Crunching Musto-Moore Numbers, Plus: Cops In The Rough, And Ayala’s Inspiration

Friends of state senate candidate Anthony Musto dodged a bullet on Tuesday. The fact that the Democratic Party’s endorsed candidate achieved just 40 percent of the vote in Bridgeport shows just how split the party structure is these days.

Official returns show Musto with 997 votes in the city to opponent Marilyn Moore’s 1,500. Musto more than made up for the losses with nearly 80 percent of the vote in hometown Trumbull. What gives?

Residual impact from last year’s mayoral primary between Bill Finch and Chris Caruso and the March battle royal for control of the party between Mario Testa and John Stafstrom. In small primary events, splits can make a large difference. Mario needs tweezers to pick up the pieces.

When I look at the numbers the most troubling aspect for Musto is the city’s North End, home to strong middle class Winthrop and Blackham precincts. Historically, appealing candidates such as Musto were tailor made for the North End. Paging Tom Bucci. Paging John Fabrizi.

Musto and Moore ran basically even in Winthrop, but Anthony got croaked in Blackham.  I expected Moore, a hard campaigner, to run well in Central and Black Rock where she was supported by operatives for dethroned State Rep. Bob Keeley and in precincts she shared with State Rep. Chris Caruso who campaigned for her. But there was no state rep primary in the North End. (State Rep. Jack Hennessy, aligned with Caruso, also supported Moore.) Musto ran next to Congressional winner Jim Himes, who mauled opponent Lee Whitnum. It shows how choosy voters can be.

Musto was fortunate that Moore had no friends in Trumbull.

It appears party leadership in the North End cannot guarantee the endorsed candidate in a primary. That creates opportunities for future opposition candidates, as well as GOP officials such as Congressman Chris Shays and State Senator Rob Russo to pick off some Democrats.

Black Rock District Leader Danny Roach has a history of delivering his candidate. On Tuesday it was Auden Grogins.

South End District Leader Mitch Robles, who helped produce a big win for party endorsed state rep candidate Ezequiel Santiago on Tuesday, has firmly established himself as a proven producer of votes.

The more they deliver, the more they elevate their stature in the party.

I’m grateful that OIB has built up a nice following the past few months, with many new readers and posters. For the first time, since inauguration of the registration system in March, I’ve had to delete or edit posts because a small minority has unleashed filthy name-calling and bizarre accusations. OIB allows a lot of critical latitude toward elected officials. I’m more concerned about the stuff being said about rank-and-file city employees. If you don’t like what they’re doing you’re free to say so, but let’s reel in the smut. Thanks!

Cops Flip Mayor The Birdie

So, city cops, never a marvel of public relations sophistication, decided to picket the mayor’s charity golf event today because the mayor wants to control overtime spending during a financial crisis. They’re also not happy that the mayor wants them to forego raises. What did they think, Finch was going to serenade them with coffee and donuts after his election? I’m with hizzoner on this one. What say you?

Ayala inspires community, see press release below:


HARTFORD, CT- State Rep. Andres Ayala (D-Bridgeport) awarded a $100,000 check today to ASPIRA of Connecticut during a presentation at the organization’s offices in Bridgeport. This funding will help ASPIRA enhance after school club activities and programs to ensure that more students get access to a post secondary education.

Rep. Ayala stated, “I am pleased to present this check to this outstanding group of ASPIRA board members and their Executive Director, Vincent Siberon. As an educator, I have witnessed the services that this organization delivers to our youth. I’m delighted to support these types of programs and initiatives and look forward to their continued success and commitment to our community. ASPIRA is an organization that is tried and true. They have one heck of a reputation and they are an incredible organization, with all of that it makes it easier to plead your case to the individuals that are in leadership in Hartford that we need to do more. My goal is to continue working on behalf of the children in my district and in the state of Connecticut to find ways to bring the programming that ASPIRA does that is so successful, to those in the
community who need it.”

“Rep. Ayala made a great case on behalf of ASPIRA, and why their good work deserves this commitment from the state to help fund some of their programming,” said Speaker of the House Jim Amann (D-Milford). “By helping young people reach higher and gain confidence, their contribution to the community cannot be overstated.”

ASPIRA’s Executive Director, Vincent Siberon, said “This funding to ASPIRA will definitely put a boost into our programs allowing us to better serve Bridgeport’s students with enhanced academic preparation activities designed to give our kids awareness and access to college courses and the careers of the future. Through our after-school project-based learning, community partnerships, and a rigorous after-school curriculum, we can foster the academic growth and leadership skills that will help youth tackle the critical environmental issues facing our planet and the challenging social problems in their community. We thank Representative Ayala for his desire and commitment to help Bridgeport’s students become successful students and the future leaders of the city and state.”

Council President Pro-Tempore, Daniel Martinez, said “Thanks to the work of Rep. Ayala, ASPIRA can continue to provide the services that mark the lives of many people in need in the City of Bridgeport. It is great to know that we have such a fine representation in our State and local governments working to secure a stronger and brighter future for our children.”

ASPIRA of Connecticut fosters the education and positive leadership development of Puerto Rican/Latino and other youth. We are able to provide services through community-based programs that focus on academic achievement, cultural awareness, college preparation, and leadership development.



  1. I have seen a lot of democrats on here saying they are voting for Russo. And I also plan on voting for Russo. If Moore had won (she won bridgeport so that’s what really counts for me) I would have voted for her but this guy neglected Bpt and that just shows you what he will do if he gets elected. So Russo will be the only republican I vote for. And many democrats I know will vote for Russo; my whole family plans on voting for Russo now. Everybody is saying they’re voting Russo. I don’t like republicans but Russo will do a better job for Bridgeport than Musto. But I thought Moore was the best out of the 2 but I’m stuck with Russo. So vote Russo.

  2. I am amazed that Musto had no one working the polls on election day. I walked a lot of Bridgeport with Musto so I know he put in some effort here. Sometimes inexperience in putting together a working group that knows how to work on election day can lead to ones downfall and it almost happened to Musto. Moore who ran a great campaign had experienced people working for her and it showed in her results. Moore just could not thru no fault of her own get out her vote in the suburbs. I think that both candidates ran a clean and hard-fought battle unlike the blood bath in Black Rock and in the South End.

  3. Not to discredit Musto and his campaign, here is how I see things went down –

    The Bridgeport Democratic Town Committee got sick of Nancy DiNardo and the Trumbull crew’s bitching and moaning about the State Senate seat being in constant control of the Bridgeport Delegation. So, the Bpt DTC decided to throw them a bone in the form of endorsing Anthony Musto (Trumbull’s Treasurer). They figured he would be a weak-enough candidate that he would lose to Russo in November and then they can continue to endorse the people they wanted.

    Moore came along and stuck a thorn in the side of this plan and people got scared.

    The Bridgeport DTC got scared Moore would be an ally to the progressive (anti-machine) delegation consisting of Gomes, Caruso and Hennessy amongst others. But their internal Testo/Stafstrom feuding and focus on other races to sink Caruso and maintain Keeley essentially made them lay down on Musto.
    (Side note, Stafstrom got scared he would lose his bond work in Trumbull.)

