Ganim Appoints Young Dem Leader Constance Vickers Director Of Legislative Affairs

State Rep. Steve Stafstrom with Constance Vickers.

Constance Vickers, president of the Connecticut Young Democrats, has been hired by Mayor Joe Ganim to replace Av Harris as director of Legislative Affairs, a position that serves as an organizational bridge between the mayor’s office and city’s eight-member state delegation involving Bridgeport’s agenda in the Connecticut General Assembly. Her salary is $84,993.

Harris recently left the position for a job in the Lamont administration. Vickers will represent the mayor’s office to manage the city’s legislative agenda regarding state, local and federal government issues.

“I am proud to welcome Constance to our administration and maintain our voice in Hartford,” said Ganim in a statement. “Constance has built strong relationships with many political leaders and lawmakers regionally and within our community for the past several years that will serve her well in this role.”

Vickers, a Bridgeport resident, established alliances with all members of the city’s delegation when she served as president of the Bridgeport Area Young Democrats. She was named statewide president last year. She is well liked by members of the city delegation.

“She has good relationships with members of the delegation and she has built statewide connections based on her role with the Connecticut Young Democrats,” said State Rep. Steve Stafstrom. “It adds another strong progressive voice to our advocacy team.”

“She will be a wonderful addition to our team,” said State Rep. Chris Rosario. “She is extremely knowledgeable and will work hard for the people of the city of Bridgeport.”

Vickers is one of the many new, young faces involved in city politics. Last year the Connecticut Young Democrats recognized Vickers as the Female Young Democrat of the Year at its annual Robert F. Kennedy Awards event.

Vickers, 28, had previously worked as alumni and events coordinator at Housatonic Community College. Her LinkedIn page describes her as a relationship builder with years of development experience “in non-profit and higher education including grant writing and management, individual giving, corporate partnerships, event planning, strategic planning and program design.”

Previously, Vickers was director of Grants and Foundation Relationships at Boys & Girls Club of Stamford, Inc. She is a board member of the Black Rock Farmers Market and is a founding member of the Thrive Young Professionals, an affiliate of the Bridgeport Regional Business Council.

She has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Bridgeport, something that comes in handy dealing with politicians.

Bridgeport’s legislative delegation: State Senators Marilyn Moore and Dennis Bradley; State House members Steve Stafstrom, Jack Hennessy, Chris Rosario, Andre Baker, Charlie Stallworth. Ezequiel Santiago passed away two weeks ago. A special election will take place May 7 to fill the seat.

Both Moore and Stallworth have announced challenges of Ganim who is up for another four-year term.



  1. !! GREAT!!!. Congratulations .I am so Happy for you . Good job and keep doing the great job for the city and community . Anything you need from me I can help you , please let me know .

  2. Congratulations to Constance Vickers. Mayor Ganim found the perfect candidate to fill Avi Harris”s role.. She will serve the City of Bridgeport very well. I am certain Constance will exceed all expectations. Great news!

    1. Maria, good question that you asked, “who is currently the highest level Hispanic member of Ganim’s administration, other than Chief Perez” and let me add, who is currently the highest level Black member of Ganim’s administration and what other Hispanic and Black have high appointed positions with power and decision making ability in Ganim’s administration?


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    “But P.C. Metals in Bridgeport, the company where the material was taken and sold, says it paid the city more than $33,000 for scrap metal during the same period, the records show.

    “The Hearst review of city records confirm statements by sources in an earlier story claiming the city lost at least $25,000 in the scandal. Overall, THE SKETCHY RECORDS PORTRAY A SERIOUS LACK OF ACCOUNTING AT THE PUBLIC FACILITIES DEPARTMENT DURING MAYOR JOE GANIM’S ADMINISTRATION. The same department helps oversee tens of millions of dollars in other contracts for sidewalk and road repair annually, among other responsibilities.”

  4. Is there a political appointee who maintains a reputation for doing their appointed job in a productive first class manner; fairly deals with the public including honest and timely responses; and maintains personal integrity??? What is the color of that person, ancestral country of origin, family religious faith as a youth and languages spoken before English, if any? Tom? Steve? Ganim2? Any candidates for the DTC or RTC? Time will tell.

    1. John Marshall Lee. For the record I am white. I am a political appointment, I do my job in a first class manner and deal fairly and go overboard for the constituents of the city of Bridgeport, My boss and the Mayor. I speak English, a little Spanish German , Yiddish and Hebrew. I maintain personal integrity at all times. I am a confidant and confident. I comfortably work on all sides of the aisle and always do my best. It is non of my business what anyone thinks about me and truthfully I do not give a shit. My work ethic and treatment of people has been consistent my entire life. Just thought I’d share. There is not one individual on this blog, Facebook or in my social world that would dispute any of that . Time will tell. I will say there is one thing I learned during the Moran Administration. You can not please all of the people all of the time and I have learned that well and stop wasting my time.

      Eric Alicea, My Facebook page is Public. I am a caregiver to my mom and every Sunday is Mothers day. 2 movies and dinner. Most people that know me know that with my many posts, I only share a small- very small part of my life. Life is good and I only share an itsy bitsy portion of it. 🙂 Simply because I know many people imagine that have some “information”. They never will. Every word I utter is expect to be repeated. Anything confidential said to me stays with me. Just thought I’d share. 🙂

  5. Excuuuuse me, The organization known as the Young Democrats of Bridgeport NO LONGER exists. That organization morphed into The The Young Testa-crats of Bridgeport.

    1. Frank – Stop by Testo’s this evening at 6 pm. It should be an interesting nomination and conversation for the district that Mr.Santiago held.


      Confident- confidant

          1. 🙂 the offer was made. The meeting was posted and the results are in. Frank, someday you may want to attend a DTC meeting. It might make you less severe with your assaults against those of us that are proud to serve on the DTC and were never asked to do anything. Working political campaigns is just one of my many many many many interests. I am back at the gym, losing weight and getting into fighting shape for the upcoming sleeper of a campaign cycle. :-)– It’s not jut banging on every door in your district and other districts that ask for assistance. It is not the 100 degree days walking in strange neigborhoods. It is the thrill of exciting voters, registering them- making the calls to get them to the polls and of course the Party’s and fundraisers and the countless hours of your own time hoping to make a difference. Great things are happening in this city far greater than my rose colored glasses show. But if you are like most on this blog that have shit in your eyes you see nothing but negative , misery and despair. Most people choose to hang with positive people and enjoy positive energy. Not on this blog.


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