Eneida Martinez Speak–“Both Men Are Jews And Buddies And They Go To The Same Synagogue”

Newton, Martinez
Eneida Martinez with Ernie Newton.

East End City Councilwoman Eneida Martinez is no shrinking violet. She is often unaccustomed to a verbal filter. As co-chair of the Ordinance Committee, she is one of several council members expressing frustration about the impact of the Water Pollution Control Authority’s collections process on her constituency. In her line of fire at the December 27 committee meeting, according to minutes, Associate City Attorney Russell Liskov and private attorney Juda Epstein, a collections specialist who for many years has engaged in WPCA work that can lead to liens and foreclosures. Epstein’s website asserts “Attorney Epstein is considered to be among the most vigorous and aggressive lawyers in the State of Connecticut.” At the December meeting, according to minutes, Martinez described Liskov and Epstein as “Jews and buddies and they go to the same synagogue and they are buying up these properties.” Is Martinez overstepping bounds of decorum? What’s religion got to do with it? Tough but fair game?

Juda Epstein
Juda Epstein, from his website.

A fuller excerpted transcript of the December 27 minutes below provides additional context of Martinez’s assertions. See full minutes here.

Council Member Jackson asked for information on who Judah Epstein was and said that she was new to the Council, so didn’t know who he was. Atty. Anastasi said that Atty. Epstein was one of the third party attorneys that the City uses. Council Member Jackson said that she would like further clarification because it sounded like Atty. Epstein was representing the owner and was being paid twice. Atty. Anastasi said that Atty. Epstein was a very active and skilled lawyer. While Atty. Epstein does represent the City of Bridgeport in various cases, he also represents other clients. Atty. Anastasi reminded everyone that the preferred method of collecting back tax is not foreclosure, but collection. This is usually done by packaging the property liens together and selling the debt to a collection company. He gave the details of how this is done. Atty. Epstein also works for some of the companies that purchase the City’s liens, so people often the misunderstand when they see Atty. Epstein and think he is representing the City of Bridgeport when he is actually representing an independent collection agency. Council Member Jackson asked if this was a conflict of interest. Atty. Anastasi said that there was no conflict of interest involved. Atty. Epstein is just representing a different client. The foreclosure documents will state which company is involved in the foreclosure. Council Member Jackson said that Atty. Epstein’s work for the City should stop because of the confusion. She added that someone found out that the property Council Member Lyons spoke about was for sale before it was listed. Atty. Anastasi said that he did not know exactly what happened with that particular parcel. There is a problem there, but he does not have any evidence. Council Member Jackson said that she wanted it on the record that she felt uncomfortable with Atty. Epstein continuing the City’s duties and the WPCA foreclosures when there is clearly a problem. Atty. Anastasi said that this was not his decision to make, it would be up to the City Attorney.

Co-chair Martinez said that this was what they do as elected officials and they could request a review of Atty. Epstein’s contract to see why this contract continues to be renewed. She said that she has been fighting these WPCA issues and she has experienced non-consistency, noncompliance from the City Attorney’s office and experienced this directly from constituents in her district when she helped to save their homes. Co-chair Martinez said she also experienced when the WPCA foreclosed on the American Legion and experienced a lack of proper protocol through the City of Bridgeport. There is one attorney that oversees the WPCA, Atty. Liskov, who has a connection with Atty. Epstein. Atty. Epstein and Atty. Liskov have a revolving cycle that Co-chair Martinez said she would state because this has been happening since she has been elected to the Council. Atty. Anastasi did meet with the previous Council Members and he provided them with the details about the notice process. But that notification process is not happening. Individuals that are in the process of foreclosure receive an $800 bill. The protocol for the City is not $800, so Co-chair Martinez said there were a lot of violations that were occurring that are not being followed through the City Attorney’s Office. She said that she was not blaming Atty. Anastasi directly but these issues have been happening for years.