    Nancy DiNardo got scared she wouldn’t get her way and that the town she chaired for 20 years would lose representation and reputation, thus diminishing her power.

    In Bridgeport on election day, there wasn’t much anyone could do for Musto, Moore just out-campaigned him. But in Trumbull, DiNardo went menstrual and cracked some heads to bolster turnout.

    Many people had concerns that we would see foul play at the polls in Bridgeport. But I think for once, we can’t point our finger at Bridgeport politics…this primary election lay solely on the shoulders of Nancy DiNardo.

  4. Russo better start packing his bags. Even if a few ignorant. Misguided democrates vote for born with a silver nipple his mouth Russo Musto will still beat him bridgeport and Trumbull. The only Thing Russo cares about in bridgepet is how to make more money. His father owns half the land and is a very profitable landlord. If any things this rich single republican can in anyway help the people the are wrong Russo was against raiseing minimum wage health care and wanted to take awaymoney

  5. crackberry1

    Please carefully reread your last post and then ask someone to explain to you what you just said. Then have that person explain what you said to the rest of us. It’s not too late to sign up for remedial English in the Bridgeport Adult Ed Program. BTW Fabrizi assumed the leadership of adult ed this year. God help those who strive to learn…

  6. Well…let’s look at this rationally.

    Yes, crackberry1 definitely needs a few lessons in English grammer.

    However, he/she? did touch on something that underlies Bridgeport politics.

    A vast majority of the power-hungry politicians in this City seem to believe that they can get elected and exploit Bridgeport residents. Making wads of cash for themselves and their friends.

    We are so used to being overtaxed and underrepresented, that every time a new official gets elected, there is no shock when these actions continue.

    They look at Bridgeport and see a population with heavy State Funding and a disproportionate ratio of taxes to public services. Then they pounce!

  7. I think Musto has a problem. In the special election to fill Finch’s seat unofficial machine totals show that Russo carried Trumbull 2,236-893, and Monroe 546-216. Granted Mulligan didn’t run the best campaign but Russo was able to make property taxes the big issue and link Mulligan to both Finch and Ray Baldwin’s very unpopular tax increase in Trumbull and this killed Mulligan. Who knows had the Moore campaign done the same, as some inside the campaign had suggested, she too might have won.

    In any event, Russo definitely will try to do this to Musto and unless Musto can find a way to counter this issue, I think he has a real problem.

    Add to this Russo’s base of support in parts of Bpt. and things could get very interesting there too even with Obama’s coattails.

  8. All of this Monday-morning quarterbacking is a mildly pleasant diversion. Bob Keeley did show some grace by congratulating Auden Grogins on her victory, although if the Post reporter asked him on Tuesday night he would’ve said a few less-than-flattering things about her. Or maybe he left it to Chris Caruso, a man that is convinced that no one elected to high office in Bridgeport actually got there on his or her own merit.

  9. I’m finding it sad that so many personal vendettas are getting in the way of an amazing website that the political junkies from this great city can come to and get information and give their opinions…let’s clean it up and stop the racial and personal attacks!

  10. So the party heavyweights can’t deliver. It means that the party is out of sync with its membership or the machine can only deliver when city jobs are on the line or that the leadership paid lip service to the State Chair. None of these scenarios play well for the Bridgeport Democratic Party.

  11. So Joe Celli is out of a job in New London, does that mean we get him back ?
    I really hope not, I think we should follow in the footsteps of New London.
    Put the Black Rock non Art center back on the tax rolls.

  12. Musto is from Trumbull. Mulligan was not. He got screwed over. DiNardo won’t let that happen to Musto. Senate Dems will work hard to get that seat back. Musto would be a veto-proof majority if the rest of the senate stays the same. So people who call themselves democrats should remember that.

  13. Bugsy 123 :

    When I read in a previous post that someone was attacking Jewish people…and reading all the personal attacks on other posters…I jst felt it needed to be stated to clean it up…yes politics is a dirty game and this great forum allows us to express our views against or for our public servants…but being clean about it while stressing views isn’t to much to ask…is it???

  14. crackberry1 – You may be right. But as Baldwin’s Treasurer, how does Musto counter the property-tax charges that Russo is sure to bring against him?

  15. Crackberry1
    What veto-proof majority?
    With the exception of the minimum wage (which was supported by 2 or 3 Republicans) the Senate couldn’t override a veto even when Finch was in that seat. The veto-proof argument is as weak as the Senate Dems who won’t vote to override.

  16. Crystal Balls: It seems as if you want to take the subject about the dirty union politics that is going on in the city of bridgeport. You speak as if it has nothing to do with the taxpayers of bridgeport. This topic is very much relevant to this website ONLY IN BRIDGEPORT. The taxpayers pay the salaries. Taxes are going up and jobs within the city are taking up most of that money. The little people are being laid off while new made-up positions are being filled with friends.
    The police union was on the front page of the ct post. So YES I do think union politics can be discussed in a clean manner on this site.

  17. I wish all the candidates would remove their campaign signs that now litter the city. Perhaps they should be forced to post a bond refunded upon removal of their offal signage.

  18. Hi, I’m a frequent reader of this blog, but felt the need to post about the things being said about Russo. I have been a resident of Bridgeport for 55 years and used to work at St. Vincent’s way back when Russo’s grandfather was there. I’ve known the family for many years and have to say I disagree with what’s being said about them not caring about the poor or middle class. They are certainly wealthy, but have always given back to this city. The grandfather did a lot for St. Vincent’s and the community. Russo’s father has also done a lot with Swim Across the Sound and other charities in Bridgeport. So, I think the Russo family has always been sensitive to the needs of the disadvantaged and I think their family business is one of Bridgeport’s best.

  19. Russo is but the first of what I hope to be a long string of politicians committed to the people who seek public office. Salcedo would have been another good addition. Machinists are having a great deal of difficulty maintaining their grasp on the city. Great things will happen to this town once the real serious investors see that the Testa crowd has lost its power. No one of any real ilk would come into a “Pay to Play” city. I’m looking forward to our future. I hope we see more concerned citizens running for office. I bet Hubler would win if he tried.

  20. OW

    No. The Finch/Stafstrom machine is absolutely worse than the Testa crew for the very simple reason that Finch is not intelligent. This guy is rapidly making Mary Moran look like Thomas Jefferson.

  21. Grin why don’t you quit bitching about your own party and do somethings positive for your party, you twit.

    Russo may be a nice guy but votes the wrong way. All but one of his votes would have harmed Bpt if they had passed. It is issues, stupid, not whether you want to have a beer with the person. That’s what got Bush elected.

  22. I am happy to see many of my fellow Democrats supporting Russo. Moore would be a better pick than Russo and a lot of Dems said that but Trumbull voted for the man who really cares for the rich and that’s Musto. Russo has been involved in the Bridgeport school in which he reads to the kids in Bridgeport. He lives here in Bpt and has done way more community work in Bridgeport than Musto did. And finally I think I and John from Black Rock are on the same page because I think he supports Russo.

