Eneida Martinez Responds: ‘Exposing Coalition Of Corruption’

City Councilwoman Eneida Martinez, in response to an OIB story regarding comments she made about two city lawyers enforcing collections on behalf of the Water Pollution Control Authority, issued this statement on her Facebook page:

What did I violate? Am I opening or exposing the coalition of CORRUPTION that has been going on in the City of Bridgeport for decades with properties taken from the hard working elders or hard working families. I will not apologize for exposing truth to the public. Our youth hang with a clic and wear colors they are automatically labeled as gangsters or gang affilated. Stand at a block with a bunch of people, you are labeled as a hustler. But in the eyes of the law of Bridgeport it’s okay for the employees of the City of Bridgeport Attorney Office to refer all the City business WPCA FORECLOSURES business to one source because of the connection and foundation building. I am not going to sugar coat a level of corruption that destroys the lively hood of the Constituents that elected me to represent them.




  1. Well Eneida, There is nothing wrong with exposing corruption and defending constituents in gangs or hustlers. You need what you need to do to support your constituents. Your non apologetic statement simply states that you do not care your comment was offensive to a group that support and appreciate your efforts. In politics you need to know when it’s time to simply apologize and move on. Making a rationalization for your comment that may not have been intended to be anti semetic but it was. Now that you know it was, we get it. I am disappointed . I stated that to both you and Ernie on Facebook and surprised I did not even get a response. I don’t get it.

  2. How embarrassing is this piece by Martinez?

    Instead of youth hanging in a ‘clic’ maybe they should be in school learning that the word is ‘clique’
    And it may be lively in her hood, but the word that describes one’s source of income is ‘livelihood’

    Why would she fight for ‘Justice of Abuse?’
    Maybe Martinez wants Justice for those who have been abused.

    No apology for her anti-semitic remarks, just a bunch of empty rhetoric. If you don’t like the way the City Attorney’s office does business, and you are on the City Council, pass legislation to change it.

    Martinez is the opposite of a role model for the youth and other constituents in her district. She spews hate and can’t write proper English.

    1. I heard Auerbach got a huge job with he city. When did he start? That Bastard. I thought here was a hiring freeze? I will have to ask him if its true when I see him. Unbelievable. Nice that people know so much about you. Makes one feel special. The job I hear was Huuuuuuuuuuge. But he same job he had from Finch.

  3. Marshall Marcus, may i suggest that you have that same level of disdain for that slime ball that referred to me as a nigger. If you’re not going to speak to that then you need to mind your own business. How can a person be outraged by anti-Semitism and not be outraged by blatant racism? Selective outrage?

    1. @Donald
      I read Martinez’ remarks and offered an opinion on that. I’ve not yet read all comments, as the past 24 hours every time I bring up OIB on my phone after about three comments it gets hijacked by a fake Google app.
      When I get home later, I’ll read all the comments on my computer and if I read that you were called the ‘N’ word, I’ll post my disdain.

      BTW? To answer your question of how someone can be outraged by anti-Semitism and not racism? Selective Outrage?

      I am offended by both and find them both abhorrent. I have been the victim of anti-Semitism (In 1971 Wesleyan University admissions officer told me the Jew Quota was full) but as a white male I’ve never been the victim of racism.

  4. Earlier in this WPCA matter, a Jewish man was giving me information about the WPCA and Attorney Juda Epstein. In that same conversation, he mentioned that Associate City Attorney Russell Liskov and Attorney Epstein attend the same synagogue.

    Every societal subgroup, be it ethnic, religious or racial, tends to overlook errors of others in the same subgroup. This trait isn’t absolute but it’s a general trait. This doesn’t mean someone recognizing this for a particular situation is biased against that subgroup. Rather, it means that some individuals of the subgroup might be making mistakes.


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