Co-chair Martinez said that there was also another issue that she was fighting about and would applaud Mr. Gaudett for his assistance. The City of Bridgeport Small Minority Office has a disparity study that was voted on by the Council in 2005. The Purchasing Office has not been following that the Small Minority Business Office disparity study. They have not been following that set aside requirement. The City could find themselves involved in a big lawsuit on both the State and Federal level, Co-chair Martinez said, because the City has not been following the disparity study percentages that were approved. However, the City is strictly implementing the WPCA protocols at the expense of home owners losing their properties for violations that the City itself is causing by not following their own protocols. Co-chair Martinez said that she has witnessed this at the Margaret Morton Government Center where the documents are stored and the staff could not provide her with any type of record of notifications that were sent out via certified mail to the home owner. Co-chair Martinez said was why she kept bringing the issue up because home owners who have purchased their homes 30 years ago are having their homes taken from them. This cycle started when Mayor Bill Finch was in office.

Co-chair Martinez said that she was going to tell it like it is because Economic Development staff have friends that they call when properties come up for sale. Then these developers come from all over the State and different towns to buy these properties. The same thing is true of Atty. Epstein and Atty. Liskov. Both men are Jews and buddies and they go to the same synagogue and they are buying up these properties. These are the facts about what is happening in Bridgeport, Co-chair Martinez said.

Atty. Anastasi said that he had nothing but respect for Atty. Liskov and that he was a terrific lawyer. Co-chair Martinez replied that he is terrific only after he has been caught on the spot. Atty. Anastasi suggested that the Committee gather some examples for the next meeting with the WPCA administration so they could be addressed. Co-chair Martinez said that she would provide examples. Atty. Anastasi said that City Attorney Meyer determines who will be doing the collections and Atty. Anastasi said that he would alert him to the concerns regarding Atty. Epstein. He added that it was not his job to defend City Attorney Meyer’s decisions or propose changes, because by Charter City Attorney Meyer has unilateral authority regarding this and it is not something that the Council has authority over.



  1. Nice comment. I love it. Both men are Jews and go to the same synagogue. You go girl. Be real. Disappointed with that comment to say the least. I guess we can say the same thing when referring to Blacks and Christians in the city. Is it the lack of education that made the comment seem acceptable to you Eneida and Ernie? Shocked!

  2. Eneida and Ernie that would be like saying – Aresta Johnson and Principal Giles are both Black and belong to the same “Sisterhood” n wonder why she is supporting Classical Academy’s move above the problems of all other schools in the city. I am shocked at the racist remark- No wonder most of the Jews left Bridgeport. Maybe that’s why Bridgeport went down the tubes. Those Jew Bastards!

    1. Eneida is street! However, she went down the wrong road with her poor choice of words. She was wrong and should apologize to all parties.
      If you don’t pay your bill then you are subject to the statutory penalties.

      A Royal Flush beats a Full Hpuse. There are some inside straights being dealt from the bottom of the deck.

      1. @Grin Ripper
        “There are some inside straights being dealt from the bottom of the deck.”

        I am not defending either attorney. I’ve never met them.

        That said: WPCA Liens and Foreclosure lawsuits are public record. It takes a minimum of 4-6 months before a foreclosure suit can be finalized and the property taken away from the homeowner.

        An astute real estate investor looking for bargains will spend time researching newly filed tax/WPCA lines each week. The investor will also check Foreclosure actions filed in Superior Court.
        Then, check the properties, decide if they are worth more than the liens (WPCA, taxes, mortgage) show up at the auction and likely buy distressed houses for $1 more than the mortgage balance and then pay off the tax/WPCA liens.

        An investor doesn’t need to get the information from the collections attorney, it’s all computer accessible.

        An inside straight deal is far more likely to be in collusion with the local Probate Court Judge (who must approve the sale of homes held in an estate). This in no way casts an aspersion on the Bridgeport Probate Court Judge, but here in Trumbull, former Selectman Tim Herbst bought his home at an extreme bargain while it was in Probate. The judge and his wife are very active in the Trumbull Republican party. Was it above board? Who knows, it has the appearance of a smelly deal. As they say ‘Caesar’s wife must be above reproach’ sometimes things that may be legal look and smell bad.

        1. Marshall-I went to the WPCA office to inquire about a tax-foreclosure that had taken place. I guess when there are no bidders, the property reverts back to the City. After my query, I was referred to Attorney Epstein. I was taken a back when Judah wanted to know the potential buyer. He no longer had standing in the issue and felt that the WPCA was shepherding business his way and or giving an unfair business advantage. It’s a baaaad practice.

