Book Qualifies For Public Dough In GOP State House Primary

The State Elections Enforcement Commission has approved a $27,000 public grant for the State House primary campaign of Ethan Book who’s challenging Republican-endorsed Joe Borges in the 128th District. The winner on August 11 will face incumbent Democrat Chris Rosario in a Mount Everest climb general election in a district that includes the East Side and Hollow.

Book, a write-in candidate for mayor in 2019, has been opposed to the local GOP establishment for several years.

From Book:

This is a BIG plus for our campaign, both for winning the August 11th Republican Primary and also for winning the November 3rd General Election.

For this, I must thank many of you who contributed, persons both of Connecticut and those of outside the state, also many in the City of Bridgeport, and various of the Bridgeport Republican Town Committee. I must particularly recognize my Campaign Manager Joel Estrada and my Campaign Treasurer Harrison Brooks. They made great efforts. The detail and grunt work performed by Harrison such as in entering into the state eChris system over 300 donations was no small task. I thank you all. I remind all that this pertains to my LEGAL campaign for State Rep. In contrast, my opponent, Sleepy Joe Borges did not file a quarterly financial report with the SEEC, which likely means that at the reporting cut off of June 30th, he had not collected or spent more than $1,000. Go figure for the inactive GOP insider!

With respect to the General Election, I often hear that candidates promise much but too often fail to keep their promises. At this time, I promise the District voters something I’m assured that I will complete. I promise that when I am elected in November, I will do better in serving your interests than our incumbent State Representative has done.

GOP presidential ballot including 128th State House.


  1. Ethan,
    Thank you for keeping a two party presence at least alive, if not well in part of the City and for reporting the contrast between your active campaign for office, and the “quiet campaign” of Mr. Borges. I have seen your sign on a Courtland Ave. home. Stay healthy and help our system stay long term healthy by your political initiatives. TIME WILL TELL..

  2. Thank you Joe for keeping a two party presence at least alive and for your years of being a voice in your district fighting for change, Republican-endorsed Joe Borges in the 128th District.


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