Dems Gear Up For Party Endorsements For Mayor, School Board And City Council

Democratic Town Chair Mario Testa, with Mayor Joe Ganim left, has set endorsement date for July 23rd.

On July 23rd the 90-member Democratic Town Committee will endorse candidates for mayor, city clerk, town clerk, Board of Education, city sheriff and City Council slots. The next day challengers start a two-week window in which they can petition onto the September 10th primary ballot.

The campaign cycle has now begun in earnest as various slates and potential council running mates are coming together.

The big prize this cycle is for mayor. Joe Ganim, who will be endorsed, is seeking another four-year term challenged by State Senator Marilyn Moore who will try to qualify for a primary by securing signatures from five percent of registered Democrats in Bridgeport. Based on the Democratic registration she’ll need roughly 2,300 signatures validated by elections officials. Her campaign operation will fan out across the city with the goal of banking hundreds of signatures above the required threshold to account for signatures rejected by the registrar’s office.

Moore, inside her campaign headquarters, will try to forge a primary against Ganim via signatures.

Moore is leveraging her Facebook page to recruit supporters for the petition drive.

The other Democrat in the mayoral race State Rep. Charlie Stallworth is reassessing his campaign after a poor second quarter fundraising result. Will he also try to petition onto the ballot or support Moore?

In the 131st City Council District incumbent Denese Taylor-Moye and committee member Jorge Cruz are expected to be endorsed. Incumbent Jack Banta is not running for reelection.

Meanwhile, 131st committee member Mary Bruce is entertaining interviews from prospective challengers. See below:

The Democratic Town Committee endorsements will take place July 23rd, 6 p.m. in Testo’s Restaurant.



    1. You know the answers to everything black so you should know how to be a DTC member, I’m sure they will welcome you with open arms with your wealth of knowledge, in fact give Mario a call at 203-372-1627, call after 11am because he has to drive from home in Easton.

      1. My wealth of knowledge is not all that, who are they that you mention who will welcome me with open arms? Who’s the 135 district leader? Can you give me his/her number? I don’t want to bother Mario he’s a busy man. 🙂

          1. Why don’t you run for office, and when you lose-r keep running until you are out of the Port. 🙂

          2. Derek, he truly needs to take Stevie A’s class on kissing ass and Stevie could help him to get on the DTC. Steve Nelson is the district leader of the 135th district and is a really nice guy.

  1. The absolute proof that the DTC and its 10 District Leaders DO NOT care about the 20,400 students of Bridgeport spread across all 10 Districts is who they will nominate for the Board of Education on July 23, 2019.

    I am willing to bet they will nominate three candidates who have pledged their loyalty to their District Leaders and the DTC, NOT to our innocent and deserving students.

    I assure you, they will be highly unqualified, uninformed, will have ZERO indepth policy on national, state and local policy.

    They will NOT be nominated because they can offer local policies that will improve the educational outcomes of our students. Their only qualification is they will vote as they are told to and that they must be loyal to the morally bankrupt DTC.

    There has only been one DTC nominated BOE member that has stood up for children over the DTC in the last ten years.That individual was Bobby Simmons

    The Republicans have not nominated a SINGLE Board of Education candidate that has been good for children. They have all been subservient to Mario Testa, Danny Roach and Mayor Finch/Ganim.

    They have been Mr. Cunningham, Joe Larcheveque, Kevin McSpirit and John Weldon. The vast majority of them are from Black Rock. I just don’t understand how a neighborhood with many highly educated individuals repeatedly vote for these people who are just an extension of the corrupt DTC.

    The Republican Party is NOT an opposition party in Bridgeport. They are 100% subservient to the DTC, and are willing to take the few crumbs they are offered.

    Simply pathetic.

    1. “Their only qualification is they will vote as they are told to and that they must be loyal to the morally bankrupt DTC.”

      Well,I mean,isn’t this the qualification for Police Chief,Public facilities director,Parking enforcement director,etc,etc,etc….?

    2. A former colleague called me today to remind me that Max Medina was not controlled by the DTC.

      There was no intention to snub Max Medina. Maz and I never served together as he ended him term in November 2009 and I started in December 2009.

      I have never believed Max was beholden to the DTC.

  2. One of my voters called me from Fireside Housing a couple of hours ago.

    She asked me if I was “with Ms. Smith.” I stated “absolutely not.”

    She stated she somehow got he number from a neighbor and called the voter to ask her if she could get her AB vote. The voter politely declined.

    She went onto say ” How would I look as a black woman giving my vote to a black woman wearing a funny blonde wig.” I stated that I have seen several Black female celebrities and members of our community wearing blonde wigs. The voter stated “well, they look ridiculous.”

    This election is about to get real. 🙂

    1. Throw your hat in the ring. Denise Moyer is planning to run with Jorge Cruz whom worships Dennis Bradley.

      Get Kate Rivera to run with you! She has already proven to be a formidable opponent to the corrupt DTC.

      1. That interesting considered Jorge was in Kate’s corner and condemned the DTC for not supporting Kate in the State race. I changed my mind I’m staying clear of the freak show that is Port Politics, Mario you win. I bow out. I hope you and Joe run the Port to a brighter future. 🙂

        Maybe with Jay, the Icemen, running the DTC where a 100 year old tradition isn’t moves to another town because of how the Port politics.

        P.S.Does anyone know why Banta is not running?

          1. Thanks, that was my understanding like four years ago. Maybe he means it this time.


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