  3. Its relevant if one is closing in on people’s property and the other is buying said property sometimes prior to said property being publicly available. It’s called collusion people and if its proven to be true then someone needs to go to jail, whether they are both Jews attending the same synagogue or not.

    Black and Puerto Ricans are sick and tired of being used by the City of Bridgeport and the blood suckers they hire to do the business of the city. Brothers and Sisters, Black and Puerto Ricans, put your differences aside and come together and run this city together while ridding yourselves of the blood suckers that are decimating your communities, your hopes and the city which you are the majority being lead by the nose by the minority.

  4. I’ll bet Stratford doesn’t have these problems. I’ll bet the pay their bills that are important before Cablevision. In 2 mos. Cable turns off your service for non payment. Priorities. I know I have been there and I have received notice from WPCA in the past. Most Mortgage Companies will pay the WPCA unless the Homeowner is already on he road to losing their home.

    1. The process isn’t fair to the homeowner, Stephie. Judah Epstein is taking advantage of his position to take the property of struggling homeowners and resell it. Russell Liskov ought to be ashamed of himself. It is a safe bet he is enjoying the benefits of a quid pro quo relationship with Mr. Epstein. The same sort of operation was used to seize the automobiles of delinquent taxpayers.

      You always take the losing side, Stevie. If you on’t enjoy being treated like an asshole stop behaving like one.

      1. The process may not be fair and it’s up to Bridgeport’s government to change the process and who gets the contracts to collect delinquencies.
        BUT….Eneida Martinez’s Anti-Semitic remarks are unacceptable coming out of the mouth of an elected official.
        She owes an IMMEDIATE apology to the entire Jewish community. And no, I have never met either of the two attorneys nor attended their synagogue.
        Martinez’s words do nothing but pit groups against each other and further divide the city.

        This is pure hate mongering and it is no better coming from the mouth of a low level elected politician than the racist in the Oval Office.

        1. “Eneida Martinez’s Anti-Semitic remarks are unacceptable coming out of the mouth of an elected official…” You’ll get no argument from me. Ms. Martinez should make a full and frank public apology. Not a bullshit statement  about “an unfortunate choice of words.” 

          The system of foreclosing on delinquent sewer bills is being exploited by Attorney Epstein. The system isn’t about collecting sewer fees, it’s all about foreclosing on the property to resell it for profit. The message “Don’t want to pay your sewer fee? Fine, the city of Bridgeport is going to kick you out of your own home…” If left to City Hall the problem will not be corrected, not when the friends of Mario and Little Joe are profiting from the arrangement.

          Mark Anastasi and Christopher Meyer are using obfuscation and disingenuousness to hide something. Their “legal” arguments are invalid. There is no law to support Meyer’s bullshit rhetoric or Anastasi’s request to keep things “non adversarial.” Anyone seeing this? Meyer is essentially obstructing justice.

        2. I too am shocked by the appalling remarks of Councilwomen Eneida Martinez that: “Both men are Jews and buddies and they go to the same synagogue…….”. I am a third generation Bridgeportor and I chose to live here despite tremendous costs so I could bring my my my children up in a diverse community to learn the lessons of Dr. Martin Luther King to judge people by the contents of their character and not their color or religion. I dare say that no leader should ever say a divisive comment that all “Puerto Rican help their buddies because they go to the same church” or similar abhorrent talk that we are quick to deservedly criticize President Trump for using about Haitians. Her comments and conflict of interest in dealing with Attorney Epstein for failing to pay her common charges in her own collection matter that Mr. Epstein is handling, is grounds enough that she should be removed as Councilwoman or at least from the Ordinance Committee conducting this investigation. I believe it is totally within the jurisdiction of the Common Council Ordinance Committee to look to reform the bidding for foreclosing attorneys for the WPCA and adopt fair collection practices for the taxpayers of Bridgeport, but now Councilwoman Eneida Martinez has tainted the whole process by her vitriolic “Jew” slur comments that are not disguised by “street language”. The attack would be equally wrong against Muslims or Catholics or Mormons. MS. MARTINEZ HAS BROUGHT THIS SEWER INVESTIGATION TO A NEW LOW AND GOTTA GO.

