The Great Caruso’s Sour Note

State Rep. Chris Caruso, who lost the Democratic mayoral primary last year because of a flawed campaign strategy, says his buddy in the legislature Bob Keeley went down Tuesday because of Mayor Bill Finch’s political revenge.

Oh, yes, overtaxed city voters were pining for the polls to vote Keeley out because hizzoner was supporting Auden Grogins. Keeley supported Caruso for mayor last year.

Mourning the loss of Keeley’s seniority to the media, I don’t recall that the Great Caruso was worried about Keeley’s status when he challenged and defeated Keeley in a primary many years ago after Keeley had been in office eight years.

If Caruso was so concerned about Keeley’s seniority, why didn’t Caruso, who had a relatively easy primary, unleash his people to help Keeley on primary day? (In fact, Caruso swiped some workers from Keeley’s own district.) If Caruso was so concerned why didn’t he recommend Keeley use Sue Katz, one of the finest direct-mail consultants on the planet, to handle his message? If Caruso, who hired Katz for this election cycle, had used Katz in his mayoral campaign Caruso would be mayor. Katz would have made sure Caruso talked about something other than his myopic corruption message.

Keeley lost for the same reason as Caruso: a flawed campaign strategy. In fact, everything had to break just about right for Grogins to win, including the leap of faith that Keeley missteps could open the door.

Keeley enjoyed all the luxuries of incumbency, a powerful bonding committee position, free taxpayer-paid mailings, a speaker of the house pitching all that he did for his community, the support of a reinvigorated Democratic Town Chairman Mario Testa (although I’m not sure how much Mario, in the end, weighed in for Keeley).

I paid a lot of attention to the Keeley-Grogins race because I saw how hard Grogins was working. She began door knocking the Central precinct, Keeley’s home turf, in April. A lot of people, including me, had told Grogins that Keeley would be hard to beat. The blonde banshee went about her business talking to voters anyway. “I’m killing myself knocking on doors,” she’d say.

Eventually, all the pieces for a Grogins win came together: a hard-working candidate, an effective direct-mail campaign by media strategist Matt Fitch, a surgical campaign operation that identified pockets of voters that could make a difference. Jewish voters on the West Side, unaccustomed to voting in recent legislative primaries, roared to the polls for Auden’s Exodus.

To illustrate how choosy voters can be, most campaign operatives supporting Keeley were supporting state senate candidate Marilyn Moore. Moore beat her opponent Anthony Musto, the primary winner, by roughly two to one at Central. Keeley managed a small win at Central while Grogins won by larger margins in Black Rock School and Longfellow where District Leader Danny Roach ran an effective primary day operation. Finch was smart not to insert himself in the primary in areas hard hit by the recent tax increase. Instead, he helped Grogins on primary day in rental areas where he has standing, the West End, urging voters to the polls. It helped.

All of this, coupled with Keeley’s lack of message and an organizational breakdown primary day led to Grogins’ victory. Keeley’s never been a surgical campaigner. He just throws everything against the wall to see what sticks.

Keeley has shown a lot of class in his public response to his loss. He’s not pointing fingers as Caruso so often does.

Food for thought: Keeley has a line on the November ballot per endorsement from the Working Families Party. Some supporters are encouraging him to take it. Keeley has scheduled some rest and relaxation before he makes a decision. His chances would be slim in November, but you never know … Keeley likes to have fun.

Hey, I’m hearing that Cougar Rodgerson may be wrestling tonight at Baldwin Plaza. Check this out: www



  1. I know a thing or two about notes. Caruso should be glad that he won his primary. If Bill Finch would have campaigned with Auden in Black Rock Keeley would still be the State Rep. Caruso needs to Shut the Fuck Up and keep eating fried foods and drinking lots of soda.

  2. I’m so fed up with Chris Caruso that I’m going in for political bariatric surgery. Keeley shows his dignity, grace and class and once again Caruso proves he is an ass.

  3. yahooy:
    I applaud your comments about POLITICAL ADDICT. City employees must appreciate very much your research about addict’s evil ways.

    I don’t know if I would believe Mayor Finch would listen or involve himself in the process of laying off people just because POLITICAL ADDICT said to do so or because he/she simply has a hard-on for someone. I do believe there are people in the political process with the intent to deliver evil or try to get even because of jealousy or intimidation tactics.

    The political rhetoric needs to stop @ the steps of city hall. When a person reports for work, they shouldn’t have to fear losing their jobs because a union official (in this case) plays both sides of the political process to reap the benefits for herself and her posse!

