget deliberations.

Ganim submitted a $542 million spending plan–$10 million less than the current–for the budget year starting July 1 “predicated” on Governor Dan Malloy’s budget working its way through the state legislature.

Ganim provided the Council a few tidbits in his proposal that includes funding for a police class of about 30 sworn officers to help replenish ranks that have experienced dozens of retirements and losses to area police departments in recent years.

Ganim reminded the council to move cautiously in the budget process as the city monitors the state budget details. The city budget was build by Director of Policy and Management Nestor Nkwo and Finance Director Ken Flatto, both of whom attended the council meeting.

The mayor’s proposal was referred to the Budget and Appropriations Committee for review and action including the assemblage of public hearings. It will then go to the full council for a vote and then back to the mayor for possible veto action.


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  • Maria Pereira

    What was the proposal for the BOE?

  • Bob Walsh

    I didn’t raise taxes. The state did!!!

  • Bob Walsh

    Or the dog ate my budget.

  • John Marshall Lee

    Just sent the hearing schedule for Capital and Operational budgets to OIB. Neither the schedule nor the budget are on the City website as of 3:30PM today although the Mayor “delivered” it to the Council over 20 hours ago.
    Note that the number of HEARINGS has decreased from last year to accommodate taxpayer responses, from 5 to 3.
    It’s all about the kids? But not until the State is firm about its City funding. Right? Time will tell.

  • Steven Auerbach

    No Tax Increase! Oh the horror. :-)

  • charlie

    If Ganim is counting on the state to give the Park City money to eliminate taxes, he is truly delusional.

  • John Marshall Lee

    Mayor Ganim, OPM Director Nkwo, and Finance Director Flatto:
    Last year at budget time a new REVENUE LINE ITEM (41348) appeared in the proposed 2017 budget called Municipal Share Sales Taxes Fund and it provided at budget approval time $9,874,826 of new and welcome revenue from regional sales tax sharing my memory indicates.

    Within two months Finance Director Flatto amended the report to increase the number by $7,697,126 for a total of $17,571,952. WOW! Thank you CT State Legislature. It’s almost like a windfall when the budgeted number is only 60% of what has already come into the City during the first eight (8) months of the year.

    It is good news but will that mean a $6 Million surplus at year end (and flat funding of BOE)? Or will it get spent across an expense spectrum where expense variances are not part of routine reports to keep Council members alert and aware?

    Would anyone out there wish to suggest that nearly $8 Million of likely State funding was not reported so the mil rate calculation with a lower revenue figure brought in more tax dollars the first year? Perhaps someone other than me may ask such a question. Sometimes certain City people get tongue-tied or frustrated when questioned directly by me. Perhaps you may have better luck and can explain to me how such an error crept in. Time will tell.

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