  23. Crackberry,
    Where does this anger come from? Lighten up. I made a statement of fact about the bogus veto-proof argument and you flip out. I did not say I was supporting Russo but from everything I saw in his lit he is a conservative Democrat who would be about the same as a liberal Republican. Flip a coin. Bridgeport does not end up ahead.

  24. You know…what it all come down to is Russo is simply not handpicked by the machine. I think he is focused, dedicated and has the best interests of the people he represents in mind. I realize that these are personal qualities in a politician that we have not seen for a very long time. Therefore, it’s not unusual for the hardcore dems to be a little bit afraid of what this guy has and will accomplish on our behalf.

  25. Anyone who calls themselves a democrat and votes for Russo ’cause he reads books to children is really missing the point. Bush was reading to children on 911. Anyone want make the argument he was a good leader? John with you being a progressive dem, not supporting Musto is shocking. Also makes you in lockstep with Stafstrom who said he wouldn’t allow anyone from Trumbull to have that seat. You are all thinking like that idiot.

  26. Well let’s say Musto and Russo are close issue-wise (I disagree) but if so you still need someone from the majority party to be effective. Committees and legislation are controlled by dems. Why do you think Gomes was on 5 committees? Dems did it to keep Russo off the powerful finance committee which Bridgeport needs. Guess where Musto would go with his finance background?

  27. Will somebody please tell me when I said I was supporting Russo? I seem to have missed it. Read my posts on the importance of a solid Dem. majority at the state and federal levels and then tell me who I’m supporting. Rob’s a good guy and he’s helped me out on some neighborhood issues but he’s also voted against an increase in the minimum wage.

    Unless someone can prove to me that Russo will be better for working people than Musto and will stand up to the Governor on these type of issues, I’ll be supporting Musto. Although I would have much preferred Moore.

  28. I admire CB1’s advocacy for Musto, but the fact is Russo is going to win Trumbull and Monroe. Republicans in those towns flock to the polls during presidential cycles. The question becomes how close does Russo run in Bridgeport? Russo won Winthrop and Hooker in the special election, and stayed close in many other Democratic precincts. Russo securing funds for the ed audit has built goodwill with long-suffering taxpayers who want to know where ed dollars are being spent. But I expect that Obama’s presence in November will juice a larger Dem turnout in the city, so that should help Musto. But Anthony has a lot of work to do in Bridgeport, judging from his underwhelming performance in several city precincts.

  29. John from Black Rock I see what you mean now. I would have preferred Moore too. I was just angry how Musto ran his campaign in Bpt. As of now I’m voting for Russo but that might change from here to November. I really can’t see myself voting for a Republican but if it comes down to that I will. But like I said Musto still has a chance to get my vote but I need to hear what his plans are for example the high taxes I see my parents have to pay and how people in Bridgeport are living paycheck to paycheck, make our education system better and streets safer. Those are all issues I want him to focus on. Because Rob lives in Bridgeport and he knows the taxes we pay and about everything else but if Musto can have a good plan to do that I’m more than willing to vote for him. But as for now I’m with Russo. But like I said I’m more than willing to vote for Musto if he talks about the bread and butter issues that matter in Bpt. Because in the primary he was only talking about issues that matter up there in the suburbs. Bpt has more needs and problems that you need to address.

  30. LennieGrimaldi did Musto win any precincts in Bpt? Why don’t you just post the precinct numbers? Musto has a lot of convincing to do in this city because if he thinks Trumbull and Monroe will make him beat Russo he is out his mind. Trumbull and Monroe will vote for Russo in large numbers.

  31. Lennie it almost sounds like you are advocating for someone who advertises on your blog. I always thought you to be a neutral person. I just mean I don’t see you posting for other candidates and I find that troublesome.

  32. Hey John from Black Rock, normally I would completely agree with you, but isn’t an increase in the minimum wage a terrible idea with the rate businesses are leaving CT right now? I remember when the Post had that article on all the small businesses that were leaving the state and the numbers were staggering. We need to fix that problem and an increase in minimum wage definitely won’t help. So Russo was probably doing what he thought was the best way to bring money back into this city.

  33. crackberry1, Oh man a Trumbull guy on a Bridgeport blog promoting Musto to Bpt; whoa, just what the Musto camp needs. Anyway crackberry1 I bet you plan on voting for Shays and McCain.

  34. John from Black Rock: this post is about Musto-Moore and Ayalas inspiration…but the bloggers are concentrating on the former not the latter…Bpt. needs to realize that Ayala is a force in political circles here and in Hartford…and not even 40 yet.

  35. Que Pasa Jive Turkeys. I am a TRUE BLUE democrat and as much as I am not sold on Musto I will cast my vote for him. Musto is the lesser of the two evils.

    Kudos to Andres Ayala. It’s amazing that as a Freshman Legislator he has brought back more $$ to Bridgeport than folks who have been up there since B.C. I see him taking the bull by the horns and emerging as a real force up there in Hartford.

    Shame on the Bridgeport Police Union. Times are tough. They ought to lead by example and cut back on the fleecing of the Bridgeport Taxpayer.

  36. Why is the Democratic Party so bent on defeating Russo?
    1. If Russo doesn’t win, the democrats will again have a veto-proof majority in the Senate. The Democrats (House and Senate) enjoyed two years of control over Rell’s power. What did Bridgeport get for it? What issues did the majority solve? Had Rell not put the brakes on spending six months ago and instituted a hiring freeze, we (ct.) would not have an $85 million surplus.
    2. If Russo wins, Bridgeport will have an opportunity to see that Republicans do have the capability to do a better job than the Democrats have done so far. The Republican party will have another (Shays being the first) viable candidate for mayor in the future.
    3. Democrats know that if Bridgeporters elect more Republicans to represent them in Hartford, the Republicans will be able to bring home the bacon in a shorter period of time with transparancy when it comes to where the money is going. The $250,000 for the auditing of the Bridgeport BOE is an example of how Bridgeporters can get results by electing a Republican.
    4. I can only count to four with my left hand, so I’ll finish with this observation. The Democrats in Bridgeport have jumped on the NObama bandwagon calling for “Change” while on the other hand asking the voters to keep them despite their record of corruption, favoritism and failed policies. They want it all–to control the Senate, House, the Governers office and as a cherry on top, they want to get rid of the only Republican House Representative from Bridgeport, Chris Shays.

  37. Joel- The day Rob Russo slicks his hair back and looks as cool as Mitch Robles is the day I will vote for him. Since that day is never go pound dirt.

    I’m pretty sure the only place you would be taken seriously is outer space. Even then it’s only a matter of time until they figure out that you are nuts. And by a matter of time I mean Tuesday.

  38. Lennie:
    Can you share with us your opinion on the “Gender” factor (You mentioned the “Jewish” factor) if any regarding the Keeley Grogins race and the Moore Musto race.
    I’ve spoken to some Trumbull residents and asked them why they did not support Ms. Moore.
    They all said that they needed to hear “Moore” on her positions.

  39. Eddie Palmed me already wrote:

    “Joel- The day Rob Russo slicks his hair back and looks as cool as Mitch Robles is the day I will vote for him. Since that day is never go pound dirt.

    I’m pretty sure the only place you would be taken seriously is outer space. Even then it’s only a matter of time until they figure out that you are nuts. And by a matter of time I mean Tuesday.”