    Again, I applaud your comments, and appreciate your efforts on how to put an end to Political Addicts for GOOD!

    All City Employees deserve better. They shouldn’t have to dodge bullets, they should work with the means to serve the people of this city!

  4. Chris’ comments take away from Bob Keeley showing that he is a good sport. He could have been helping Bob during the primary with such rhetoric but not during the post mortem. Bob said we lost fair and square and I agree.

  5. In my next life I want to come back and be the Maint. director for the Bpt board of ed!!! Only here can you sink Hartford into state control…come to Bpt 7 months ago and last month spend the whole month on vacation in Europe…and work for two weeks and go back on vacation!!! And these are the Hartford connection that would love to bust the unions and privitize all the board of ed workers!!!…only in Bridgeport!!! The summer rush to get the schools ready has been on and the boss is on vacation more than he is in our great city.

  6. All I have to say is I am always right about election numbers. And everybody has been saying I was right. I knew Auden was picking up steam at Central. Keeley only won Central by a small margin–18 votes. Anyway why is Chris saying it’s the mayor’s fault? At the end of the day the voters chose Auden over Keeley. Just like they chose Finch over Chris. But I have a feeling Keeley will still run in November. Anyway Lennie can you get the numbers for the state senate race? I want to see how good Moore did in precincts across Bpt.

  7. Bpts Finest:

    I heard that story about the boss coming here and then going on vacation to Europe. Sources say he’s a hands-off administrator. Keeps his hands off so he can’t be blamed!

    Just how many administrators from Hartford do we have in the BOEd? They did a job there and looks like history is repeating itself here. Where’s Ramos…looking for a job somewhere else?

  8. I’m not sure where the Super is…but I do know that with times tough and layoffs and so-called reorganizations that left the board without a painter and a maintenance supervisor (now working for the New Haven school system) who got things done in the schools…the suit and ties are off for months at a time enjoying the sunshine out of this great city…while the union workers bust their butts to get the schools ready and learn the new schools that are opening…while being totally short staffed!!!

  9. Hmmmm…just one more thing about our Board of Ed management…I read somewhere that Hartford’s up-and-coming rising star and landslide winner state rep Andres Ayalas’ position as dean of students was eliminated putting him back into the classroom and out of a position where he was helping all students not just one classroom…wow…talk about biting the hand in Hartford that feeds the cash to BPT!!!

  10. Hello. Anthony Musto here.
    I would just like to congratulate Marilyn Moore for doing a great job in this race. She was gracious throughout the whole campaign. There were no negative attacks from either side. We stuck to the issues that matter to the people of the whole district. She told me she would work with me to take the seat back in November. We need good people like her in the Democratic Party and the government at all levels, and I hope she does decide to stay involved.
    But the results of the primary didn‘t change anything for the people of the district or the state. We still have high tax and energy bills, healthcare and education concerns, and the challenge to foster economic development and job growth. We can’t afford to keep losing companies like Syntex Rubber that have been doing business in Bridgeport for many years. We must work together to solve our problems.
    I’m looking forward to talking about these issues in the next 12 weeks. I hope I’ll have the chance to speak to many of you and hear what you have to say. Thanks.

  11. Anthony J. Musto, why are you concerned with Bpt now? You were not concerned about us on primary day so why should we be concerned if you win? On primary day you were only worried about Trumbull and Monroe. So I suggest you do the same for election day too. Because Bpt will vote for the hometown boy who is Russo; he is a better option. If Moore had won I would have voted for her in November over Russo but since Trumbull voted for its guy, I’m voting for a Bpt guy who is Russo. I wish Shays was a li’l bit more like Russo but he is not. Vote Himes.

  12. Hello to all my friends and foes!!! Esp. LENNIE, WONDERING, JOHNFROMBLACKROCK, TOM KELLY and all the CATS!!! It’s been awhile, working nights sucks!!! I’ve kept an eye on the blog though, bunch of new characters!!! I can’t wait until I can blog more!!! I’m sure some of them will love me and hate me!!! I just had to comment on fat-ass CARUSO crying and whining even when he won his own race!!! What a shithook!!! And SILVA, acting just like CARUSO!!! Blaming the town committee for his loss!!! Like he even had a clue or a chance!!! PAOLETTO shouldn’t have dropped out!!! He might not have won either but I’m sure he would have gotten a lot closer!!! ANDRES did a great job making LYDIA look like an even bigger fool!!! I was surprised about KEELEY!!! You all know I hate AUDEN, but she won so I’ll leave it alone!!! MOORE surprised a lot of people!!! I don’t know her but heard great things about her!!! I send my regards to my friends and to my foes I’ll be back!!! Hey anyone know about PAOLETTO leaving the council??? Heard few rumors!!!

