Councilman DeFilippo Barks Back Following Removal As Budget Committee Leader

North End City Councilman Michael DeFilippo responds to Council President Aidee Nieves removing him as co-chair of the budget committee.

In my humble opinion, this latest move by the City Council President was malicious, capricious and most definitely illegal. This is nothing more than a conspiracy between the Council President and the City Administration. What they conspired to do was to try to bully, intimidate and silence certain Council members because those Council members are challenging certain actions of the Mayor. (Columbus statute, paying Attorney fees for the Mayor and others regarding a CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION BY THE FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION to the tune of $600,000 of taxpayer dollars thus far and this whole Police Chief travesty).

The Council President either doesn’t know the rules or just flagrantly ignored them.

In addition, the press release regarding this conspiracy put out by the Council President further demonstrates that this is a conspiracy by the Council President and the City Administration because quite frankly, the Council President simply does not have the capacity to write such press release. This conspiracy is a classic scenario of “THE TAIL WAGGING THE DOG.”

“The people of Bridgeport are taking it on the chin by our Mayor and City Council President and when all is said and done our residents and taxpayers will pay dearly.



  1. Michael DeFliippo, that’s what I said, “the real Question is who wrote this for City Council President Aidee Nieves?” You clowns 🤡 that supported Mayor Ganim or didn’t vote for Senator Moore you are looking at your next mayor with this council president. And this is a better choice than Senator Moore? The jokes on you fools! 😂😂

    1. Don, you said, ” you are looking at your next mayor with this council president, Aidee Nieves,” well that would mean that Joe Ganim would be removed from office, from your mouth to god’s ears.

  2. For pounding his fist on the table and staking his claim, I nominate Michael DeFilippo as OIB’s blogger of the day.
    His even-handed approach makes its point several times as he lists the incorrect charges made against him and the conspiracy’s inaccuracies.
    It’s a wise move on his part. Get this: I just heard the ghost of Machiavelli applaud.

  3. Did Mario and DeFilippo part ways Maria?
    Is Newton still Mario’s boy?
    Is the entire city council nothing but a bunch of Fig Newtons, if so ,this city is in big Flucking trouble!
    What happen to (Gen – Now) Did they move back to Fairfield!?

  4. ON TYRANNY is a relatively short book written by Tim Snyder and published in 2017. It presents 20 lessons that Snyder recommends us to study and learn from the 20th Century. While he did not direct his words to citizens of Bridgeport, CT we might well look to his cautions and meaning for guidance while subjected to the local DTC tyranny from studying four of his 20 lessons.
    #3 BEWARE THE ONE PARTY STATE…..and that is what governs our City because of control of information and data kept from the citizen, taxpayer and voter. Were we to find 50% of those eligible coming out to vote in an off year municipal election (2021 CC or 2023 Mayor and CC) the dissatisfaction can be met with a group of “public service” candidates for offices at all levels of democrats with a dream rather than the “governmentally ill-educated, selfish and relatively lethargic” folks we elect today. They take orders from an authoritarian teacher who enjoys popularity and pursuit of his good rather than laying out a plan that will float many more boats and dreams.
    #2 DEFEND INSTITUTIONS Snyder speaks about “a court, a newspaper, a law, a labor union” and I hope you have such in mind because each needs defending in difficult times unless it has already been co-opted or silenced. However, I am talking about the City boards and commissions where citizens have a Charter authorized role in self-governance (though that is often prevented because of the poor care of appointments, training and term reviews before a term expiry. We even have entire groups like Fair Housing and Fair Rent that no Mayor has noticed or commented upon? Where are live issues discussed Ethics? WPCA? Zoning and other Land Use bodies? And City Council sub-committee chairs disallow members of the public because though they have the time to listen, they do not wish a possibly knowledgeable member of the public to speak?
    #11 INVESTIGATE There are a handful of elected -people who take this subject seriously for the benefit of the public. Perhaps that is why the Federal microscope stays on our City? Snyder advises “figure things out for yourself” That would mean digging deeper “with long articles” rather than passing along someone else’s narrative. Or “Subsidize investigative journalism by subscribing to print media.” “Take responsibility for what you communicate to others.” And this goes for what you say to reporters, on Faxebook or other social media, and the half-truths spun before running for office. What role do you have in municipal OVERSIGHT?
    #BELIEVE IN TRUTH “To abandon facts is to abandon freedom.” (Page 65-71) The final words read: “Post-truth is pre-fascism.”
    After asking CIty voters for a second chance as Mayor, Ganim2 has done nothing special to distinguish himself as a different kind of leader, someone who learned a lesson or two, and was content to work for “his City”. Rather he rather rapidly linked his Ganim1 benefits to his Ganim2 years of office, ignoring the time he served behind bars. What was the expense to taxpayers for his fancy “compensation embroidery”? And he ran for a time pretty much 24/7 trying to get the CT gold ring. Who has Ganim2 been really serving on this pass? TIME WILL TELL.

