Forget Super Tuesday, Gear Up For Bridgeport’s Sleepy Tuesday

On March 3, 14 states around the country will field Super Tuesday primaries that could snap a clearer picture of front-running Democratic candidates for president. That day Bridgeport will feature Sleepy Tuesday, a contest between two slates for political control of the West Side 132nd District, the only such primary to fill out the 90-member Democratic Town Committee. (Connecticut’s presidential primary is April 28.)

City Council members Marcus Brown and Evette Brantley are running on a slate with mayoral aide Tom Gaudett, Nicole Jacques, Rolanda Smith, Pedro Soto, Larry Robinson, Sylvia DeLuca and Kyle LaBuff.

The challenge slate is comprised of former City Councilman Kyle Langan, Jason Chacon, Cynthia Torres, Linda Robak, Dasha Spell, James Bradshaw, Steve Farrell, Lillian Alves and Antoinette Giles.

What in heck is a town committee? Political insiders who elect party officers and endorse candidates for public office. They lubricate that so-called party machinery.

The Brown/Brantley et al. slate aligns with Mayor Joe Ganim while the opposition slate lines up with State Senator Marilyn Moore, Ganim’s chief election opponent in 2019. James Bradshaw is Moore’s son. Marcus Brown is challenging his mother’s State Senate seat.

Democratic electors at the Central and Bassick precincts may vote for up to nine candidates among the two slates. So it’s possible to end up with a confused mixture of pols.

DTC district primaries are the lowest-turnout affairs. Absentee ballots could be pivotal in deciding the outcome. (Gee, that’s a revelation in Bridgeport politics.) More than 200 absentee ballots have been requested.



  1. Many of those ABs are coming from 2625 Park Ave, especially the 10th floor (Brown lives in 10N). You can lay odds that many of those AB naames will:
    Be in the City of Bridgeport during all open poll hours
    Do not have a religious obligation/holy day on March 3 that precludes there voting
    Are NOT acting as a poll official in a district other than where they vote (only district voting)
    Are NOT active military
    Do have have so serious a disability that they could not vote in person

    Are NOT really interested in the election, but the nice young man (and his city employee condo-mate) who live ion the building asked for their vote and it was explained it could be effortless by just signing some papers, No need to go to the polls and vote…..That could interfere with Mah Johngg, Bridge, lunch or shopping.

    Do I sound cynical?
    You bet your backside I am,
    Our family has been owners in that building for 30+ years and I have seen the DTC AB operation in full swing too many times.

    1. Marcus, if Lennie adds an edit button that would give everyone editorial. Can’t have that. Don’t worry Lennie edits post from time to time, even deletes some. right Maria, BAM 🙂

      Considering you observed BDTC AB operation in full swing for too many years, and Moore, who you are supporting, was a victim of it are you somewhat unpleased you have not heard her voice in Hartford about AB abuse in the Port and remedies to address it? Or your cynicism prefers not to muddy the water in Hartford with AB abuse in the Port.

      Happy Sader, Lent, and Easter. 6 to 1 ish.


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