1. Mr. White, I am sure if there is going to be an Officer or two, they’re on overtime. Rather waiting for the doubletalk from some rep for the police department, try this approach.

    Get to know the cop who patrols your neighborhood and their supervisor. Exchange phone numbers, know his or her shift. This way if there is some activity going on you can call the cop directly. This way you don’t have to be in queue with a call that may take hours before you see a cop. Some calls are not important based on what you tell the dispatcher but they are no less important to you.

    If the beat Officer cannot respond right away perhaps they can ask another Officer to respond. Perhaps working with your beat Officer can be a big help in reducing or even stopping crime.

    The more people who embrace this type of cooperation with their beat Officer, the city just might be a little safer.

    It is the beat cop and their supervisor who are the people who do the work, not their supervisor and not the chief.

    Far too many times the beat cops are not asked for their input but that is the way with a lot of jobs. The person who does the job is seldom asked what do you need to do your job better.


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