  5. Mike: As we can all see, Aidee is “housecleaning.” You have a clue about economic development and the effect of City Hall/CC conflicted agendas (topped off be incompetence) on the Bridgeport economy, so you have to be silenced, along with the voices of any others that want to see the City run properly from within, and treated with due deference in the region, and by Hartford, as the state’s population center that also happens to have the best geographic assets, essential critical infrastructure, and greatest pool of social capital in the state — needed for the state’s economic recovery/survival…

    Work toward a state takeover, Mike. Your experience on the CC tells you that it’s the only way to protect your financial and human investments in the city…

  6. Harvey, first, Miss Piggy as I’m told is her nickname, will not be elected for another term as Council President. Joe has three years left on his term and only if something happens that causes him to vacate his seat, it must be in the last six months of his term. Per Charter. Miss Piggy will not make it beyond next year. With the exception of a few decent councilmembers, this is the worst Council in Bridgeport’s history. Mike DeFellippo is a young husband, father, and business man who neither needs or wants anything for his public service. My advice to him is to start looking for a new council partner now, he can’t rely on his present one, all she does is run her sanctimonious mouth and hangs onto Michael’s influence and popularity in the 133rd district. He could crush her like a bug, the problem I have is he’s such a good guy he may give her a pass. He’s the one with the juice in the 133rd, plus he’s smart, independent and kind. Now to all my friends and fellow bloggers, stick to the topic. Miss Piggy thinks she’s a little Hitler. If she’s not taken to task for her nefarious actions, she’ll start kicking any member who doesn’t vote the way they’re told, off committees. She’s a pupput who was put in as CP because of her stupidity. They wanted to insure a qualified candidate didn’t make it. To the other 19 members, do you really feel good when she’s identified as the Council President? Just my opinion, and I’m entitled to it, she scary because of her ignorance, not to mention she does look like Miss Piggy. I don’t know who gave her that moniker, but it’s perfect. Mario and Joe keep getting the blame for anything and everything that goes wrong in Bridgeport, but it’s the ineffective Council that are the real culpurts. To the few “good ones,” hang in, don’t give in.

  7. Harvey I respect and admire you, I always have. But, this time I’ll gladly accept your opinion, but will respectly ignore you. She’s Miss Piggy now and forever.

    1. No Lisa I just found it funny that you got down in the dirt so to speak. Glad I’m not the only one….(at times)!!
      Exclamations instead of lol’s.

  8. I was overly reactive Rich because I have watched the deterioration of the City Council for so long now. With the exception of some, there’s not a collective brain among the rest. It’s for this reason some members of this Administration find it so easy to manipulate them.

    1. Yes I get that Lisa. As you know, I’ve often called out the stupidity, ignorance and for some- outright lack of education contributing to all of that. I know you are friendly and think highly of you know who, so the question hangs out there- —who crossed him? Was it his boss (or maybe ex-boss), Ganim, Shamus or maybe AJ and / or a combination of them or others that crossed him and makes him “appear” to have turned a new leaf??? I have my suspicions on that and on the “new leaf”. I know you don’t have the answer I’m just putting it out there. I don’t have respect for anyone who uses the system in such an underhanded way to change laws for their own good which is exactly what he did. Absolutely and unequivocally. Anyway, all the best to you and yours.


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