Disingenuous Bradley Rejects Public Health For Political Pandering

File photo of Bradley

When Dennis Bradley was a candidate for State Senate and came up short against incumbent Ed Gomes it was yeah, baby, fire up that absentee ballot machine. When Dennis Bradley was elected to the State Senate in 2018 it was yeah, baby, fire up that absentee ballot machine.

Now, in an amazing religious transformation about absentee ballots, while battling both state and federal campaign finance probes, the attention-junkie Democrat says damn those absentee ballots, even in the face of a public health pandemic. On Tuesday he was the only state senator–yup 35-1–to vote against allowing no-excuse absentee ballot voting as a public health precaution in November.

City Clerk Lydia Martinez, the political queen of absentee ballots, broke her you-know-what in the cause of advancing his election. Talk about throwing someone under the bus.

Former Bridgeport official and state political operative Christine Bartlett-Josie framed it this way on Facebook

Christine Bartlett-Josie it was fine when the AB machine worked for him. Since he has falling out of favor with the AB Queen. He is a fucking ass.

Bradley’s feeling the heat of these state and federal investigations so he’s trying to frame himself as some twisted reformer going against the grain for attention while positioning for a mayoral run in 2023.

This, at least in the short term, has been a serendipitous year for the newly married Bradley given he has no primary opponent when it was expected he’d have one pre-Covid. But in this surreal Covid world when he had an opportunity to back the public health measure, he chose an unorthodox platform to make a misplaced statement he felt would score political points. Even every Republican in the State Senate voted for it.

Flip flop, flip flop. Look for Bradley to flip back someday.

Here’s Bradley’s statement. Strap in.

The party elite and surrounding communities point their finger at Bridgeport and call us corrupt. By doing so we are often last on an urban agenda, whenever there is one. Now these same people who deny us funding call us corrupt who point at things like the recent election of Ganim and Moore as recent examples of corruption. Now these same folks wanted to proliferate ABs under the false claim of COVID. So we can shop at malls, we can gather at restaurants, we can have all types of encounters but the only way people can vote during these trying times is by proliferating ABs.

Bradley obviously did not read the bill, or just ignored it out of expediency spin. You can still go to the polls to vote, but if you fear a public health concern you may vote by absentee ballot.



  1. C’mon Lennie and Christine Bartlett-Josie, what the hell did either of you think he would do? A cheater knows how the Cheat, a Thief knows how to Steal, so all he doing is exercising the knowledge that he learned from the white power brokers of the DTC. How dare he try to close the door of thievery that he used to aid his senatorial run, even though his actions were misplaced!

  2. Really, comrade? White power brokers of the DTC? 🙂

    Considering Moore was a victim of the so-called AB Queen and AB abuse and losing the mayoral election on AB to Joe, you would think Moore might be apprehensive too have No Excuse AB’s? If the state can tell kids they have to go to school, you would think to ask uncompromising adults to vote at a school on one day wouldn’t be too much to ask to ensure a fair election. But that’s Port politics.

    P.S Lennie, I think your headline was a bit harsh “Disingenuous Bradley Rejects Public Health For Political Pandering,” and calling Sen. Bradley a flip-flopper, might come back your way. If Bradley runs and knocks Joe out in the primary round. Becoming the new mayor of the Port. Maybe the word “pivot” would be more suitable for both of you. 🙂

    That being said. My job here is done. It was a pleasure, OIB. I will watch it from afar like an Alien. The one that came out of the stomach and eats everybody on the fuckin ship rests their soul. 🙂

    Lennie PIVOT. 🙂


  3. Sen. Bradley did it right. Any potential issue of health or risk to health for the C-19 in voting could be mitigated with less risk to the voting process by drive-up voting accommodations at the polling areas. In addition, a suitable combination of Vitamins (esp. Vitamins C, D3 and zinc), good nutrition and exercise affords a 95% defense to the virus. Further, it’s time for the “experts” to recognize the value of proper administration of hydroxychloroquine as both virus prevention and cure.

  4. Penalties should be severe and heavy, like orange jump suits, real time and fines for anyone who tampers with AB’s especially this year. That should have been included in the bill.

  5. Ethan Book, with views like that you can get a job in 45’s cabinet. How did Anthony Fauci with all his degrees and expertise miss Vitamins C, D3 and zinc), good nutrition and exercise affords a 95% defense to the virus! LAMO What A CLOWN. 😂😂😂

    1. Ethan Book has plenty of time to read a book in between waiting for riders as he picks up and is dropping off passengers from his limo but Ethan is to busy reading the talking points from that stable genius who is residing in public housing.


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