Blumenthal: Kavanaugh Hearing ‘Charade And Mockery Of Our Norms’

Just another day at the office, right? And who says Bridgeport City Council meetings are zooey? Grab a cup of joe and check out Brett Kavanaugh’s Senate confirmation hearing to Supreme Court. U.S. Senator Dick Blumenthal didn’t mind adding fuel to the fire.



  1. *** Big ups for Richie B. one of the best U.S Senator’s Ct. has! It is a mockery of the norm with a republican rush job to put a nationalist political puppet hack on the supreme court. ***SHAME, SHAME, SHAME***

    1. The actions o the senate were embarrassing. It got so bad the judge had his kids leave the room so they did not hear the garbage from the democratic side of the aisle. Bluementhal was doing chuck chumers dirty work. Why are the dems so worried about files when they all say they are going to vote No anyway.

  2. *** Pointing the finger at Dems. for all the circus like atmosphere with political appointments & Trump admin. staff screw-ups is something the republicans have gotten pretty good at when they manage to come out of their rabbit-holes, no? ***SHAME,SHAME,SHAME***

      1. So Buckweat’s a He-man woman hater? :). As to your red blooded American post. Exactly, “Democrats will have no more issue t feel it followers. What rush? I been hearing about how Roe is going to be over turned of months. Maybe you are right “He man hater club. However a Republican appointed conservative judge being replaced by another Republican appointed judge. Well you know what I say. 🙂

  3. ***Its beyond me how red blooded american’s that know the difference between right & wrong can simply over look & fail to recognize a political scam in order to rush through a Trump pick that may or may not be “qualified” to be on the supreme court. If in fact he’s qualified, why not get all the paper-work out to every member to review before hand so afterward the democrats will have no more issues with the paper-work or confirmation rush. There’s enough GOP votes to pass it through anyway, no? ***

  4. Raphael, as I have suggested before, you need to use sources for your position other than ‘The View’ and CNN.

    All members of Congress have had access to Kavanaugh’s circuit court decisions for several months and summaries have been prepared. Demanding records from his Bush administration service wash just a ruse to complain they were not provided time to review them.

    The Senate confirmation committee is the last chance for the democrat party to distract and distort and avoid using the record of Kavanaugh’s circuit court rulings and probing for consistencies to make a decision on his appointment.

    It is shameful how Blumenthal and other democrats have pandered to the so-called ‘protesters’ in the gallery.

    Dick Blumenthal is a committed obstructionist participating in a charade that he and other democrats are clinging to as a last resort.

    1. *** The View & CNN are too politically oriented & frankly bore me. I like MSNBC, PBS, BBC, & news 12-local, I also don’t like Fox cause their also too politically oriented & pro-Trump. But regardless of the news stations or talk shows & their agendas, you can’t deny the mood & political spirit of the average american people & the over-all world-wide view of president Trump & his current admin. along with the wait & see what the american people will do & stand for! This is by no means just fake news or political grand-standing by the democrats & R-wing white nationalist america needs to stop & smell the coffee & see the writing on the wall. Democracy as we once knew it is in trouble & so is the state of the union in D.C and were is this country going? ***WHAT SAY YOU?***

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