    So that pair of nuts you have in your mouth belongs to Mitch Robles.

  40. So glad I wasted my time asking for a kinder and gentler website that stopped this childish b.s….damn children…behave or it’s time out room for youz.

  41. Lennie:
    Should the Bridgeport Police Officers send all those criminals who will benefit from a lack of police protection to your li’l town?
    You are handling the public relations matters of Sal DiNardo. Ask Sal DiNardo what is the main concern of prospective tenants for his properties in Bridgeport. I spoke with him and he made it clear that crime is the #1 concern and others have said the same. Shelton is safer than Bridgeport and this allows developers there to rent their buildings quickly. Shelton businesses attract good workers due in part to their location in a city with a safe reputation. What message is a city known for “Pay to play” sending when they refuse to pay the Police?

  42. The Primaries are over and the political season is in high gear; Joel G is back to multi-posting and the nastygrams are escalating ; could life be any better? The ire and vitriol are at record paces; friends are few and enemies are everywhere. But you’re blogging at OIB: so set your brain at “zero” (wink) and glide — the conventions are ahead of you. Speaking of which…

    I hope this blog becomes a forum for the upcoming Presidential election. After all, it IS politics and it WILL impact Bridgeport.


  43. Hey, voters need to get off that, “I’m voting for that person ’cause they’re a Democrat” or “Republican” syndrome. And start voting for a candidate because they feel he or she can make a difference regardless of party. That’s one of the main reasons Bpt. is in the shape it’s in. I’m a Dem. but I will be voting for C. Shays who has big senority & respect in Congress, knows the real deal on the Mid-east crisis and resides in Conn. Not a young silver-spoon fair haired, well-to-do, southern Fairfield county white boy that’s never had any real hardships in his life and woke up one morning and decided that he would like to be a Congressman! Also if Russo was in my district, I probably would vote for him after what we’ve been used to! It’s time for some changes people, not the same old follow the political party song & dance led by selfish personal gain & nepotism-minded committees that contribute to this city’s problems in general. Remember your vote counts so use it wisely!

  44. Mojo- First you need to learn how to spell and use proper punctuation.

    Second I know you like to bring up the point about nepotism and selfish personal gain as a veiled attack on Mitch Robles.

    Do you honestly think that he is the only one using the patronage system?

    What about your boy Bob KKKuwen? His wife works for the city. I am sure he has a few cousins and friends getting a paycheck from the city including you Mr. Parks Department!

    Talk shit now.

    You think Rob Russo or Chris Shays haven’t hired a friend or a family member or have had them get jobs elsewhere because of their political standing? Be Real.

    Mario Testa knows that the fabric of Bridgeport Politics is patronage. Change is never coming to this city. It’s a pipe dream. People build their wealth here and leave. It’s a cycle that hasn’t ended and won’t.

    Why cry sour grapes when you got knocked off the gravy train? You were a soldier that was right in line with us and now you want to be an ANTI-party guy. I’m not buying it.

  45. Local Eyes:

    I’m sure you’ve heard the expression, “Your wish is my command”. Eddie Palmed me already, told me to, “go pound dirt.” I gladly pounded him.

  46. Chris Russo–I don’t believe you can have real economic growth and not pay working people a living wage. I feel for small businesses and I’d favor tax breaks and other incentives to help them. But allowing them to pay substandard wages is not the way to go.

    This country had its biggest economic boom as a result of good wages and benefits. This is what created the huge middle class of the post war period. We are now rapidly racing to the bottom and the gap between the rich and the poor is going back to what it was in the 1920s.

    I don’t pretend to have all the answers to our economic woes, but I do know this country only thrives when workers are paid a living wage with benefits and we cannot fix our economy by driving more and more people into poverty.

  47. Lennie:
    Speaking of the police demonstration at the golf tournament you say: “What did they think, Finch was going to serenade them with coffee and donuts after his election? I’m with hizzoner on this one. What say you?” – I too say that Finch is ABSOLUTELY right. How dare they demonstrate when they are taking home salaries with overtime amounting to over $100,000.00+ per year. And they insist on a contract that would guarantee a continuation of such thievery?? I hope the mayor shows his determination to reign them in. – God help the poor taxpayers of Bridgeport. They are raped at every turn.

    Cranberry1: I’m sorry to see that you have so much to say about Russo’s being “rich”. In this country of opportunity I see nothing wrong with people’s working hard and accumulating wealth. Were it not for such people, I hate to think of where those who live on welfare, generation to generation, would be. It is the taxes of the wealthy that keep these “poor folks” on the dole.

  48. I don’t think that it is appropriate to demean Russo for the fact that he has a few bucks. From what I understand, he earns every nickel he makes.

    I have a few bucks. When I was young I didn’t. God gave me the brains to figure out how to do it and my country gave me the freedom and the environment in which to do so.

  49. John LaBarca

    I just got an email from the Station Manager at LaBarca’s new gig. Apparently Johnny is back on Sundays from 9am till noon with “John LaBarca’s Italian House Party”. Buona Fortuna fat man. I hope the signal is strong enough from Norwalk to reach my home in Bridgeport.

  50. I’m back. Just returned from vacation and I’m feeling rested and relaxed. I see that people had a feeding frenzy against me while I was away. I won’t comment because I, too, would like to see this blog get back to a kinder friendlier place. If I got carried away before I left then I apologize. Stress will turn you into a person you don’t want to be.

    Anyway, I was saddened to see that Marilyn Moore lost. I truly think she was the better candidate and would have served Bridgeport well. I’m not so fond of the company she keeps (Caruso, Hennessy), but I won’t hold that against her. She is a strong woman with some strong beliefs and I’m sure she’ll be back. Maybe she should run for City Council. We could use a rational voice there. Does anyone know what district she lives in?

    I am not faulting Musto for his failure to turn out the votes in the city. He is one person. I am faulting his campaign staff for not getting him out there. He’s a nice enough guy but few in Bpt have ever met him. Between now and November he needs to get out there. Do the churches and the community centers, the senior events, the parks and beaches. He has a nice family, cute kids. People will like him if they get the chance to meet him. We need that veto-proof majority!

  51. “Living Wage” and “Affordable Housing” are two terms out of touch with existing realities. Both represent wishful thinking; both are championed by the underclass; both help the bottom and not the middle; both smack of affirmative action; both are a slap in the face to pro-market theory; both require political help and worse of all, both are flagrant acts of socialsim which is very, uh, un-American.

    There’s only one thing worse than socialism and that’s SELECTIVE socialism.

  52. Hi all, now that things seem to have gotten a little calmer on here, I decided to post once in awhile, and I see a few new people on here. Things were going too far with some of the postings and some of them were pretty bad. First of all, congratulations to all the winners in the primary. Next thing is the police showing up at the mayor’s charity golf event. That was not the right thing to do, if they wanted to get their point across they should have done it at city hall, not at this event that was for charity. Well, I’m off to work, have a good day everyone.

  53. I think the police demonstration yesterday was a bad move. The only sympathy they got was from other police officers, many from other towns. The Ct Post said that officers from as far away as New London joined the picket. Sorry but that means nothing to Bpt voters.