  13. Joel Hater–
    How come Caruso never got a batch of that tainted spinach from a few months ago. What an assbag.

    When you look at entitlement Carlos Silva should be the definition. He thinks he is entitled to everything. City Council President, State Rep, Senator, Pet Detective.

    What work has he done for the party? Hmmm NONE! Has he walked for any candidate ever? He doesn’t even work for himself. Let’s see, Rich Paoletto wanted to be Council President and boom Carlos threw his hat in the ring. Rich wanted to be State Rep and Boom Carlos threw his name in the ring.

    Hey Carlos. Rich is thinking about leaving the council. Follow his lead and do the same. The Taxpayers of Bridgeport should rejoice!

    Carlos isn’t even smart enough to get humble and work hard.

  14. Keeley doesn’t have to leave public service with two election losses. He should go out now with dignity and grace. He has served and now it is time for change.

  15. Keeley got what he deserved and the best is coming. I wouldn’t vote for him if he ran for Dog Catcher in Waterbury.

    Dignity and Grace?? Hardly, how about selfish and ineffective and self serving.

    When his legacy is considered what is there of prominence to mention.

    Instead we have open questions as to his interpretation of right and wrong.

    What cell phone law??? I was only doing 5 mph!! Do you know who I am?? Typical behavior of the self aggrandized. Too many people like him making our city what it is today. One by one. It’s a good start. Too bad it took so long.

  16. Joel Hater–You sound like a good friend of mine. Speaking of Joel Gonzalez. Where has he been? I rubbed Dennis Scinto’s head and I got the election results for the 130th District State Rep race in November.

    Santiago: A lot of Votes. Gonzalez: 205 1/2 votes.

  17. 41,338 registered Dems in Bridgeport. That is a huge bump up this year; and there are many more people still registering every day in the city to become a Democrat.

  18. Hello again to my fellow progressives –

    This election has shown us that a perfect storm has been brewing in Bridgeport and it will continue to brew in November and beyond. There is a level of divisiveness within the Democratic Town Committee, mostly concerning Testo/Stafstrom factions, that is shedding light on Bridgeport problems…and more importantly, what has caused these problems. And now we are seeing that the Finch administration is not only not fulfilling its campaign promises, they seem to have an air of entitlement about them which seems to be somewhat vindictive in nature…Black Rock Arts, Steel Point, Affordable Housing, Cops and Keeley.

    This divisiveness creates the opportunity for progressives to step up and take over. Say what you will about Caruso, but he has the ability to take charge of this task…so long as he does not lend his cynicism and paranoia to future progressives.

    Speaking of future progressives…where are they? It is high time young people take charge and get involved. Many of us are dissatisfied with the people in power currently. Barring death, the only way to change this is to vote them out. And don’t tell me Rodgerson is a young progressive…despite his Harvard degree, he is a sell-out and can only be compared to a smart chimp with down’s syndrome.

    I have issues with Keeley, but I supported him because he was a major player in the progressive delegation in Bridgeport, but I do feel he was losing touch. Grogins, I have heard nothing but bad things about her in the education, legal and governance community. When her father made it up to the Superior Court, they didn’t know what to do with him because he was so inept. Hopefully Grogins won’t follow in those footsteps.

    Caruso, we all knew he was going to win big…except for him. If he had relaxed a little bit, his resources could have better served Keeley.

    Ayala, best organizer in Bridgeport. He knows how to run his campaign and doesn’t listen to self-proclaimed so-called “experts.”

    Moore, I am ecstatic about! Wow! I think we all know she is not going away in the political realm, and when she finally gets in, we are going to have an excellent voice.
    I am not sure whether the perfect storm of Obama and Himes will be able to carry Musto to victory, but I am apathetic when it comes to the choice between him and Russo.