      2. Bridgeport Kid= Say it just one more time on this blog– Just one more time- That is all I
        will say to you.

        I thougt

        Lennie put you in your place- He didn’t – I will Keep it up.

      3. Bridgeport Kid , what ever my opinion is it is mine. I do not care to be on the side of mst on this blog. I resent you getting away with public embarrassing me. I understand you play in a Blackrock restaurant. I understand Lisa Parziale loves you so but never met you. I will visit you and introduce myself to you yet again. I will ask you to call me Stehie to me face and I will put you on your knee in front of everyone at your restaurant and I think you will never make an unprovoked disparaging remark to me again.

        Lennie you may want to take care of business or I’ll make a bullshit pitch to you.

          1. Won’t be much of an event. Steffie will have hisass kicked and then thrown out the door.

          1. By the way, I have many friends who would not take kindly to a prissy old slob giving me a hard time. There will be serious consequences to your planned antisocial behavior. Consider yourself informed.

  5. The WPCA collection and foreclosure process may deserve scrutiny.

    Who will do the scrutiny? Have the city council members compiled a file with data and information, or do they just make remarks suggesting individuals are in cahoots.

    Then you have Ethan Book providing his usual innuendos and conspiracy theories.

    I doubt that Attorney Epstein feels threatened by this latest iteration of the city council. (same circus, different clowns)

    This council can serve the residents of Bridgeport better if it came to meeting prepared with facts.

    For example.

    Do you have the minutes from the previous council session when Attorney Liskov provided a detailed presentation of the WPCA foreclosure and collection process?

    If Council Member Martinez is concerned that “Both men are Jews and buddies and they go to the same synagogue and they are buying up these properties”, perhaps she should come prepared with a list of the properties. This would require some research, of course, as the properties are likely held under various LLC names which property investors typically do.

    Get my point, council members?

    Or, you can continue to have ordinance committee meetings and somehow expect different results from the last meeting when you came completely unprepared.

    All in favor? (we showed them bastards)

    1. Tom,
      You refer to our elected city council members as clowns. They did the work under an organized party and won all the city council seats, and you call them clowns. What would that make those 18 Republicans who at best when they ran for city council all they got was exercise. I guess they some how must be lower than clowns. And yes keep telling them how to do their job, nobody will figure out that you are just a pissed off old man who lost his.

      1. Both of you,

        The cynicism is well founded. Mario Testa will do anything and everything o subordinate the authority of the City Council. Christopher Meyer will use obfuscation, factual distortion and outright lies to serve the interests of Little Zoe zganim, Mario Testa, their juived in friends and those like Judah Epstein and the former City Sheriff that benefited from a crooked tax collection process.

        Ms. Martinez’s comments were politically incorrect to say the least.

  6. The public comments made by Eneida are fair game if the association to which she refers might mean that there is preferential treatment between those of the association at public expense. That would apply to any group be it religious, ethnic or other. The issue she raises deserves public discussion and review!

    1. Ethan Brook , you open a can of worms regarding fair game for character assaults and racist comments across the city. Iguess Donald Trumps comments make you feel real good and they must be acceptable. As a Jew , I find the comments disturbing. I would expect a public apology from both Eneida or Ernie. Of course they do not have to. Afterall, obviously they have few Jewish friends and therefore are unaware how offensive the comment is. There may be an issue with collusion but that comment is way out of line.

  7. If the 2 people involved were Puerto Rican would it be appropriate to say those 2 “spics”. Nationality and religion have nothing to do with the process. I wrote about this on OIB over a year ago and nobody listened.

    1. Andy , The Question would be did those 2 “Puerto Ricans” go to the same Church. I would never say Spics. I would never use the “N” word but most of them go to the same Church . Honestly. I am very disturbed by the comment. I don’t give a rats ass about the 2 gentlemen in Question. It is the comment. I am not defending the fact they are doing their job or not.

  8. I would like to hear from the poor people who lost their homes to this Double-Dealing Chicanery by the City Attorneys Office, and Atty. Epstein and their unjustifiable foreclosure scams.
    God, the Attorney General of Connecticut, FBI and IRS should be called in.

