Councilman Castillo Heats Up At Ice Rink Against City Official, Police Complaint Filed

Police are looking into alleged threats that City Councilman Alfredo Castillo made against Public Facilities Director Craig Nadrizny over maintenance work at the Wonderland of Ice skating rinks.

From Brian Lockhart, CT Post:

Acting Public Facilities Director Craig Nadrizny in his Aug. 4 police complaint claims Castillo “became increasingly enraged and started yelling at him,” prevented Nadrizny from entering his vehicle and threatened him after the pair met the prior day in Wonderland’s parking lot off of Glenwood Avenue.

According to Nadrizny’s statement to police, Castillo phoned him the morning of Aug. 3 and asked the director come to the rinks at 3 p.m. without explaining why. When Nadrizny arrived, Castillo was accompanied by Wonderland’s manager, John Ferguson. Nadrizny said the councilman asked him when the city was going to repair the building’s exterior doors.

Nadrizny’s complaint states that his response–per its lease, Wonderland is responsible for the maintenance–is what infuriated Castillo, who allegedly yelled, “You don’t know s***. You better do your job.”

Nadrizny told police Castillo subsequently “stood in front of” him as he tried to climb back into his vehicle to leave, “pumping his chest” and threatening, “I’m going to kick your a** and don’t make me go street on you!”

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  1. What is it that motivates such abominable behavior over maintenance of an ice rink facility?

    Why aren’t the mayor, his “Director of Accountability & Integrity”, his CAO, his HR Director (?), his City Attorney all making a clear public statement that such behavior by an elected official in the City of Bridgeport is unacceptable and that, if proven true, this behavior is grounds for this Council person’s removal? What more do they need to know? Do they think that Mr. Nadrizny — an ex-US Marine of honorable service and the “acting” (another Ganim short-leash play) Director of Public Facilities (quite a budget loaded department of many responsibilities since the Parks and Facilities Depts were merged by Ganim) — is making this up?

    Repeat: If Governor Lamont and the Democratic Party leaders in CT don’t clean their own house, someone else will.

    1. Pete, how’d you missed it? The answer is in the words. 🙂

      The Street’s 🙂

      It seems like the streets are coming out in the 139th district race.

      My to cents, that door has probably been broken for some time and has much to do with the 30 million being spent on the renovations to the city-own arena. That being said, it cost 60 million to build. The words, “like-new” better be in the press release. 🙂

      BYT, Bob, I worked on it. It was Union-built and a decent amount of money for its time. Not saying you are wrong, Just saying. 🙂

      P. S People, or as JML like to call folks. It’s in the words. 🙂

      Bam, I’m out a here. 🙂

    2. Pete Spain, it’s always good to hear from you, you are right point in your total assessment. Mayor Ganim and his minions don’t give a damn and City Council President Aidee Nieves doesn’t know her duties nor her primary opponent Lydia Martinez because City Councilman Alfredo Castillo conduct represents the City Councilman and Castillo needs to be remove from his position in representing the City Councilman and the city. City Councilman Alfredo Castillo has created a hostile work environment with his bullying.

      Pete, I find the reply that you got back is asinine, what does:
      “Pete, how’d you missed it? The answer is in the words. 🙂

      The Street’s 🙂

      It seems like the streets are coming out in the 139th district race.”
      What hell does that have to do with a black district, the 139th, and the word The Street’s?” I’m being facetious with you Pete but not with reply.

      1. Comrade, it isn’t as asinine as you think. 🙂

        It had nothing to do with a “black” district or race in general. It’s what you see. As I always say, ”people see what they want to see”.

        Pete asked a question. ” What is it that motivates such abominable behavior over maintenance of an ice rink facility?” I replied the streets are what motivated such abominable behavior. This is what Castillo told Acting Public Facilities Director Craig Nadrizny. That he, Nadrixny, doesn’t want, him, Castillo, to go (unleash) on him. Nardizy, the streets, and Pete missed it. 🙂

        Castillo injected the words, ‘streets” and he is “brown”/Latino. If Lennie moderates my post in a timely fashion, you would have seen it was a street thing, not a race thing, more importantly, a Port thing. 🙂

        Unlike JML, I try to answers folks’ questions. 🙂

        1. P.S with regards to 139th. Michele Obama didn’t say when they go low we go “Street” lower. 🙂

          I believe Ernie has made a Mia culpa on the “Lowness”. Or as I like to call “Da Streets”.

          I did find it facetious though that each side is calling out the other side as corrupt and bought by corrupt money. At the same time call out each other for having the same corrupt donor list who is funding their campaigns. 🙂

          BTY, I am a closet Independent. 🙂 Or whatever my doner/check says I am and whatever the teleprompter (CRT) says I am. 🙂

  2. It is up the the voters in the city to clean up this mess starting with the man in charge. This behavior should not be tolerated.
    As a matter of fact, the council should begin impeachment proceedings against the mayor.