    Bottom line, it is time for progressives to continue to rally together and brainstorm for next year. We need to turn around this City Council…Perhaps Keeley and Moore would like join my main man Bob “The Troll” Walsh (the only decent council member) on the Council. The Council is the root of our problems. $287 Million dollars was sent down from Hartford last year specifically for Bridgeport Education. But our City Council took a large chunk of that away from Education to fill the coffers. Yet our property taxes are still rising. Our children are failing school and our teachers need help. Our police need the tools to protect us. The Council and Finch hired a contractor from Miami to develop Steel Point and now that agreement is stalled because the contractor is under at least 50 indictments for illegal hiring practices, sub-par building code construction and other legal disagreements. Finch needs to come clean and back out of this deal so we can get the ball rolling again.

    With aspirations of Hope for Bridgeport,
    Blue Donkey

  19. What do you expect, it’s Bpt. politics; which means the winners become voter nightmares in due time and the losers always find someone or something to blame! The only way to make things better would be to have @ least #2 strong political parties and whomever is not doing their job, voters replace them come election time! Also voters would vote for the individuals that they felt could do the job, rather than just voting for a political party. Oops, guess I got a bit carried away there with the wishful thinking, etc. “Your Fault”!!!

  20. yahooy – you surely summed Keeley up in a nutshell. I remember him years ago when I lived in Bridgeport. He was as poor an excuse for a legislator then as he is now. God only knows why, but he always had a very high opinion of himself. I just heard about the cell phone story Tuesday night, typical of him. His loss is Bridgeport’s gain.

  21. donj–it appears you don’t have much by way of political expertise. You seem to keep focusing on your candidate’s loss rather than what will benefit Bridgeport and the Democratic party. Your biggest concern seems to be the winner’s affiliation with Trumbull and presuming he is rich. No one has more money than the Russo family, they are rich beyond your imagination. I remember the father and the grandfather (doctors) from many years ago, probably before you were born. Don’t think the son will have any compassion for the poor and middle-class people in Bridgeport, he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and he certainly can’t relate to the average person’s needs. He’s already proven that with his actions in Hartford by voting against an increase in the minimum wage. Why would you as a Democrat be willing to vote for a Republican in the first place? I think you need to rethink your opinion before you vote for him in November, he’s of no benefit to anyone in Bridgeport.

  22. Hey donj, don’t listen to the genial Velvet man. The problem with lefties like Velvet is they think government should spend its way out of everything. Hence, Connecticut leads the nation in taxes. Russo has done more in just a few months than those other knuckleheads in the state legislature. Velvet, stop attacking Russo’s family. Take a couch, please.

  23. Blue Donkey – Welcome back. A run at the City Council sounds good to me. Let’s take a short post-primary break and then it’s time to get to work. 2009 could be our year.

  24. Connecticut needs to clean house with all these republicans from the Governor on down. My mayor (for 14 years) John DeStefano would have been a far better choice. I certainly hope he considers another run for the governorship. It’s time to start now by dumping Chris Shays, who, by the way, is back in Iraq, every democrat in Fairfield County needs to vote for Jim Himes. Time for a democratic sweep in Connecticut.

  25. Summer – I’m not attacking the Russo family, just simply stating the facts as they are. You are ad-libbing, I never mentioned a word about governmental spending in any capacity. If anyone should be liable for Connecticut’s tax status, it starts with the republican governor. Where does all that casino money go? And the overinflated tax on gasoline? Connecticut citizens should be far better off than where we are at this point.

  26. I think Velvet Underground is a fraud. I think she is one of the blogger’s alter egos. A legitimate clinical psychologist would not be blogging here with some of these idiots. Sorry, Velvet, I just don’t buy it.

    Mixed feelings on the police overtime. I have a lot of respect for our uniformed officers but I do think they’re milking it. The police OT line is consistently over budget. Some of these guys are doubling and tripling their salaries. Not right. And not right for other employees to take furloughs and bite the bullet (pun intended) when the police continue current practices. Much better if many people give a little rather than a few people giving a lot.

    Anthony Musto – how you doin? Glad to hear from you but I advise you to read but not post on this blog. They’ll tear you apart. Many of these people are not rational thinkers (present company included). They get their kicks by verbally attacking others and they make up stuff just to sound amusing. You don’t need to have your professionalism attacked here. These people have no respect.

  27. “And don’t tell me Rodgerson is a young progressive…despite his Harvard degree, he is a sell-out and can only be compared to a smart chimp with down’s syndrome.” ala Blue Donkey.

    What more can I say?

  28. Crystal Balls – I’m sure many other professional people write on this blog, and why not? Should you and your counterparts have all the fun? And trust me, I’m not a “she.” Not that I have to prove that to you or anyone else. Read what you wrote to Anthony Musto and take your own advice by not getting your kicks by verbally attacking others or making irrational assumptions.