    1. Why rush and change it now, you don’t have a job you can do it any time. Oh and be careful while you are in there I head that is where you keep your best ideas.

  9. Tom, what you say looks like what a person would say who has no real response. Innuendo, Tom?

    You say that there “may” be cause for more scrutiny of the WPCA matters. At the February 2017 meeting of the Bridgeport RTC, you supported my proposal that the RTC make a public statement about the need for the City Council take more affirmative action. You then voluntarily joined a sub-committee set up for that purpose. Two months later, you proposed that the sub-Committee be disbanded because the City Council hadn’t received wording from the City Attorney regarding the proposal for the Ordinance change.

    More recently, before the RTC, I commented that, if the City Council had not received a response from the City Attorney, the Council should be able to draft its own wording. You suggested that I get with Eneida to draft suitable language. Another member suggested that you join the effort. You responded by saying that because you were fired several years ago as the Council legislative aide, you would only join the effort if you were paid.

    As I remember, the Ordinance Committee meeting minutes to which you refer dealt with various procedures, some of which Eneida reiterated at the recent Tuesday meeting. That material neither dealt with other questions which Council members have (including several new members, nor did that address the City Attorney’s failure to issue an opinion.

    The record is clear that I sometimes believe that City Council members can do more. But they sometimes do good things and I applaud them now for taking a more active and good hard look at some tough questions on the WPCA matter which has been festering in Bridgeport for many years.

  10. Anti Semitic my ass, just because she referred to the two gentleman as Jews and buddies that attend the same synagogue? Please, I’ve heard Steve refer to himself as a Jew, but its only anti Semitic if someone else does it? Enida, you have nothing to apologize for and those that say you do aren’t your constituents and don’t vote for or against you. Your job as a city councillor is to serve the best interest of your constituents and the hell with what these bigots say, think or believe.

    For the person that said that’s why most Jews have left the city may I say why don’t you join THEM.

    1. Donald Day it is an anti- semetic comment. Period. I am a jew you are a Negro. If they said those 2 Negros went to the same Church like Aresta Johnson and Principal Giles would that be offensive to you? You bet your ass it is anti-semetic. Being Afro-centric I can understand how you wouldn’t get it. It would be the equivalent of saying those 2 Niggers go to the same Church

        1. yes it is Donald day or calling them 2 Jews that go to th same Synagogue and BTW- I apologize for writing the “N” word. but the point was simple. A Jew knows when a comment is anti semetic. This was clearly anti semetic and it is shamefulthat you, an intelligent person would try to sugar coat it. I had a cousin Hymie, where exactly is Hymie town?

      1. @Steve
        You say you don’t use the ‘n’ word, yet to type it trying to prove a point.
        Not necessary and just as offensive as Martinez’s remarks.

        You are just adding fuel to the fire.

        1. You are correct Marshall you saw above I apologized to Donna she refused o acknowledge it. It is ok when I find something offensive – just crickets but when he finds something offensive OMG-I apologized. Not apologizing again.

  11. Sounds like a brewing “Sewer Gate” scandal in Bridgeport… Something certainly smells rotten in The Port, and it isn’t just low tide…

    Perhaps it was the added stress of the Trumbull link-up to the Bridgeport sewer system — another state-level (parasitic) “gift” to Bridgeport, along with the downtown/taxbase-destroying 25-8 Connector — that ultimately suggested the creation of an extortionist, quasi-independent Water Pollution Control “Authority” in Bridgeport(?)…

    In any event; it is just one more, ill-conceived/ill-considered regulatory, tax-extorting, evil political creature unleashed on the City of Bridgeport through state statute…

    That such an evil creature would give rise to unscrupulous parasites in the murky realms of the legal and real-estate “industries” was inevitable, and, indeed, was probably eagerly anticipated by both of the latter (with the whole WPCA concept probably being the brain- child of colluding, state-level politicians based in both industries…).

    And, of course, it is those in distress and without recourse that are the prey of the unscrupulous predators in both industries (and, of course, such predators, as in all evil enterprises, are represented by all races, ethnic groups, and religions, evil being a common aspect of human nature…).

