For Top Cop Search Preference For Higher Education But College Degree Not Required

Bridgeport’s next chief of police must have 10 years of urban law enforcement experience with a minimum of five years of command skills serving a community population of at least 80,000 within a minimum 25 percent minority population.

A college degree is not required but preference will be given to candidates with advanced education, according to the job requirements and qualifications to lead Connecticut’s most populous city posted by the International Association of Chiefs of Police, the consulting firm shepherding the search.

Not requiring a college degree has raised some eyebrows given the stain from the 2018 top cop search in which Personnel Director David Dunn instructed the then executive search leader to eschew a college degree in his act to wire the job to Armando Perez. Both Dunn and Perez were charged federally and served time for their roles in the scheme.

July 14 is the deadline to apply.

The City Charter empowers the mayor to select a chief from the top three candidates to a five-year term with an option for renewal.

Presentation of three finalists to the mayor is expected mid September. For additional background on the search see here.

From the search website:

Preferred Qualifications

Preference will be given to candidates who demonstrate:
— Successful advanced professional education (e.g., a Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctoral degree in criminal justice or any closely related public policy/social science area (e.g., public policy, public administration, public safety)
— Commitment to continued professional development such as recent attendance at the FBI National Academy or PERF’s Senior Management Institute for Police (SMIP)
— Proven successful labor-management experience


Needs and Expectations

The next Chief of Police for the Bridgeport Police Department should be community-focused, capable of working effectively in a fast-paced environment, and experienced in building and maintaining broad coalitions of support. The City of Bridgeport requires that the Chief of Police become a resident and registered voter in Bridgeport within one year of appointment (Chapter 2, Section 2), and maintain residency for the duration of appointment to the position.
— Comprehensive and global perspective knowledge of the principles, practices, methods, and equipment employed in modern police administration
— Ability and capacity to be adaptive and flexible, responsive to all concerns, accessible and approachable, transformational in leadership and a creative, astute problem-solver
— Possess an understanding of robust internal and external accountability systems
— Develop a comprehensive internal wellness strategy with an emphasis on total wellness, including physical and mental health wellness in conjunction with the Director of Labor Relations or his/her designee (i.e., Benefits Manager)
— Ability to work closely with labor unions and to effectively manage these important workplace relationships
— Commitment to training and professional standards
— State a clear vision of and goals for success for the organization and develop and execute a strategic plan to achieve desired outcomes
— Strong decision-making skills to be able to make the right decision quickly within established guidelines and protocols
— Budgeting and business acumen, detail-oriented with a strong understanding of report writing and accounting practices and principles
— Strong crisis resolution ability to be able to resolve any disputes between the community and employees, and between employees themselves
— Review the organizational structure of the department with the goal of developing a strong executive leadership team and enhance the flow of information through the ranks
— Establish a leadership development process to develop the next generation of leaders–starting with investment in first line supervisors
— Develop a strategy to increase hiring and retention
— Proven experience working with groups containing members from diverse backgrounds and perspectives to foster greater appreciation for diversity, equality, and inclusion in the department
— Have a strong understanding of and experience with technology and analytical-based decision-making
— Excellent communications skills, including the ability to speak effectively to a wide range of people and groups, to write well, engage and establish a rapport with subject(s) and actively listen
— Involved, approachable and visible within and across the department and in the community
— Understands, supports and can enact the tenets of the “Final Report of the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing” in America
— Comprehensive knowledge of the principles, practices, methods, and equipment employed in fair, just, respectful, safe, and effective policing
— Hold self and others to the values of integrity, transparency, proactivity, innovation, equity, accountability, compassion, excellence, and responsiveness
— Demonstrated ability to build and sustain positive external community relationships and internal relationships within the department and across City departments
— Commitment to equitably serve and work with all spectrums of a multi-racial, multicultural, and socioeconomically diverse community



  1. The job requirements and qualifications to lead Connecticut’s most populous city posted by the International Association of Chiefs of Police, the consulting firm shepherding the search.

    +Develop a strategy to increase hiring and retention
    +Proven experience working with groups containing members from diverse backgrounds and perspectives to foster greater appreciation for diversity, equality, and inclusion in the department

    Here are two items that are requirements from the International Association of Chiefs of Police, my questionis are what has the International Association of Chiefs of Police done as a organization to have these requirement for the International Association of Chiefs of Police ?

  2. What a load of B.S. regarding no college requirements! Proves that ‘they’ are not looking for the ‘best’ candidate…….AGAIN.
    In today’s day and age?? Really???
    Bridgeport will get hoodwinked AGAIN!!
    By the way. I haven’t seen the back and forth about Judge Lopez’s comments regarding the zoning board and a zoning board members response letter to the Ct Post on June 13th????
    Len could you initiate that particular topic on OIB? I think some may be able to opine on both sides of that issue AND at the hint of the upcoming cannabis issue as well.
    I certainly can!

    1. Rich, this is from OIB, Ron Mackey says:February 12, 2011 at 7:15 pm concerning testing for fire chief.

      Brian Rooney should have never been selected as the fire chief, he has no management background and is only a high-school graduate. “town committee,” (aka Andy Fardy) has more training and certifications than Rooney. Rooney placed third on the fire chief exam, the person who came out number 1 and really wanted the position was Daniel Andrus. Daniel Andrus was named fire chief of Concord, N.H. two years ago after a 28-year career with the Salt Lake City Fire Department. He was deputy chief of administrations when he left. Andrus has a bachelor’s degree in fire services administration and another in business management. He also has two master’s degrees: one in public administration and one in economics. He has graduated from the National Fire Academy’s executive fire officer program. And Bridgeport picked Brian Rooney with his high-school diploma.