    Chief Norwood contends that he can cut police overtime in half. The union says that would jeopardize public safety and so they voted a “no confidence” in the chief. I highly doubt the chief would risk public safety because that would reflect badly on him. The cops just don’t want to lose their overtime which has become a second income to many of them.

    I respect our cops and they are truly some of the finest. And I like the new toys: monster cars and trucks, mobile command center, segways, quads, horses. But they can’t have their toys and big overtime at the taxpayers expense. And they should not be exempt from furloughs and cutbacks at the expense of other city employees. There needs to be some give and take here. At least until we get over the hump.

  54. “Stress will turn you into a person you don’t want to be”

    What a JOKE!

    “Caruso Hennessy” hated today and loved tomorrow. Mayor Finch Loved today and hated tomorrow.

    Political Addict, please make up your mind on who and what you support! Stop playing both sides of the political process so that you can come out smelling like a rose.

    Maybe a wise decision is to free yourself of politics and stay out of the game all together.

    Also if you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen! My opinion is you break under pressure. How good can one be at “representing” if stress makes you a person you don’t want to be? Please think about your comments and threats to other people on this blog, and the stress you have caused them.

    I too am glad to see that this site is back to normal. However, with your history of personal attacks and flip-flopping on this site, I for one don’t accept your apology.

    Maybe you should apologize to the people you have attacked both professional and personal!

  55. Local Eyes – If the country keeps going in your “pro market” “get government off my back” direction, pretty soon there won’t be a middle class to worry about. The USA will be a third-world nation and just how “American” is that?

  56. Political Addict:

    You are pro-union? “WOW” Now I will have the pleasure of watching you again hang yourself about the overtime crisis in the P.D.

    Right, or Wrong, Someone pro-union should keep their comments to themselves about labor issues or disputes from another bargaining unit.

    I am confident, the Mayor, Chief, and Police Union will at some point work out their differences, and continue to protect and serve!

    You comment about “all the toys” the dept has whether it be the segways, horses, motocycles, etc. May I remind you that these units were management decisions and not that of the union!

  57. Ploitical Addict how’s that layoff list going? Did you get all of the employees who you dislike on it?
    Yahoohy-Please repost what the feds told you regarding the layoff threats made by Political Addict.

  58. I think that this year’s state delegation is very interesting. Although you lose Keeley’s seniority you also lose Amann who was a Caruso/Keeley guy. It looks like Donovan is real close to Ayala and Clemons. Donovan would probably like to get Santiago and Grogins on his good side. I don’t know where he stands with Caruso and Hennessy.

    I would like to see more money come from Hartford for Education and for crying out loud let’s get the Congress Street Bridge fixed!

    I would hope that Mayor Finch can have a sit-down with the new state rep delegation and have them collectively work on 3 top priorities and get them done.

    Ayala, Clemons, Santiago and Grogins are all friends of the Mayor. Let’s see if Caruso and Hennessy stop being crybabies and work together with the rest of the crew.

  59. Eddie,
    This is Bridgeport so this is how it doesn’t work. The Mayor sits down with the delegation and tells them what he wants. If they don’t like it; too bad. This is what happened with Fabrizi and this is what is happening with Finch. And this is why nothing happens with Hartford.
    It would be wonderful if Finch sat down with the delegation and collectively they decided what the priorities should be.
    The mayor doesn’t give a damn about the Congress Street Bridge. The mayor doesn’t give a damn about access to Pleasure Beach. The mayor wants to dump as much money into the Seaview Avenue corridor a.k.a the road to nowhere because the businesses want the city to take a lot of the properties that they contaminated and take them off of the hook. This was Finch’s job with BRBC and he is still working for them.
    The motto of the city should be “Self Service over Public Service.”

  60. I just received notice and think you all should know of attempted break-ins at residences in Lake Forest. Whereas the notice is voluminous it reads as follows:

    Date: Fri, 15 Aug 2008 22:05:56 EDT


    To All Lake Forest Block Watch Members/Neighborhood Residents:

    Between 10:45 PM — 11:00 PM last evening, Thursday, August 14, two adult males were observed by a Lakeside Drive resident attempting to gain access to three homes through garage doors.

    The two males operated as a team, one on foot, one pushing a bicycle, with the one on foot attempting to open the garage doors –despite the activation of security lights — while the other one remained with his bicycle in the street, serving as the “look-out”. …etc…

    It ends as follows:
    At least two calls were made to the Bridgeport Police Department via 911 and the Complaint Number; no police response to the calls can be confirmed…”

    Great Police Department we have!!! Guess no overtime was involved!!!

  61. I have to agree with Bridgeport’s Finest: there are way too many personal attacks on this blog. We could be doing something more. A bunch of political junkies getting a fix is all fine and good. Discussing what’s wrong–and what’s right–about Bridgeport politics is also well and good. There is a lot more that we could be doing. I’m not a bleeding-heart liberal by any definition, although my political philosophies are firmly to the left of the center. The public education system in Bridgeport is a broken machine that needs to be repaired. As it is, we have one of the highest dropout rates in the northeast. This only ensures that Bridgeport will have a permanent criminal underclass. Larceny and drug trafficking appear to be viable career choices to young men with poor reasoning skills, no marketable job skills and no employment prospects.

  62. “OutreachWorker // Aug 16, 2008 at 1:06 pm

    Ploitical Addict how’s that layoff list going? Did you get all of the employees who you dislike on it?
    Yahoohy-Please repost what the feds told you regarding the layoff threats made by Political Addict.”


    yahooy // Aug 14, 2008 at 8:38 am

    It’s no secret that POLITICAL ADDICT really pissed me off the other day when a threat was made to include someone on the layoff list simply because POLITICAL ADDICT disagreed with that person’s political positions.

    So. I called the federal authorities to inquire as to whether or not POLITICAL ADDICT’S threats constituted a violation of federal law. This is what I was told:

    The law is only broken when the threat is actually carried out. If the person to whom POLITICAL referred was actually placed on the layoff list as a direct result of POLITICAL ADDICT’S insistence, then the law would, indeed, be violated and many, many people within and without the current mayor’s administration would be liable for criminal prosecution.

    I subsequently learned that another aspect of federal law is violated by POLITICAL ADDICT’s threats. The person to whom the threat was directed had his or her CIVIL RIGHTS violated on a broad range of law. The fact that a threat was published, albeit anonymously, does nonetheless impinge on the object of the threat’s rights with significant punitive consequence.

    I urge whomever POLITICAL ADDICT threatened to initiate appropriate action. We are a nation of free people. Our very freedom and rights have been paid for and continue to be paid for by the blood of too many of the finest men and women to have called themselves Americans. It is outrageous that an ignorant political sycophant can violate a person so egregiously simply because of differing political opinions.

    We need to rid the political process of those who use their authority for their own personal gain. I think we have begun to do so. I would hope that more people like Russo and Salcedo will step up and push the embedded machinists aside.

    There is no room in an honestly managed municipal government for someone like POLITICAL ADDICT who perceives an imaginary self-importance and actually interferes with good order by threatening employees with the loss of employment unless they follow machinist edicts.