    So; it will be interesting — and hopefully, redeeming and liberating — to see what Councilman Newton’s investigation will uncover.. Perhaps it will lead to a radical reconsideration of how Bridgeport handles all of its public/infrastructure responsibilities such that the people of Bridgeport and the interests of the city will become the basis upon policy and decision-making for such will be created.

    Perhaps this matter will lead to Councilman Newton’s full political and social redemption and put him back on the political fast-track. (In the mean-time, Councilperson Eneida Martinez needs to resign from the CC and do some apologizing… She obviously doesn’t have the discretion or temperament to be part of the leadership of a resurgent Bridgeport…)

  12. Also, Tom, you may remember that, early last year on the mentioned RTC sub-Committee on WPCA, I reported that Ernie Newton had stated that there is a cluster of WPCA and city tax foreclosed properties along the waterfront and another knowledgeable person told me that there was a cluster of such foreclosed properties owned by Jewish businessmen. I provided some supporting information. For that, I was criticized by Chairman Micheal Garrett for being anti-semetic. I then compiled more supporting data which was included in the twelve pages of the letter referred to in the OIB article “Ethan Throws Book at WPCA Foreclosures”. That complete letter was provided to you in March of last year at the same time that I provided it to all City Counsel members and the City Attorney. Twelve pages of that lette, referred to in the article, were sent againnt to the members of the Ordinance Committee on Thursday and to you and all RTC members (legal members or not) on Friday. Thus, there was and is goid information to support her statement. It is information which deserves open public discussion.

        1. Ethan n matter who you slice it , it was 2 white business men – it identified them as Jews. It was owned my 2 Ilamic men that go to the same Mosque. Really? What does that have to do with the price of eggs in China?

          1. Steven, people of similar identities sometimes get into practices and habits. The same is true of any and all ethnic and racial groups. You haven’t yet seen the related information.

          2. Ethan Brook, “People of similar identities sometimes get into practices and habits”– Seriously are we talking about stereotyping Blacks , Puerto Ricans or Jews? I forgot. Your comment is unbelievable and you don’t even see it. lol . I am not tryng to belabor this or make you feel bad. I think you are a tad racist and do not even know it. That’s ok, many on this blog are.

  13. Joe McLaine and Ethan Book in recent days have demonstrated to OIB readers why members of the Bridgeport Republican Town Committee are pleased that these two members may now move on to other political organizations that may be more receptive to their views, temperament and ability.

    1. Tom, you say that members of the Bridgeport Republican Town Committee are pleased that certain members move on. That’s a curious statement. If you were referring to the recent District caucuses, can you say for the 131st District that there was ANY Town Committee member there who voted? Also, can you say that there was lawful notice of the caucuses as is required by our Bylaws and state statutes?

    2. Also, Tom, at the recent caucus for the Republican Town Committee’s 134th District, did you satisfy the Bylaws requirement of minimum 50% meeting attendance during the existing term in order to be eligible for re-appointment? Are you aware that state statutes require adherence to party rules in such caucuses? Has Chairman Micheal Garrett been reasonably enforcing the Bylaws as he is required to do? Or is he doing similar to what African sociologist Mamady Traore recently said about “. . . heads of state who mess with the constitutions to perpetuate their power . . . . “? BTW, you are aware that Joe McLaine left the recent caucus for the 135th district prior to the commencement of it for the stated reason that it was illegal (including for reason that Chairman Garrett delayed in giving him information about the caucus procedure). No one yet has disputed the legal and procedural defects of the recent caucuses that Joe and I have raised. For example, were Wayne Wichert and Zulma Matos (Garrett’slong-term live-in girlfriend) eligible for re-appointment in the 131st District? In summary, I place your habit of making false and misleading statements in the category of fake news!

    3. Tom,
      When you write this stuff are you sitting on Garrett’s lap with his hand up your back?
      Also I conducted an informal poll and those people who voted Garrett the best choice to head the Bridgeport Republican Party also thought that Fredo would be the best choice to run the Corleone Family.

  14. Ethan Brook, aside from the anti – semetic diatribe, I want to Thank you as a Bridgeport Resident for putting in your valuable time and effort to uncover issues and hopefully save many from these nightmares.