  3. Come on Council President let the impeachment process begin.
    What, you can’t impeach a mayor? Prove it. Begin the process and see what happens.
    Or is it you are afraid of getting the mayor mad at you?

  4. If Alfredo Castillo isn’t afraid to tell Nadrizny to “do your job”, I’m not afraid to tell Castillo to “mind your manners”. Your hot-headedness is melting the ice.
    Bridgeport is full of winners. Your apology to Nadrizny is your next chance to join their ranks.
    Bridgeport isn’t a dictatorship. The ghost of Machiavelli reminds all Bridgeport City Councilmen it’s better to be loved than feared.

  5. Ganim’s silence about this is deafening,this type of behavior in most other towns would not be tolerated,but this administration sits back and lets it play out.Also,how about one or two of the other councilors step up and take a stand against this type of behavior??..But I know none of them will,it’s a “we have to stick together and wait for direction from Joe” mentality..With elections 2 months away,none of them want to take a chance and “anger” their boss by taking a stand now..

  6. Harvey, I’m sure if it was Maria you would have more than one or two councilmembers speaking up. Weren’t there even a few members on News 12 going on about councilmember misconduct/bullying that resulted in a city council resolution? 🙂

    Ernie would almost definitely be addressing it here. 🙂

    To be fair, what is more deafening is Maria’s silence considering she (I believe) went after Castillo about tires/expenditures. if so, did they kiss and make up? Because Maria would be on New 12 with an opinion piece in CT Post. She might even be seen canvassing his district. Or she getting soft, losing her street creds? 🙂

    If Castillo didn’t touch him, physically, it goes where “Joe” wants it to go. It’s much to do about nothing. Chalk it up to passionate/street representation. 🙂

    Welcome to the Da Port’s firebrand/passionate politics. 🙂

  7. I would like to end this convo to get something off my chest.

    You have the biggest night in Port politics. Where Port’s elected body, the DTC’s, selects their endorsements, setting the stage for the people who are going to “run” Port’s governance, and they, Democratic Party/City, don’t even offer something to eat for its political members on its most important night.

    Shit, The Democratic Party/City don’t even bother to put table cloths over the tables. It looks so cheap and tacky, considering the Port is the largest city in CT. It shows how much the Port political people are valued. 🙂

    I get maybe not wanting to use linen table cloths but damn, you don’t even bother to go out to a dollar store and spend 10 bucks on plastic table covers. You would think the Democratic Party/City would dish out $1500 for some pizzas or pasta. I mean, I am sure Mario would charge the city $3000 and not get any push back by city officials. 🙂

    I mean really people, the Little Rascals had a better decorum for its members. To be fair, they didn’t allow women in. To be fairer, it was in a time when women were allowed in politics either. 🙂

    Seriously though, at the very least, go to the dollar for some plastic table covers to cover up those crust-ass tables, and say we “dollar value” our Port elected official 🙂 JS

    1. I attended a few D22 State Senate Democratic Nominating Conventions at Testo’s
      I was surprised to find that there were no tablecloths on the tables. How cheap is Mario? I wondered the first. Not a glass of water to be gad, but feel free to go spend cash at his bar and bring your glass back in the banquet room.
      BUT, I don’t have to put up with the naked, nasty tables any more, as the past two D22 Nominating Conventions were held in Trumbull. Our Library Community room has lovely wood look laminated top tables.

  8. What else of interest to OIB readers and reporters has been posted in the court system during these hot days of summer? Is the CT Post or Hartford Courant unaware, or trying to see how to cover it? Allegations and factual presentations by a former city employee, whose personal story we never did get to hear or see before he left the scene of one or more crimes heading north? What salacious details are left out of the court papers that likely will shock many and set out once and for the challenging environment in certain public offices facing employees daily that require scrub brushes, steamy hot water under pressure, and plenty of strong detergent to cleanse the minds and senses of all City employees and taxpayers reminding them that employment is a right, a responsibility and the public is due the best that can be shown by folks when putting in their hours with full respect and honest effort. Time will tell.

    1. JML, in all honesty, indulges OIB readers with the name of this former public city employee who’s steamy hot water under pressure story/crimes heading North before he left the scene. Don’t be the CT Post or Harford Courant and leave out such detail to OIB readers.

      I want to know who you speak of. Are you talking about Ex-Gov, Cuomo with his nipple piercings? 🙂

  9. City Councilman Alfredo Castillo and others think, feel and believe that they are entitled to disrespect, belittle and display reprehensible behavior because of that city council designation. It entitles you to nothing other than to represent your constituents at city council meetings. You don’t get a free lunch, tickets to the amphitheater or the ability to make the Public Facilities Director repair something beyond his purview. You’re not entitled to Anything beyond that which the City Charter mandates. It’s embarrassing to the City and it’s residents to constantly read about their representatives acting like damn fools! Mayor Ganim you need to get your act together and let these people know that they’re out of line with their behavior and it needs to be stopped, yesterday if not sooner!


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