    This one is going to stay on my screen for a long time. I want justice and I want our municipal government rid of people like POLITICAL ADDICT even if it means half the employees are removed. At least the honest other half will be able to work in an environment where productivity and initiative are rewarded with something other than threats of unemployment.

  63. John from Black Rock:

    The American middle class has already vaporized and splintered America — being middle class has become the new status symbol. Some argue that we’re a third world country today complete with $10 trillion debt and “super-sized” spending habits. It’s ironic that this has happened during a Republican President’s term.

    But I think America is ahead of the curve not behind it.

  64. Local Eyes – Bush and the Republicans have done exactly what conservative Republicans are supposed to do – Perpetrate class warfare on the middle and working classes, ignore the poor and concentrate more and more wealth at the top.

  65. John FBR just for the fun of it I have a counter argument. The democrats have controlled congress for 2 years or more and have done exactly nothing. It was a democrat that chaired the banking committee (Dodd) that allowed all of the funny business with mortgages. This guy did absolutely nothing while hardworking people lost their homes to forclosure. He did nothing as the banks screwed people with interest rates that would have made a loan shark proud.
    Now Pelosi is against offshore drilling and many other proven methods of energy that do not meet the green standards.

  66. Wondering – See my posts on the need for a solid Democratic majority. This is particularly true for the Senate where a super majority of 60 is needed to get anything done. 2 years of a slim Dem. majority is not a fair measure of what could be done with a Democratic president and a solidly Democratic Congress.

    Lord knows I’ve had problems with the Democratic party. A lot of them have been too timid to stand up to Bush and the conservative Republicans. Historically, though the Dems. have been far better for working people than the pro big business GOP. I’m hoping that with a large enough majority Democrats will return to their liberal roots and take bold action to turn this country around.

    At the risk of belaboring the point, I’m a Liberal Democrat. I believe the Federal government can and should be instrumental in bringing about positive social and economic change and yes, even environmental change. (I don’t think offshore drilling is the best way to go either.) I’ve had enough of the era of small government and small ideas. We need to remember we are the party of FDR and have the courage of our convictions.

  67. It’s interesting to see that Sal DiNardo owes the city of Bridgeport $17 million in back taxes he has no capacity to pay. His delinquent properties should not be developed because the remediation expense he so arrogantly thought he could ignore will not go away. Therefore his only choice is to turn the properties back over to the city and walk away. Should he be allowed to walk away? Surely not! While he was the “owner” of these properties he enjoyed the full services of the city (sic) in protecting that property. The fire and police respond to all properties regardless of tax status. I think he should turn the property over to the city and remain liable for the taxes.

  68. John from Black Rock:
    I suggest that you rethink the “solid Democratic majority” concept. – You should see what it has done for Bridgeport. Solid Democratic or Republican majority is always a danger.

    Bridgeport Kid:
    I’m far from a political junkie. I just tell it like it is. Bridgeport’s finest aren’t so fine. They hold no allegiance to you or the City. Remember that most of them live outside of the City. You may recall one of the reasons that the Roman Empire fell was because it depended upon others to protect its borders.

  69. So Con, are you saying that all towns and cities should only employ residents as police officers? Then there would really be a shortage. You have to be a very brave man or woman to be an officer in Bridgeport or Bloodport as I have heard it called. Just think of the danger compared to working say in a town like Devon. Yes there are crimes everywhere but not as often as in Bridgeport.

  70. Con – Without a solid Dem. majority there no real change will occur at the federal and state level and we desperately need change.

    Here in Bpt. party labels mean little or nothing. Most of the City Council, the BOE and the rest, including (now that he’s mayor) Bill Finch have no real political ideology. That is why I have supported the occasional GOP candidate (Donna Curran being a good example) and will probably do so again. However, at the state and federal level, we need Dems.

  71. John thanks for the reply. I have to disagree on a super majority. While it’s true with a veto-proof majority you might get more legislation and bills passed than now I am not sure that would mean we would get any relief. This congress that sits now has a lower rating than the president. They have really not even attempted to pass any meaningful legislation that would help the working class. They won’t even pass any type of legislation concerning illegal immigration.
    While you might not want offshore drilling it is the fastest way to get energy independence and allow us to work on alternate systems that will take longer to develop and make work properly than offshore drilling.
    The days of FDR are over the people in the US are different today than they were back then. Today people are into instant gratification and instant change. I venture today the voters would have voted FDR out of office for not ending the 2 wars with in a few weeks. Well that’s it for tonight. Have a great Sunday.

  72. Back in the John Mandinici days, all employees had to live in Bridgeport or at least have a Bridgeport voting address. That’s how the police and fire contracts got out of hand. When the police and firemen were happy, you were guaranteed their votes and their family members votes as well. Mandy was no dummy.

    A few years later the state legislators ruled the residency requirement unconstitutional. That’s when everyone moved out. When all the employees lived here, they had a greater investment in the city’s financial stability. Many don’t care now. They get all that they can get and then they leave.

  73. Thanks for the FBI info, Yahooy. That’s good to know. Several people have gone over the line here. Myself included. I recall a posting a week or so ago by one of the union chicks that said that Tony D would be back to work and would be seeking to retaliate against the workers who told the truth about his dishonesty. I believe her exact words were “Payback’s a bitch.” I’m real glad that the FBI has a copy of that posting too. And wasn’t Bill Hicks threatened on this blog as well? Didn’t someone want to meet him at Two Boots and kick his ass? So glad that the FBI has that one too. Thanks again, Yahooy. Your information was extremely helpful.

    People in glass houses…

    Let he who is without sin cast the first stone…

  74. Edith Pals-merry:
    As far as Mr. Park is concerned, it’s only a temp. summer job for #90 days. And yes, personal gain & nepotism is not new to politics but it doesn’t mean it’s right either or should be abused! Also Mr. Curwen’s wife is the only one, for #20yrs. working for the city @ this time. And Mr. Curwen is & always has been a stand-up guy,and if you really knew him like I do, you would not be bringing up his name or be making any KKK assumptions. As far as Shays & Russo’s patronage is concerned, I can’t speak on what I don’t know; so I won’t assume any rumors on your behalf to be true. Getting knocked off the so-called gravy train is one thing & being kept in the dark while plans for a back-stabbing @ a secret meeting are made by people you thought were your friends are entirely two different things! Anti-party are your words, not mine, I’m still a Dem. but vote for the right person for the job not just because they’re a Dem.! That’s just one of many problems with the party today & why it’s not united as it should be. And last but not least, who died & made you the spelling “B” Queen Pitussa???

  75. Well look who is back good ol’ Crystal Balls. Once again I have to comment and ask why you continue to bring up this Tony fellow or these union chicks? Do you have a personal agenda towards these people? Or are you the the person who has made allegations towards this person which didn’t seem to pan out?

    You are grasping at straws now! Are you that desperate to ruin these people that you will go to any means necessary to do so? Or are you trying to cover up a BIG can of worms that you opened, which again I repeat has “BACKFIRED”.