  29. Velvet underground:
    Most of the money from the casinos goes to the four largest cities, one of which is your city of New Haven. Without that money your mil rate would be out of sight.

    And yes, Summer Wind, Rob Russo has done much in the few months of his tenure and is deserving of our support in November. His obtaining the necessary money for the BOE audit was a monumental achievement. Hopefully, we’ll see some results of that soon.

    I’m reading lots of post-primary nonsense and I’m wondering when we are going to devote some time to more important issues such as: the 19.3 million dollar deficit the City faces, the collection of taxes from the prime tax delinquents such as Don DiNardo, grand larceny by the Police Department in overtime, progress if any on the condo development of the Remington property, whether Magic Johnson has lost interest in Bridgeport, and why hasn’t the Steel Point developers put up the 4.5 million dollars necessary to consummate their deal with the City, etc.
    How about it folks???

  30. Agreed, Con Filardi, but our mil rates are still astronomically high in spite of it. Do you residents of Fairfield County ever wonder why your gas prices are 10-15 cents per gallon higher than ours in New Haven? I noticed that the other night when I was in Bridgeport. Zone pricing should be eliminated, and the state tax on gasoline is outrageous.

  31. Velvet – point taken. And you be whomever you want to be. That’s the beauty of the blog. And I am really a nice guy. I was negatively influenced by the gutter-mouthed union chicks (aka Tony “I never met a timesheet I couldn’t falsify” fan club.)

    And Con I agree with you 100%. We all joined this blog because we care about BPT. Maybe we need to pledge to keep this site clean and topic-specific. If people feel the need to trash others than they can go to Bill’s new blog. I will take that pledge myself.

    And is the deficit $19.3 million? I hear it is so bad that the finance people can’t even get a firm number. The anticipated revenue is not coming in and the expenses (police ot, etc.) are out of control. The legal fees for the Conroy defense didn’t help either.

  32. Crystal Balls – I am what I am, no reason to pretend being anyone other than myself. I read and post on this blog purely for enjoyment’s sake. Because I lived in Bridgeport up until 8 years ago, I still care about the city and the many friends I still have there. I remember some of the old-time politicos, but have no knowledge of most of those whom you others post about, let alone union chicks or the Tony person. I remembered Lennie Grimaldi from the Bucci administration and when I found out he had a blog from a friend of mine, I took interest and began reading it. I began to post no more than a week or so again – at my own risk. I’m not intending to rile anyone up or to be inflammatory in any way; just having a little fun like the rest of you. I listen to a lot of problems and sadness from patients during the course of my day, and once I leave the office, I like to keep it lighthearted. No offense to anyone intended.

  33. Blue Donkey–I was reading your post #25. Why isn’t anybody talking about another impressive win from this past Tuesday?

    Andres Ayala totally destroyed Lydia. He had all of the odds stacked against him. Let’s start with what he was facing:

    A stunning defeat in the Town Committee Race.

    Uncle Tito and Santa Ayala working against him.

    Ralph Ford working against him.

    Mighty Mario had given the endorsement to Lydia.

    Gus Curcio lurking in the background.

    Paul Ganim and Vinny sticking their nose into the East Side.

    Bob Curwen contributed to Lydia’s Campaign.

    Andres still kicked their ass. He must have had a good group of folks working for him.

    Smart move by Lydia sending out pictures of her with the Town Committee after TC member Pat Ricketts got busted for selling bootleg cd’s and dvd’s.

  34. Hi Velvet U, I’m as liberal as liberal gets, and as reluctant as I was to get behind a republican senator, I was 100% sold on Russo when he pushed the audit of the school system through. There’s nothing more important than education, and the schools need to be accountable for every dime we give them in taxes– because for whatever the reason, our kids aren’t getting the education they deserve. Russo is trying to make the schools accountable for the money they spend, because, as it stands right now, that money doesn’t seem to be going to the kids or to teacher salaries. For me, it’s been a good lesson in partisanship– I have to vote for the person, not the party, and Russo’s got my vote in November.

  35. These elections certainly didn’t reflect well on Mario. He lost some big ones in Andres/Lydia and Auden/Bob. Seems like his power is diminishing. In recent years no one would dare go against the Dem TC. Now everyone is doing their own thing regardless of what Uncle Mario says .

    Mario is spitting bullets because Finch backed the non-endorsed candidates. I frankly am glad that Finch showed some backbone. I am happy to have a mayor that doesn’t get his marching orders from the kitchen of Testo’s.

