For Governor, Boughton’s Strategic Fountain

Mark Boughton
Mark Boughton

Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton, the Republican-endorsed candidate for governor, is playing it cool against four rivals in the August 14 primary, Tim Herbst, Steve Obsitnik, David Stemerman and Bob Stefanowski. Relying on a few well-placed jabs, he’s largely staying out of the GOP tit-for-tat scrum. So far, various polls show Boughton’s strategy is on the mark with about two weeks left where the grind of identifying your friends and dragging them out becomes paramount.

Hartford Courant scribe Neil Vigdor has more:

While his opponents eviscerate each other in debates and television ads, the play-it-safe primary race strategy of Mark Boughton, the endorsed Republican for governor, creates the impression of a candidate who thinks he’s got this race won.

Some GOP veterans say Boughton knows he has little to gain from taking an aggressive posture against his four challengers, especially with just over two weeks to go in the race. Primary day is Aug. 14.

… “Generally speaking, the candidate at the top of the ballot, which is Mark, gets a 5 percent bump,” said Liz Kurantowicz, a former chief of staff for the Connecticut GOP and political consultant from Fairfield. “You take that, plus the fact that he has a fairly broad base of support, I’m sure they’re thinking they just have to stay out of the mudslinging.”

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  1. I’m a registered Republican but most likely sitting this one out and will register as a democrat again. Will not be voting for any republicans in 2018. What polls are they talking about have not seen any. Does anybody think Lamont will win Bridgeport

    1. Hate to hear you’re not voting in the primary. Closed primaries need to be eliminated, in my experience and opinion. Too many people don’t vote in the very important primary because of CT type primary rules, thus weaker candidates win the primary and are defeated in the general. By weaker, I mean a candidate that strongly Aline’s with a core group of the party, not so much with the general public.
      The polls – a lot of them are internal polls, doubtful the results will be made public. I was called recently by a national poll, can’t remember the company for the CT Primary, because I still have a 203 cell phone area code.
      Any democrat for governor will most likely win Bridgeport.

      1. Really. Closed primaries need tone eliminated. Really
        So Democratics can vote in Republican Promaries. Is that right. Give me a break.
        Democrats vote in Democratic primaries, Republicans votes in Replican primaries and unaffiliated vote in general elections.
        Pick a party. Any party. But stay with that party.

        1. Hey Troll, please continue to be one of 14 states in the union with closed primaries. How’s that working for you these days? I’ve lived in states with both, with the majority of voters registered unaffiliated or independents a closed primary eliminates the majority of the electorate. Who – other than you – says a person has to be a democrat or a Republican – and why do the majority of voters put up with being shut out of the voting process. Because party leaders want it because they can control who’s on the ballot. Enjoy Governor Joe and your closed primary.

  2. Jennifer, Jennifer, Jennifer
    This is how it works. The Democrats get together and select who best represents their ideals. Whether it is party leaders or ‘insiders’ who make the initial choice. That choice is confirmed by a primary if someone gets enough signatures to force one.
    The same process takes place for the Republicans.
    Then the two candidates of the major parties face off in the general election. Joe Ganim has challenged the Democratic nominee and two or three Republicans has challenged the Republican. And the Wizard of Oz is challenging in the general.
    Democracy is alive and well in CT.
    How’s it working out in Indiana?

    1. Working like hell to keep another Pence from being elected – congressional seat. When Pence is President you don’t want his brother there too. How about throwing some cash to the dem candidate JeannieLee Lake? It’s beyond a long shot. Go firgure. I try to convert to R in CT and to D in IN. Definitely need a better hobby, don’t you think?
      In theory the convention selects the candidates that Best represents their core values, in most cases they support the person who’s turn it is to be governor for example. But please enjoy what the party leaders tell you what happens in the back rooms at conventions.
      If I were a Republican in CT with an open primary I’d vote for Lamont to make sure Joe isn’t elected. That’s how open primaries work.


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