Food Drive To Serve Thousands Of Families At Vazzy’s

From  “Ice Man” Jay Piccirillo, Micalizzi’s Italian Ice

I would like to take this time and thank everyone for all your support and business during this long crazy successful 2019 season! So with that being said I will be holding a Micalizzi customer appreciation day in conjunction with the annual Vazzy’s food drive Tuesday the 26th.

Between the hours of 11-4, I will be giving out free Italian ice and ice cream from our “Snowmobile” Truck.

Flavors of the day will be Pumpkin Ice Cream, Green Apple Italian Ice, and for the very first time Eggnog Ice Cream which will be also available at Vazzy’s all week!

Please stop by and help us feed 5,000 people by donating turkeys and nonperishable food items.

Please support and share!



  1. Hats’ off to Micalizzi’s for their activity at Thanksgiving, from their heart and from their own business revenues and profit!!! Thanks to the many others, churches, service organizations, food pantries, and other groups like Al’s Angels, Salvation Army or Bridgeport Rescue Mission, who care to share their good fortune this year or any year with their neighbors.

    Can anyone tell me though why the City of Bridgeport provides funding at these special times of year under the heading of Supportive Services from the General Fund? How are such decisions made as to who, what, when, how much, or for what audience the public distribution will be made? What Board or Commission sits, and reviews such requests? Where are such sums put into budgets for Office of Planning and Development, Office of Policy Management, etc. at annual budget time that can be understood by the public and the City Council? What oversight provisions of such “philanthropic” giving is usual and customary to know that the announced purpose for such funding was met?
    Where is there a City record and comments from Ganim3 in explanation to taxpayers about this general concept? When the City applies and/or receives grant monies from foundations or State or Federal levels of government, don’t they have to explain, record and stand up to audits? Why does the City not do the same for Supportive Contributions, not just at Thanksgiving or Christmas, but throughout the year? Mayor Ganim with the entire country alert to the Latin phrase ‘quid pro quo’, and the possible implications as to the use of public money for personal gain, isn’t it time to bring these issues out of the dark, and into the light? Time will tell.

  2. I can tell you why JML. The same reason WFP, Moore’s top campaign team and backers throw her under the bus as a write-in candidate. To appease the grotesqueries of your nature.

    PS when speaking of public money it was once personal monetary gain extracted by force in the form of taxes to provide such services. Happy Thanksgiving. 🙂

  3. RT,
    Can we talk face to face soon. You like the red boots, perhaps you should have them, but we have never met, though I have provided my phone number on OIB previously (203-259-9642) When $500 or $5,000 is diverted (without publicity-secretly) from the General Fund without a public process to screen (as is done with HUD-CDBG annually) are we to guess that it is a quid pro quo? If not then what is a fair, just and equal way of assuring that folks in need are fed, are housed, are educated and get equal opportunities care of the elected leadership? When one group of employees gets extra attention financially courtesy of the taxpayer, does it make things so unequal that Labor Relations keeps quiet and never comments publicly? More to come. Call? Time will tell.

  4. But you are wrong JML, The public process was done. It’s called an election. If Moore won would it be unfair or unjust if the folk’s Gamin hire were fired and replaced by folks “Mayor Moore” wanted?
    There are rewards that come with winning an election, and you know this, So are your words being honest in your own mind?

    P.S as a follower of philosophy, you of all people should know their age-old question. Who is to say what is just and unjust, truth, beauty. Is it not in the eye of the beholder?

    Please share your philosophy on what is equal and unequal, just and unjust. truth, beauty. Ask Steve A maybe he can assist you in your endeavor to find equality.

