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 Thursday May 24, 2018

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Councilor Martinez: ‘I Respect All Religious Traditions, And Detest Bigotry In Any Form’

January 29th, 2018 · 36 Comments · City Council, News and Events

East End City Councilwoman Eneida Martinez declared on Monday “In light of press accounts, I wish to state categorically, that I bear no animosity toward anyone based on his or her race, ethnicity, or religious tradition.” At the December 27 Ordinance Committee meeting, according to minutes, Martinez described Russell Liskov and Juda Epstein, lawyers involved in the collection of Water Pollution Control Authority fees, as “Jews and buddies and they go to the same synagogue and they are buying up these properties.”

In her Monday statement Martinez added, “As a person of faith, and a minority woman, I respect all religious traditions, and detest bigotry in any form. I will have no further comment on this topic, and will move forward as the co-chair of the Ordinance Committee, to address the important work in front of us, work which I have been involved in throughout my time as a member of the City Council.”

Martinez is also involved in a protracted legal defense of more than $10,000 in leaseholder fees, common charges and maintenance fees at her Wilmot Apartments residence on Connecticut Avenue, according to filings in Superior Court. Epstein, a collections specialist, represents Wilmot Apartments in the matter.

The collection of WPCA fees has come under fire from several City Council members who assert the aggressive liens and foreclosures actions are abusive to constituents.

Martinez sent the letter to all members of the City Council, Mayor Joe Ganim, Connecticut Post and OIB.


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  • Ron Mackey

    Councilwoman Eneida Martinez, thank you for your comment, “In light of press accounts, I wish to state categorically, that I bear no animosity toward anyone based on his or her race, ethnicity, or religious tradition.”

  • The Bridgeport Kid

    Good. This is a good development.

    • Lisa Parziale

      Kid, breaking news, Stephanie/Steve Auerback is allegedly working for the City in Licensing and Permits under James Hollaway. Sell out Stephanie.

      • Steven Auerbach

        Lisa so sad that your lifeline on this blog is Bridgeport Kid another joke! Lisa P. how many signatures did you get???? exactly how much. Imagine making the youngins do all of the work. If you can not handle it you should stay home . I sure hope you weren’t planning on nominating yourself for district d after all when you were relevant the city was at it’s lowest ebb and we have fresh young blood that are enjoying the rebirth so pack it in you tired , sorry played out political hack! Go get some Absentee ballots for Bob keely- Talking abut staying in your lane you pathetic Phony . When Keely’s running mate, Your personal driver, takes you to visit Derek Brown , Wish him my best .

        • Lisa Parziale

          Getting to Stephanie again, I love it!!!!!!

        • Frank Gyure

          I am sick and tired of the abuse that Steven Auerbach is getting on this blog. Prevoiusly,it had gone over the line and within the last few dfay Donald Day crossed the line again. I have never met Steven Auerbach. I am sure he can take of himself but there is a certain point when things go over the line. I was taken to task for my participation on OIB. I hope that the administrator of this blog will rein in the ugly bullying that is happening here. Some back and forth is interesting but it gets to a point where it’s a turn-off. Basic Marketing.

          • Frank Gyure

            BTW,I disagree with most of Steven Auerbach’s postings. But there comes a point when basic decency plays a part in any public discourse.

          • The Bridgeport Kid

            Steffie opened the door. He acts like an asshole, gets all touchy and defensive with anyone that doesn’t agree with his half-baked opinions. So, in accordance with Biblicl principles, Steffie is treated like an asshole because he behaves like one. End of story, class dismissed.

          • The Bridgeport Kid

            Basic decency, Frank? Tell that to Steffie. He would know the meaning of the term “common decency” if it crawked up his leg and bit him on the ass.

      • The Bridgeport Kid

        Steffie is coming to my regular Wednesday PM gig. He’ll probably call me names after learning I don’t play show tunes.

        • Frank Gyure

          Derrick..Dee..this is just my own personal opinion but I think you have gone over the line in dealing with one particular person on this OIB website. There is a lot of attention about bullying within children but adults are equally guilty. I know your places of interest in Black Rock. Personally,I am not interested in the music you support. You have every right to do it and I will say that The Fairfield Ave section in Black Rock may benefit from your musical activity. However,this does not give you carte blanche to denigrate and bully other posters on OIB. Please..just cut it out.

          • The Bridgeport Kid

            You’re entitled to your opinion, Frank, and I’m entitled to mine. As for not supporting the music I promote, you are entitled to your preferences as well.

    • Steven Auerbach

      Lisa Parsziale How Lennie lets you post is beyond me- Can you Steal a few Steaks ans we can celebrate- Allegedly that new job. Best Wishes to Mary Brantley, Elaine Pivirotto, Rolanda Smith. I think the 132 is tired of a tired thief running again for office.

      Lisa P. The difference between you and Maria P. When she has an issue she is a quick wit- your brain is fried. If all you can dois call me Stephanie go for it afterall, Gay bashing is so 1970 , the decade you are stuck in when you were sort of attractive before you became a bad drag queen. Now Learn from Maria P. she can teach you alot!!

  • Grin Ripper

    Alabama Senate Candidate Roy Moore: “My lawyer is a Jew!”

    Seven days without God makes one weak.

  • Donald Day

    Thank you Enida Martinez for your heartfelt apology. I am sure this incident caused you much consternation, but take the time to look at this as a learning experience. Like you, I never considered using the term two Jews going go to the same synagogue was or i s anti-Semitic, but it goes to show you that we all have a lot to learn while living our lives and you’re never to old to learn.