    Years ago I remember receiving letters from the WPCA. I just can’t imagine taking a home for a small amount of money. My mortgage Company did pay the bill and of course I paid them back. I know not everyone has a friend in the mortgage dept. You will help many people with these findings. If there is something sleazy going on I want it addressed immediately. I do not care what religion , color or creed they are. Bringing unnecessary misery into people’s lives is just not acceptable at any level.

    1. Steven, thank you for your support on work that I’ve been doing on the WPCA crisis. I got into it in part for a referral from the late Dave Goodman, my District Leader in the RTC, and in part for public input that I got during my 2016 candidacy for State Representative (128th District). I regret that you have taken offense to what you call anti-Semitic diatribe. I believe that a fuller discussion and you knowing me could change that. As a Christian, I am well aware of the special role that the Jewish people have had in history and in God’s plan, the role of ancient Jewish tradition which has become part of our Constitution and legal systems, and of God’s purpose for Jewish people in Biblical prophecy. I grieve with Jews, not just for the Halocaust but also for the Roman destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple in the 1st century A.D. I fully support what Trump is doing to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. I’m proud that I was born in 1948, the year that Israel was once again, after almost 2,000 years, recognized as a nation. I’m proud that my three sons were born in Guatemala and the Dominican Republic (where my first wife and I were living when I worked with Bank of America), the last two nations which, in 1948, voted in the U.N. General Assembly to recognize Israel as a nation. I have good friends who are Jewish with whom I’ve been able to discuss some of these same sensitive subjects. I would welcome the opportunity to meet you personally..

      1. Dave Goodmen was a friend of mine. Still can’t believe he is gone. He was an advocate for many . When I worked for Mary Moran , David was like a headquarters mascot. He had a tough childhood and expect he is having a better time in heaven

  15. Dont try to apologize for saying nigger you filthy SOB because you meant it as a form of disrespect and impertincey, but that’s what you’ve always done about everything to everyone. You reduce things to the gutter when you’re mad at a comment that you don’t agree with or don’t like. That’s why I’ll never use your name because your name isn’t worthy to come out my mouth.

    Your racial epithets don’t bother me because I truly believe in freedom of speech and one that believes in freedom of speech must understand sometimes speech will offend you. Having said that I can assure you that I can and will test your belief in freedom of speech the next time nigger comes out your mouth and without a doubt I will take the conversation back to Germany. See I don’t like nor do I care about the word nigger and I’m over slavery so be prepared the next time you come at me. I will certainly see how you feel about Germany and Hitler, that’s a promise.

    1. Donald Day – Take it back to Germany – Hitler loved Black people also. There just weren’t enough of them in Germany to put into the ovens
      That disparaging comment was just meant for you and you alone. No different than Marilyn Moore calling a black friend of mine a House Nigger”. I guess when you supported the whoe of Bridgeport in her incessent attacking of myself you were educed to a piece of shit forever in my book. so get the fuck over it and remember, when you don’t think a comment is anti- semetic it is only because yo do not know any Jews. Everything is seen through shit covered glasses. You SOB.

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    Lennie talk to ya boy.

    1. Are you still crying Donna? Faggot? You denigrate a whole group of people. Now just shut the fuck up already with your droning on and on. Its like listening to Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. Enough already. Faggot and Nigger are equally offensive unless you are a black faggot I guess.

      Lennie”Talk to ya boy”- seriously? you are joking right?

  17. Donald Day- This Blog was about Eneda’s anti semetic comment that you are fine with. Nobody is interested in your daily chip on your shoulder. People however are concerned about the comments and her ability to serve on this commttee considering her personal eviction suit. I do agree with Andy Fardy, Maria Pereira and Jim Fox. She must recuse herself. Asking for an apology most likely wlll not be forth coming

    1. Why don’t you pay a visit to Tai’s Lounge, Steffie? Try to put Donald Day on his knees. Go on, I dare you. I double dare you.

      If you think your bullying tactics are goingto work on me you are sadly mistaken. C’mon, showup at my place of work, try ti pick a fight. I’ll put your lights out and have you thrown out of the building faster than you can squeal “FABULOUS!”

  18. 🙂 Best wishes Bridgeport Kid Derek Brown. Best Wishes and good health to you. May you be surrounded with good friends. I have become bored with you . I will be a casual observer. just to contribute a click here and there.


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