Final Finch V. Foster OIB Poll Reflects Voter Sentiment

A poll conducted by the Merriman River Group on behalf of OIB four weeks before the primary showed Mayor Bill Finch with a six-point lead over opponent Mary-Jane Foster, 40-34 with more than 20 percent undecided. On Tuesday Finch won the primary machine total within the poll’s margin of error.

Finch operatives protested the OIB poll (Lennie, you’re sniffing glue!) claiming their projections had Finch winning by 2 to 1. That didn’t happen. They also claimed Foster would be hard pressed to hit 3000 votes. In fact, she almost got to 4000 votes. The machine totals of Tuesday’s primary reflect Foster was competitive in several areas of the city, from Black Rock, to Brooklawn, to the South End to portions of the East Side such as Beardsley School, Finch’s home precinct which he won by just 5 votes.

The Finch operation, however, ran up large wins at Central District 133 (the home district of City Council President Tom McCarthy), Longfellow School in the West End and portions of the North End and East Side. The Finch operation did a nice job identifying its vote and yanking them out. They miscalculated the turnout for Foster.

Finch’s spread was made larger by a formidable absentee ballot operation that cannot be measured in a poll.



  1. It could have been an MJF victory. Decisions (some intentional and some boneheaded) were made that contributed to the end results. The Hispanic and African American votes were key and it will always be that way. The African American community were completely sold out by the Political Pimps, Whores, Johns, Hustlers and Con Men (this includes those in the churches) on the Finch side and that was expected. Before anyone makes gullorant comments, read this one:
    “The Rev. Mary Lee, pastor of the Schaible-Heritage Assembly of God on Platt Street, said during a mid-afternoon interview outside Park City Magnet School she was campaigning for Finch because she believed Foster was “an undercover Republican.” That’s like saying “Obama is an Oreo.”
    Read more: www
    Lydia Martinez, like the political whore she has always been, resorts to political raping of Hispanic Senior Citizens when she is and her political pimps see the need for it. I recently heard the MJF camp had done a radio piece or interview that did not include the Puerto
    Rican candidates and it was John Gomes who was selected to speak for us. Why wasn’t Tito Ayala allowed or asked to do the radio ads and/or interviews? I don’t blame MJF for any of this. In fact, Mary-Jane Foster proved to me she has more balls than Andres Ayala (Tito’s nephew), who for many years has avoided supporting Tito Ayala in fear of any political fallout or criticism for doing so. Picture this one! An elected official who shares multiple characteristics of the Political pimp, whore, etc. list–afraid of political fallout. The campaign literature that should have been delivered in keys areas for Ayala (I’ll check with the other Hispanic candidates) were received by Tito on Thursday night (just a handful) and the rest (about 5,000 pieces) found on Friday. Tito was a teacher for many years and he has much support in P.T. and the Twin Towers. Many people said “that’s fucked up” about the YouTube video. Oh, no! I’m not done just yet. The Channel 12 ad. was very revealing. The closest face to a Hispanic’s was that of Mary-Jane Foster. I know there are Black Hispanics, but is it a fact there was no Hispanic in the ad?

  2. I certainly agree Joel, these black pastors have sold out, that’s why I stopped going to these crooked churches. Money is the pastors’ main concern. But lets not be fooled once again, white areas voted for Finch, Blackham, Winthrop and Black Rock. Finch still ran strong at Black Rock which was a shock to me.

    1. donj the endorsed candidates always have a big advantage. That advantage was provided by the Political Pimps, Whores, Johns, Hustlers and Con Men in the 130th district Town Committee. They are all for Finch. Whoever said there aren’t any gullorant voters in Black Rock?

    2. Not all of the pastors. Pastor Dr. Bennett at Mount Aery was not so pompous and filled with ego. Instead, he reminded all our rights in the democratic process should not be treated lightly and suggested those who act to disenfranchise need to be looked at closely–especially when they suggest the citizens of their city have closeted backgrounds or are not citizens. Wonder what Lydia, Mario and Bill keep in their closets.

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