  36. Mario can blame the citizen’s elections program all he wants. It’s still a crock of shit. The only races that impacted was the Silva and Chico/Salcedo race.

    Silva thinks that raising money means tying dollar bills to a helium-filled balloon and letting it go at Beardsley park. The same goes for Salcedo/Chico.

    Lydia was an incumbent two years ago and got outraised 20 thousand to 10 thousand by Andres.

    I am sure the elections program hurt Auden because all of her JEW friends would have raised her 100k.

    I wonder if Mario is looking forward to the ’09 council races.

  37. Personally, I think the new public financing laws helped even the playing field and reduced the influence of the traditional party power brokers. They were certainly still important factors but their fundraising power was removed, and organization and message became the determining factors in who won and who lost.

    This year, for the most part, the best-run campaigns won, not the best financed.

  38. Chris Caruso is absolutely absurd. How can anyone support this bag of wind? Auden won fair and square. Caruso just isn’t happy unless he is starting trouble and stirring up negative connotations. He is useless in the statehouse and has no support. He never does anything to unify the party, or, anyone else for that matter. Get the hook!

  39. Hey Hicks – Take your anti-semitic BS the hell out of here. If you’re trying to be funny it’s not working and if you’re being serious you just need to go away.

  40. Public financing of campaigns makes perfect sense. In doing so, no candidate is obligated to do the bidding of a large contributor after being elected. Kind of cleans things up, wouldn’t you say?

  41. velvet underground – Lee Samowitz is alive and well and still residing in Black Rock. Several years ago he lost his seat when reapportionment reduced Bpt.’s number of state rep. seats from 6 to 5. He could have primaried Keeley for the seat but he chose to bow out instead. Every now and then there are rumors that he will run for something but so far nothing has materialized.

    I’ll reserve my comments on Lee and the job he did as a a state rep. until such time he actually chooses to run for office again.

    Bill Hicks – Good enough. Please lose the Mr. S.

    Bill Hicks and his jewish rant, very bad form, just shows his I.Q.
    Read what Con Filardi wrote # 37. These are issues that we must address.

  43. Black Rockin- If you are a good Christian person I hope you can forgive me for my Jewish rant.

    Wasn’t Lee Samowitz the original Worst Legislator in the State award winner? It was later named the Hector Diaz, Jr. Award.

    We should come up with a Worst Councilman Award. Anybody have any nominees?

    I would like to nominate


  44. Silva

    Who’s the worst?

    Calling it a 3-way tie would be a copout, but it is an extremely close call. Let me give it some more thought and I’ll get back to you.

  45. Crystal balls:

    I can’t seem to figure you out. You complain about the people attacking others on this blog, yet in reading your postings it appears you have the most vulger disposition going!

    What have the union chicks or this Tony fellow done to you, for you to constantly bring them up? Again you are playing both sides to the middle and illustrating just how ignorant you are.

    If you stand for something, then stand. You even attack Velvet because of his opinion of your blogs! Again you should think before you post, because clearly your blogging illustrates a personal vendetta against a chosen few, and when people defend those chosen few, you start attacking them as well. The only negativity and evil attacks I see from this blog lately are from you.

    For once think before you act/blog. Your true identity has again revealed itself (Political Addict, AKA CRYSTAL BALLS)

  46. After you’ve walked a mile in their shoes, John from Black Rock, then you might have the right to ask that question! ‘Til then, “judge not ’til thee be judged first”! Also, you’ve never been a councilperson & can only assume what actually makes a good or bad one???

  47. Mojo – Are you saying no one can have an opinion about what makes a good or a bad councilperson? If that’s the case, why even bother with elections?

  48. Mojo 2 – Your post did cause me to give this matter a bit more though. Curwen did work hard on this year’s budget. He stood up to Finch and some cuts were restored. He should not be on the worst list.

  49. J. from B/R, Glad to see you gave it a bit more thought; however, opinions are one thing and considering a person prematurely as belonging to a particular list is another. In this case, a bad list but wanting to find out, who of the #3 is considered the worst? Why?

  50. Mojo 3 – Upon even more reflection. I’ve decided there is no upside to naming the worst council person. Instead, I will name the best – a person who is not bashful about standing up for what he believes in, is not afraid to tell the emperor he has no clothes and is not aligned with either the Finch/Stafstrom or the Mario Testa factions.

    This council person, of course, is Bob Walsh.


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