    Put this behind you, learn from this experience and continue to fight for those without a voice. Much success in the future.

  • Lisa Parziale

    Wise words from a wise man. There are some who didn’t judge you. As imperfect humans, we all misspeak when coming from emotion and indignation to injustice.

  • Frank Gyure

    That was NOT an apology from Eneida Martinez. The sad fact is that Eneida Martinez’ loud mouth antics has changed the subject from the atrocious abuses from the evil triptych of the management of the Bridgeport WPCA,City Attorney Russell Liskov(who is being supported by the man in charge of the Executive Area of The Government of the City of Bridgeport(aka Joe Ganin) and R.Christopher Meyer(I am not including City Attorney Mark Anastasi) and Attorney Juda Epstein. Who has not been mentioned is Tax Collector Veronica Jones who has also failed to follow procedures and protocol concerning the WPCA activities AND the car booting and seizure by Midtown Motors of vehicles of the people of Bridgeport. If anyone gets sucked into the vortex of the WPCA and Car Booting knows…once you are in it is almost impossible to get out.

  • Steven Auerbach

    You love calling me Stephanie, I love that there is absolutely nothing you can say about my character. I’M ll take Stephanie. Your attempt to emulate Maria P. Is just so sad. You are vile and Miserable. Hoping the 132 makes sure you never are allowed again to be in any decision making position. Mary Everete Brantley, Elaine Pivirotto, Mike Freddino, and Rolanda Smith need to save the city from a wicked selfish miserable

  • Steven Auerbach

    I have just personally told Eneida Martinez that I did not believe she was anti semetic. I do believe it was an unfortunate comment. I think we can move forward!

  • Grin Ripper

    Ron, clearly it was an unfortunate comment compounded by a slew of unfortunate comments on all sides.

    Peace Out!

  • Steven Auerbach

    Ron Mackey, are you serious? Nobody told me to apologize. Nobody could tell me to apologize,e and I did not apologize. I simply told her that I personally did not believe she was a racist. Do not forget for a moment Ron that the comment was anything but racist. I do believe she didn’t realize it was anti semetic. It most certainly was. I just did not think she meant it as such. Just to be clear. I didn’t want her to feel more embarrassed than she does already.

  • Steven Auerbach

    Big shout out to Charlie Coviello who is now a city employee . Very nice! I know you have waited a long time and I know we all on this blog wish you the very Best of Luck.very impressive position. I should be so lucky.

    • John Marshall Lee

      Charlie, what is it that the City has employed you to do? Do I guess that the freeze on hiring has been lifted? Or is the freeze only to do with certain positions, or certain types of positions? Help the public understand. Evidently, Steve Auerbach did not attach his public relations “shout out” to being a newsworthy post with added info? Time will tell.

  • Grin Ripper

    Inspector Clouseau! Good Luck!

  • Donald Day

    Frank, are you kidding me, I crossed the line. Oh I see calling me a nigger isn’t crossing the line because everyone knows that Black people are indeed nigger’s and have been called that for over 400 years and we should be use to that by now. Is that what you’re saying?

    Frank, I never in my wildest dreams thought her remarks were anti-Semitic like I’m guessing a myriad of others. She and I and a myriad of others learned something by this whole incident which sure offers a better understanding.

    What is not a misunderstanding is how vile and filthy the word Nigger is and has been for over 400 years. What’s not a misunderstanding is when Nigger is used it’s to dehumanize, marginalize and denigrate Black people and there isn’t anyone in the America that doesn’t know that. But I crossed the line? This isn’t the first time he’s used this vile word and I quit saying his name over two years ago because of it. But I crossed the line? I’ve learned in life that some people see only what they want to see and that is evident today more than ever. But I crossed the line?

  • careabout connecticut

    An apology to me means acknowledging the wrong, willingness to accept the consequences and taking steps to avoid further wrongs. To me Eneida Martinez does not get how hurtful and derogatory her statements were. I am sure she did like it when President Trump said people from Haiti and Africa come from dirty crap holes. The stereotype being they are poor. If someone would ever make a stupid statement that “all Puerto Rican stick together and don’t pay their bills”, she would rightly be upset. But unlike mere name calling people in power that start out as Councilperson s throughout history have used their power for genocide to try and annihilate the Jewish People because of hate and jealousy based upon a stereotype that all “Jews are buddies and go to synagogues to make business and real estate deals.” Saying you are for women rights and against bigotry and don’t want people to raise the issue is not showing acknowledgement but a whitewash. As a leader you need to do more. At the very least you should understand the tremendous disrespect you have shown the Jewish People and systematic disrespect for Attorneys Liskov and Epstein, who all deserve a clear apology for the way they have been treated. I think because of a prior conflicts of interest involving Attorney Epstein, you need to recuse yourself by resigning as Co-Chairman of the Ordinance Committee or having an independent body conduct any further investigation about the sewer because whatever legislative involvement you have is now legally tainted. Finally, if you are truly a woman of faith you need to read about the History of Jewish People, appreciate the People of the Books, learn that they are the only self-imposed minority in the world at their own peril and appreciate all the great gifts, the Jewish people brought to the world including the all the progress made in the Civil Rights movement.

  • Maria Pereira

    Steve, stop trying to cause strife between Lisa and “Maria P.” It is pointless.

    You called an eighty year old woman a “c_nt”. It doesn’t get much more “vile” then that.

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