Erika Castillo Resigns From School Board

March madness begins with the Board of Education.

Meetings three and four hours long, intravenous feedings of caffeine to stay awake, arguments, resignations.

Four months ago, Republican John Weldon stepped down and now Erika Castillo, a Democrat, who was elected to the nine-member board in 2021.

The board will meet on Monday to discuss filling the vacancy. No reason was cited in her resignation letter.



  1. To begin, I wish Ms. Castillo the very best of luck in her future endeavors, whatever the reason she resigned. Now a counter to your portrayal of our current board.

    Lennie, to be fair since the former chair, who resigned in disgrace, the yelling has been kept to a minimum. Also attributable to the former disgraced ex chair is a backlog of board responsibilities that the disgraced ex-chair allowed the former Superintendent to bypass the board.

    The disgraced former chair, Chaired the Personnel committee, Facilities Committee Contracts Committee, and the governance committee. All three committees combined (under the disgraced ex-chair) met less than any one of my or Mr. Benejan’s committees.

    There is a backlog of requested agenda items dating back over a year in facilities and Governance. Governance over the last four years (under the disgraced former chair) never done a comprehensive review of policies as required. In fact, since December the Governance committee has brought forth more policies for board approval than over the entire time chaired by the disgraced former ex chair.

    So while we clear the backlog of neglect, left by the former chair, and do the right thing for the Bridgeport taxpayer, and their children, there may be more 3 or 4 hour meetings. Meetings in many other of the 169 districts are 3-4 hours for a matter of course. Our city deserves no less.

    We were elected to serve the most important constituency, this entails thoughtful discussion. We are the Bridgeport Board of Ed, and we should carefully deliberate. We are not the McDonald’s drive through window of governance.

    Thanks as always for allowing for a space for debate and public information.


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