    I personally have heard a lot of good things about this Tony fellow. One being dedicated to his work, and fair and transparent towards his employees. As a result he has faced “EVIL” disgruntled employees” of which have had political ties to start him on his “PAID” vacation.

    For what you and political addict, and In the Know have said about this person both professionally and personal with no retaliation tactics thus far, I doubt retaliation will be on his agenda when he returns to work.

    I’ll bet he will hold his head high and give a warm welcome back with a big smile on his face, knowing justice was served, thus being back on the job to continue to serve the Admin, the dept, his employees, and the wonderful residents of Bpt.

    I’ll bet this Gentleman will expect his employees to do their jobs, as they were hired to do. I would also bet he will work with his Management team to end the intimidation tactics for sake of all the good city employees.

    Let’s face it crystal balls, nothing you can do or say @ this point holds any weight. The more you comment, the more you reveal your identity, and the more you continue to hang yourself. With your constant attacks, it sounds to me you are the disgruntled worker who is jealous and wishing maybe you had the top spot!

    Remember this: A person’s hard work speaks for itself, not your big mouth! Also, news travels fast, and 80% of the city’s workforce already know who was behind the attack on this Tony fella. They also can put 2 and 2 together about these union chicks!

    So with that said, I wish you Mr. & Mrs. S a wonderful evening!

    Yahooy: Again, thank you for your blog about Political Addict. You have my utmost respect, as well as many other bloggers on the OIB web site. Maybe now you can hold those same comments for good ol’ crystal balls!

    As for this Tony fellow, congrats on you being reinstated to your job. You have had an abundance of support. Your hardwork, loyalty, and dedication to the COB have cleared your good name. Many People who have given you respect before, give you even more now! Pls do not let this ignorance detour you on your hardwork and passion for this city. You will climb that ladder of success, and you along with your Supervisors will make Public Facilities the best dept it can be!

  76. Political Addict talking about residency being a requirement to be a police officer or city employee. LOL! I’ll bet Political Addict lives in Trumbull who is also employed by the COB!

    flip-Flop-Flip Flop

    I am really enjoying this Political Addict, and crystal balls. I have been laughing my ass off with the lack of intelligence you have shown. Keep up the postings; I for one am enjoying the both of you on how stupid you really can be!

  77. Mr. Hicks, LOL. That’s what people should do when you begin your personal attacks. You want people to spar with you so that you can be entertainment for this blog.

    It doesn’t work, people know what you are all about which is to start trouble behind a computer screen.

    Now that sounds like a real billy-bad-ass to me, and my, he lifts weights too! I am so impressed. Ya know, that guy who you commented about? Rumor has it, he is pretty good at holding his own too, but he doesn’t hide behind a computer screen and talk shit.

    Talk is cheap. Have fun pounding your keyboard! Bad Ass!

  78. Mr Hicks, a little reading material for you while you are working out…

    “I’m grateful that OIB has built up a nice following the past few months, with many new readers and posters. For the first time, since inauguration of the registration system in March, I’ve had to delete or edit posts because a small minority has unleashed filthy name-calling and bizarre accusations. OIB allows a lot of critical latitude toward elected officials. I’m more concerned about the stuff being said about rank-and-file city employees. If you don’t like what they’re doing you’re free to say so, but let’s reel in the smut. Thanks!”

  79. The Bridgeport P.O. rally of the Connecticut Post/Bill Finch charity event was fair game. The Connecticut Post had no problem writing and publishing the story and the police union gave $400. I wonder how much Finch and his high paid staff gave? Police and Firemen can not go on strike and they are left with few alternatives. I have questions that need to be answered. Why haven’t the other Unions gone on strike and will they ever? Why didn’t they call members to join the police union on the rally? Do the other unions prefer the administration targets certain specific members for layoff again? Are the other unions negotiating behind the scenes with the administration to allow them to target certain city employees for layoff just as long as the union leadership’s prefered ones are left alone?

  80. Public sector employees are prohibited from striking by state statute. It is common for mayors to turn to the General Assembly for assistance in making changes to the rule of law pertaining to binding arbitration as an example.
    Has Finch done this yet? I’d bet that this type of action will soon be announced as it is a way to get concessions from the unions. If or when the unions refuse to give concessions and the mayor approaches the Legislature to modify collective bagaining agreements and gets it passed, this will affect all unions statewide. So it is important for all Bridgeport unions to “unite” as one.

  81. What if the state takes control of Bridgeport’s finances?
    What could happen with Bridgeport’s labor agreements if the state were to take over?
    During the last session of the General Assembly, there was one bill introduced that called for the establishing of panels with the authority to abrogate (Silly Kitty: this means to repeal or make void) labor agreements. The bill would have also placed caps on municipal budgets which would leave little or no money for wages and benefits and would increase the chances of layoffs. Few if any of our legislators know about these things and they could end up voting in support of these types of bills in the fututre. I would not vote for a bill intended to fix problems due to poor planning and mismanagement by municipal administrations.

  82. Once again the personal attacks are rearing their ugly heads…anyway…here’s a vote for the teacher’s union negotiating all city contracts…somehow someway their workers do half a year’s work and they have the best contract and lowest co-pays in the city.

  83. Joel; No matter what the legislature passes they can not modify signed contracts. There is already a system in place to deal with contract impasses and it’s binding arbitration. It’s up to the unions to present a clear and concise reason why they deserve a pay raise or other sought after benefits. If they do a poor job they will lose; conversely if they do a good job they will win. The key to winning in binding arbitration is to not go in with pie-in-the-sky demands.
    Back in the ’70s the Fire Department chose not to take a furloughed week and 4 firefighters were laid off. They went on unemployment and the union made up the difference between their salary and unemployment. In reality layoffs rarely produce the savings sought by the city as they are forced to contibute to unemployment benefits.
    Letting city employees move out of town was a stroke of Political Genius. The employees in effect gave up any political clout they had when they moved out of town. The employees now have no leverage with any mayor as they can not vote in Bridgeport thus they can not hurt the sitting politicians.

  84. Joel — YES! You got that right! If you go back and read Political Addict’s threat to people who post on here that she believes are “union chicks” then you will see she threatened to have them on the layoff list. She can’t be talking about me because I am a dude not a chick. And then Yahooy posted the info he received from the feds re: her threat of layoff. INTIMIDATION FEAR TACTICS are going on heavy in the liuna union. And we all know that VS fights for whats in her best interest not for her members. Many of us now see the truth. If only you can see how most of the health dept staff is being treated around here lately. UNBELIVABLE!
    What Joel said is so true. The unions won’t speak up because they have secret deals going on with the admin.

  85. Crystal Balls, We are not talking about threats to kick someone’s ass as you stated. Yahooy asked the feds about the threats of retaliation tactics, threats of laying people off of their jobs because of opinions they have. Don’t try to turn it around.

  86. It’s really too bad that some of you people hate each other so much. It must be really hard to work together every day. I don’t know who are the good guys and who are the bad guys, but I hope someday you can straighten everything out.

  87. Outreachworker:

    Thank You for speaking the truth! One would think they would stop the bleeding on themselves. Knowing how they are I guess maybe I would be grasping @ straws, if I were to believe they would somehow find a way to act their age.