    2. @Rich
      Just like hiring a Superintendent of Schools who had no Superintendent’s license, and giving him large raises before he gets the education and the license.

      Whatever Joe and Mario want, they get, Bridgeport suffers and taxpayers pay

      1. Exactly right MM. OPED, zoning board and the rest, do the bidding of Joe, Mario and their minions. The “Republican” board member contradicts that in his Ct Post letter and says he only met Joe once and was not appointed by him etc etc. That’s all well and good but one person who may be “above board”, does not an honest board make. ‘They’ would not bring him into the fold would they!? They have their minions well placed to do the deeds for them. I’ve CLEARLY witnessed the goings on at the zoning board AND OPED, and how they corruptly operate in certain instances as have many others witnessed it including Judge Lopez. Some who can, shut you down if you get to close to spewing truths about it. They say you fabricate or that you’re biased. We have witnessed that right here on OIB!! Joe and Mario have protection in different venues, I suppose.
        Again, and continuing…. Bridgeport suffers as a result.

    3. What you talking about Rich? Whe you say “College Educated”‘ do you mean like the two high ranking members of the Bridgeport police force who willingly assisted AJ Perez in taking and passing the exams for police chief? So much for “college educated”.

  3. Ron, they are billed as the world’s largest professional association for police leaders.

    That being said, this is more about Port politics. To forgo the requirement of a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctoral degree would be for someone in-house. I know it was an issue of debate with AJ over Roderick Porter. Gamin can’t pull that trigger with someone outside?

    It could be smoke and mirror, though. To throw some shade that forgoed the requirement in the last search that led to AJ and the lawsuits that followed. As JML would say time will tell.

    One thing is for sure while the Port enjoys Democrat Party dominance Porter was in Finch’s camp. Beyond the racial identity politic game, the next chief will be a Gamin appointed. (their camp)

    Latinos, PR ‘s, technically you are identified as white in America. 🙂,Hawaiian%20or%20Other%20Pacific%20Islander

    Puerto Rican Councilman Cruz, that means you are white like Portuguese councilwoman Maria, and Italian Mario, and Joe-ish. It also means you are inherently racist under CRT. Welcome to the inherent white racist identity club. Let’s try to remember that on Columbus Italian Day and PR Day🤣

    P.S Happy “White European” PR Day, people 🤣

    I depart with Cypress Hill

    1. @Robert T
      Israel did not abandon its government. In a parliamentary system they dissolve the current session when the coalition in power loses a vote of no confidence or loses members of its coalition. In this case having less than 60 coalition members in a 120 member parliament.
      Unlike our system there is no set term, only the requirement that an election be held within 5 years of the last. A Prime minister can call a small election at any time with voting taking place in as little as 6 weeks.
      No party has had a majority in Israel’s parliament in decades. This leads to coalitions that give enormous power to tiny parties of two or three seats. They hold the country ransom for their special interests, because if the walk the government falls.
      The people you describe are the Ultra Orthodox (Hareidi), many of whom in Israel don’t recognize the secular state and don’t vote or accept government funds for their schools and institutions. The regular orthodox (Dati) dress like any other modern Israeli, but the men wear head coverings suck as a small knit skullcap.
      The current government was doomed from the get go because for the first time it was a coalition including some Arab members. It lasted a few months longer than most expected because of the events in Ukraine. There is a huge Russian voting block in Israel and there are still regularly scheduled flights to Russia (like Turkey and unlike the EU).
      Again all of this has nothing to do with this OIB post

      1. We are parsing words here marshall 🤣

        They are calling for new elections, and Bibi might be back. 🙂

        Yeah, I traveled a bit out of OIB, Joe meets Bibi though. I wonder if he was praying for some curls 😇

        Speaking of flights, whatever want to call the curly head dude they have travel issuse like American’s Amish, rediculous. 🤣

  4. Marshall Marcus, the number one person on OIB who kills a topic and changes whole flow of a topic is RT, if you follow any topic where RT made replys and you will not see people replying back to RT.

    1. You say kill, I say broaden 🙂 However, in actuality, we live in a world of likes and validation, nobody wants actual discourse on any particular topic. for that, I like your post. 👍 🙂

      1. Do you suspect ‘poster’ suppression going on?! 😆 Voter suppression, poster suppression, point of view suppression, etc.? Lol.
        Canceled due to being biased?
        I was shut down for a time for “fabricating” and being biased. So who knows?! It’s mere conjecture right?!

      2. That’s because 45’s out ,Biden (D) is in and Black Lives now matter. The nation’s racist (R) media narrative is losing steam with a D in the white house. So political discourse is less engaging. No blacks being shot/abused by police, Covid is over, AOC is not crying at the board, crisis over. 🙂

        With regards to inflation, stocks, gas prices, Putin’s war, baby food shortage, elementray school shootings. Crazy Joe at the wheel and the current state of the Union? Nothing to see here. 🤣

        Or G2 is doing a stellar job. 🤣


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