Champions On Saturday At Kennedy Stadium, Barnum Festival Street Parade And Seaside Park Fireworks On Sunday

Barnum Festival weekend resumes after delayed by Covid for two years. Ringmaster Frank Gennarini will lead the Great Street Parade Sunday at noon starting at Fairfield and Park Avenue and running south into Seaside Park.

Seaside Park fireworks commences Sunday at 9 p.m.



  1. The Barnum Festival Great Street Parade Sunday at noon starting at Fairfield and Park Avenue and running south into Seaside Park, after years of having the parade lineup start from North Ave. up Park Ave.into the football field of Central High School., that route was new because before that route the parade always ended or start at Seaside Park. People looked forward to starting their day at Seaside Park and having family cookouts in the park after the parade but with the parade being in the north end it made it hard for family seeingthe parde an having a cookout in the parade.

    1. All illegal fireworks can be detonated at Seaside Village in front of Ron Mackey ‘s house. Plenty of free parking at Seaside Village. Lennie, how about having that OIB Party at Mackey’s?

      1. But Ron, you really, really, shouldn’t take it as a threat of any kind. Joel and you have been postering on OIB since the beginning, and I am sure you and Joel when back and forth plenty of times. To take Joel’s this somewhat sarcastic remark to you as a personal threat to you and property, is petty.

        This is the media’s left wokeness that’s gone wrong. You are a grown man that ran into burning buildings. As stupid as it was it’s far from a threat. JS

        Joel made a slight at you, don’t complain to Lennie, Point out a slight back at him 👉 🙃

  2. Ron, they constantly changed it, I remember it going down Main St from Brookside. My uncle, like many other homeowners, had parties when it passed by their home. The parades when down capital and then turned down Park Ave to the park. Park Ave was always part of the parade route, most of the time. though

    A better parade route, not as long as it use to be. But better than having it in the park. IOM However I think they should incorporate Downtown. Let the parade set up on Water St. Start up Golden Hill, left on Main St, down Main, right on State St, left on Park Ave to Seaside. About the same distance as starting it at Park
    Ave and North Ave. However, Port’s Downtown gets needed exposure and business, It will most likely draw in more people outside of Bridgeport to Downtown that businesses can capitalize on. JS

  3. Will Joe and Mario March under P.T.’s banner?
    You know, the one that says “there’s a sucker born every minute”! 😂 😂 😂 😂


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