First Public Hearing On City Budget Set

council chambers
Will council chambers public hearing be like this?

The first public hearing conducted by the City Council’s Budget and Appropriations Committee to speak about Mayor Joe Ganim’s $542 million spending plan will take place April 18, 6 p.m. in council chambers, 45 Lyon Terrace.

packed council chambers
Or this?

See budget committee calendar for April here.

Ganim’s proposal calls for no tax increase for the budget year starting July 1. One year ago the spending plan during implementation of revaluation caught many homeowners off guard, particularly in higher assessed neighborhoods that were clobbered. Angry taxpayers showed up after they received their tax bills and not prior during budget deliberations.



  1. People have asked me about the budget document though I have not yet seen it personally.

    I just called Office of Policy Management and was told it will probably be posted tonight in their Department area along with the Adopted budgets of the last few years as appropriate for “compare and contrast.”

    Will this budget (when posted) show on a single page all City Departments with the number of all current active employees in each department that ties into each of the Department budgets for which funds are sought?

    GANIM2 did not provide that last year. Why not? Was it to cover up the inaccurate or phony employment figures in the Police Department or elsewhere? Or so that padded positions and compensation statistics could bulk up a budget like steroids in this current year, so the real numbers this year can be more reasonable? Ghost expenses revisit Bridgeport? As the story continues to run in this city … time will tell.

  2. The BOE and Library Public Hearing is scheduled for April 20th during Report Card Conferences.

    This is outrageous and completely disrespectful.

    So parents are expected to choose from either meeting with their children’s teacher for Report Card Conferences, or attend the Public Hearing regarding the funding of their children’s education.

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