    1. RT,
      Hold on a moment. There were previous elections for two year terms of Joseph Ganim, a young attorney, with family connections in the City, and the ability to create excitement among some citizens. And you say: “There are rewards that come with winning an election,….” Do you mean the corrupt or illegal activities, 16 of them, I believe, that Ganim1 faced and was found guilty and then sentenced to 9 years in prison were “rewards that come with winning an election”. Please let us know whether you subscribe to this theory. It will make more clear in your postings in the future.
      Actually, what are the responsibilities that come with winning an election?? Should Ganim2 have not declared himself a victim of a $20 Million deficit 4 years ago? I think it was grand hypocrisy because half or more of that sum, often quoted but not verified in detail, came from EXTRA ANNUAL CONTRIBUTIONS BY BRIDGEPORT TAXPAYERS to the Pension Plan A funds in amounts of $10 Million or more annually for more than a decade to keep Plan A, Ganim1’s brilliant Plan to fund Police and Retirement pensions by borrowing $350 Million, investing those funds to earn adequate safe returns to provide retirement incomes to former police and fire empoloyees and their survivors for life. There are risks in such plans. Market reverses cause losses to such funds, because markets present risk as well as opportunity. Did Ganim1 or Ganim2 have much to say about such risks?? Crickets……..yes, you can hear the crickets in the silence of Joe’s commentary on pension bonding. He can crow about saving future interest expenses, but his vocal chords shut down if he has to talk about risks of investing. RT. If you know what I am talking about, get honest and look at the big picture. Have some parties, buy some pizza, have a good laugh behind closed doors at how long and how much you have kept folks from learning the facts and connecting the dots. But face your responsibilities to a generation and more of youth who do not meet average expectations as a group. Housing, police serving entire communities, boards and commissions anxious to serve the public by keeping info flowing, rather than shutting down communications.
      I am not wrong RT. The secret, non-accountable, opaque and dishonest reporting of what is done by those in office locally is abuse by those unwilling to allow citizens to look at governance, and actual over taxed property owners to gain an opinion on whether they are receiving value for the local taxes they pay. Hard work to do. Status quo politics means that it is avoided. Time will tell.

      1. See John you are looking at Joe as head of a “system” but to be honest, we know it’s not just Joe in his wisdom running this city. Just like everyone is blaming Moore for how her campaign was run. It a False narrative John. but most know it. I mean, does anybody believe Trump is running America. We just use it as a means of attack. Just like I do with Ernie, I know without a doubt Ernie didn’t come up with the Stop & Frisk proposal. That politics, all politicians are are people looking for the goody room, just puppets. One day you’re wanted and the next day they are asking you to leave. Go figure. Who was Joe in 2015 before he “beat” Finch, Who is Finch now? JS.

  5. Yes, there are rewards for winning elections, just as Rev Gatison.

    PS just remember JG1 and all that you aforementioned enjoy much support and wasn’t challenged because everyone was enjoy the corruption. per se. That is why he has such support from those who now oppose him now. That Status quo just don’t have the reach it once had. If Moore had won the status quo would be the statue quo. Just Rev Gatison would be on the losing end. So let’s be honest JS.

  6. P.S JML that 350 million was palpably the tip if the iceberg in those days, the fund that were coming in was enjoyed by all, like the market reversing Joe when to jail. He wasn’t the only one enjoying it. Those Bribes where not for noting. Even our host, Lennie was getting payed by our now POTUS, Trump. JS. Piece out John.

  7. RT
    JS=Just saying?
    In your case, without knowing, and factually proving it.
    Bridgeport’s own “conspiracy theorist”? And the book you will write to inform OIB readers will be “GETTING TO THE STATUS QUO IN BRIDGEPORT”. Time will tell.

    1. What you don’t find it factually that Rev Gaston is Eye Candy. 🙂

      JML, the city seized and tore down an entire neighborhood. There were a lot of funds coming. The leveled a good portion of the city for the ballpark and Arena. For someone who asked a lot of questions and provides no answers, is that not a conspiracy theorist. Let’s not forget the millions is discretionary spending and hiring, #gaston, that comes with the annual city budget. You talk about accountability I just read CT post with portal with the city’s line items spending under a $1000. Who put that in place. JS

  8. P.S as a follower of philosophy, I’m sure you have read what the Father of Philosophy, Socrates, had said, “When Debate is Lost, Slander Becomes the Tool of the Losers” You calling me an aluminum foil hat conspiracy theorist is all the factually proof I need, #aluminumhatwearingconspiracytheorist. BAM. 🙂
    Not to mention the discretionary spending of millions in the 250-ish million-dollar city annual budget. You talk a lot about accountability and transparency, and ask a lot of questions, who provide few factually answers, Just we have to wait to see. I just read a CT post article with a portal for all the line items under $1000. Do you know who put that in place?

    Also, if I write my own book I will take into consideration to naming it “GETTING TO THE STATUS QUO IN BRIDGEPORT” Please be advised it will be heavily in Memes and Sarcasm, I might throw in a well thoughout rational thought for you and parable for Ernie, the Moses of his peeps. 🙂–friendly-fire-edition—bill-o-reilly-s-philosophy

    1. Also with links, video, I relish in that shit. I would have to put an advisory label, for it will contain racism, Day, Ron, Bob, A pain in the ass, strong “white” Spanish-ish speaking woman, Maria, a nonsecret abomination, Steve, a Boss having the mayor’s, illegitimate child, Mario, and Joe, an astronaut, Jeff, Eye Candy, Rev Gaston. The new Mother Goose, Lisa, There will be winners and TBK, BAM 🙂

      You will find many other colorful characters and weird things. I have to get crackin, This book isn’t gone write it a shelf or is it?


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