  88. City Kitty,

    It’s not that God doesn’t like ugly (he may have a preference for it as He made so many plain people). I think God doesn’t like mediocrity.

  89. Hello everyone:

    Anybody up for a ferry ride on Tuesday? Seems VS and the rest of the supervisor staff from the health dept are hosting an “on the ferry meeting” during the day on Tuesday. Tell me how everyone is fighting for their jobs, and taking furloughs while the others get to play on the city’s time?

  90. Municipal workers are prevented from striking by state law — I think they should be prevented from having unions, too. This would make their contracts competitive on a town-by-town basis. But as everyone knows, I do not make laws around here.

    American workers have seen their wages decline for over thirty years. Yet Police wages have risen every year. Their current contract has generous terms and I support Mayor Finch who’s working on behalf of Bridgeport taxpayers.

  91. According to Scott N. :
    “It’s a great thing for the city that Keith didn’t sell his mayoral ticket.”

    Finch has certainly been a great asset to the city.

  92. By way of introduction, I’m Lennie’s cousin and the webmaster for this site.

    Lennie asked you politely to rein it in. Some of you have seen fit to ignore his request. Some others have been drawn into the fray.

    Until you can get yourselves back under control, I’m temporarily requiring that every comment be held for review and approval before appearing on the site.

    I have also reviewed the last day’s worth of comments and deleted those that are over the top. If you had a pearl of wisdom buried in there that suffered collateral damage, please feel free to repost it. (I’m only enforcing civility. I’ve lived in New Hampshire for the last thirty years, so I’m about as neutral to Bridgeport politics as you can get.)

    Remember, your First Amendment right to swing your fist ends where my nose begins!

  93. We needed to register for this site and with that comes responsibility. Some of the comments are just awful and some people do not know when to quit. I would suggest those who go over the top be banned rather than just deleting the comments. This isn’t a democracy, this is a blog where serious people want to discuss serious issues and maybe, just maybe help the City be the better for it.

  94. I think almost everybody will agree with that. All the haters who post the threats and the nasty comments back and forth to each other need to form their own blog. Plus it’s the same old insults over and over. I don’t enjoy reading it.

  95. After a nice weekend get-away, I decided to tune in and saw that some posters had been tuned out. Guess I missed out on today’s mud-slinging, although I read some from the previous day. Some of the comments were indeed over the top and redundant and slanderous as well. The attempts at “exposing” each other’s identity was also distasteful. Hell, I had only been posting for a week before someone tried to tell me I’m a woman, etc. Not that I cared, that was tame compared to some postings, but the implications about other posters were absurd. Reading about the guy Tony, the “union chicks,” etc., repeatedly meant absolutely nothing to someone like myself who doesn’t know these people, but it was pretty repugnant. I’m pleased to see things got cleaned up.

  96. I’d like to post my comments on what I heard about the Bridgeport Police demonstrating at the mayor’s charity golf tournament. Now that was absolutely horrendous conduct unbecoming to those who pledge to protect and serve. Picket and demonstrate against him at City Hall, but for God’s sake have enough common decency not to disrupt a charitable event. If the Bridgeport police are truly getting $9 million a year in overtime, then Chief Norwood and the mayor have to put a stop to the bloodsucking for the taxpayer’s sake. Norwood is nobody’s fool and a decent man, he hails from New Haven, so I know that to be a fact. Both he and your mayor need to dig their heels in and put an end to it. Where are your Police Board members on this issue? This matter can’t possibly get their blessing and their intervention should be forthcoming as well.

  97. On another matter the police had $8 million in OT, 472 officers and all they came up with for a donation was $4 hundred. Less than 85 cents apiece; mighty generous.

  98. The saga of the “Tony fella” is inconceivable. Prior to your posting above, I’ve been wondering what all the hoopla revolving around him was. If what you’ve stated is actually factual, it would appear a criminal investigation is warranted. What a pity for Bridgeport.

  99. Webmaster, I wonder if the only side of the Tony fella story is the rancid propaganda, bullshit is a better word, that you will allow on the blog. What I entered yesterday is the real story. I’m not going to try and enter it again because you and Lennie have chosen to silence the truth over the lies of the other bloggers. I don’t mention thier names because after all their rancid lies which you allowed you have decided to get religion. It’s like that old sexual joke when one person is doing something sexual to another person and he says I’m (with objection) going to give you 1hr to stop that. Well you gave them 1hr and you silenced the truth. Tell me what was wrong with my posting, that you allowed for a couple of minutes and removed. I know I stopped well before your nose with the truth. Waiting for an answer.

  100. Hi Ray:

    I think many here might agree with me when I tell them how I refer to you when you helped me out several months back when Lennie asked you to.
    Lennie thanks again for “The Ray of Sunshine”.

  101. Wondering wrote:
    “Joel; No matter what the legislature passes they can not modify signed contracts.”

    You’re wrong! the legislature has the power to repeal, amend or pass new legislation. The legislature can approve any law they see fit. In case of a state takeover they can pass legislation establishing municipal oversight panels and give them the power to do whatever they see fit.
    They can give an oversight panel the authority to abrogate existing labor agreements.
    Binding arbitration is not what it is cracked up to be. For example, if an arbitrator rules in favor of a Union, the city can appeal the decision and get another hearing. If the same arbitrator in the same hearing rules against the Union, the union cannot appeal. So much for “binding”.

  102. Lennie:

    Wasn’t the purpose of this blog to let people “Pry Open the Juicy Stuff”? Let them pry Lennie. The juicy stuff may be sour for some and sweet for others. If I pry some sour stuff here, no one is obligated to eat it.
    Let’s Pry!

  103. Yahooy:

    I find the response from the FBI interesting. The threat has to be carried out in order for it to be a violation. However, if someone files a complaint, the FBI can go to a Federal judge and seek a warrrant to wire tap (a roaming one too) to listen in to what is going on. We all know what happened in the Ganim investigation and how they intercepted conversations of the plot to take the project from Alex Conroy and the civil suit that followed. Political Addict opened a can of worms that can lead to some serious trouble. Way before Political Addict revealed the inner workings of the administration regarding vocal city employees, I suspected that those kinds of tactics were real and I knew in January that by April or May of this year I was going to be targeted for layoff. In the event that the feds rear their pretty heads again, I would be interested in what was being said of me.

  104. Eddie’s Pal’s Merry: You apparently are a loyal Robles party member unable to think nor react for yourself without marching orders from your local masters. And as blogged before, who died & made you “Queen-B-Speller” for a day? I may make mistakes from time to time on my blog spelling; however, the message to the madness is always to the point & clear! As far as my temp. summer job with parks & rec.; I submitted an application in early May like everyone else. Yet mine had to get the official okay from the present admin. since I’m not a loyal party member in good standing anymore like yourself! Also you’re right, personal gain & nepotism are nothing new in politics; however, when it starts to affect the community & voters in a negative way by shutting them out completely & those picked to run for office are not qualified, nor do the job they took an oath for! Then there’s something wrong in the process & the way it’s being projected to the unknowing public. Plus, what goes around comes around sooner or later! Remember, you can fool the people some of the time, but you can’t fool them forever!


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