City Restaurants Served Up In Connecticut Magazine’s Best List

Joseph's Steakhouse
The beef's in Bridgeport, baby!

Several Bridgeport restaurants including Joseph’s Steakhouse, Barnum Publick, both downtown, and Home On The Range in Black Rock made Connecticut Magazine’s list of top eateries. A bunch of us closed down Joseph’s twice last week following performances at the Bijou Theater and Downtown Cabaret Theatre. The staff was like “dudes, it’s midnight, can we go home now?” Okay, okay.

So what’s your favorite restaurant in or out of the city? This is a nice boost for restaurants with Val Day a few weeks away. Check out the CT Mag list:



  1. I have a couple of local favorites. Dolphin’s Cove, Omanels, Mario the Baker. Two favorite buffets by Beardsley Park, Teppanyaki and Hibachi Buffet. The best food and deal in town San Remo not much on ambiance but the food is excellent and of course my favorite late-night snack at the Merritt Canteen.

    1. Dolphin’s Cove is wonderful in the summer, especially if you get seating on their deck. The freshest best lobster you can find and prepared several ways. Now as I recall, Omanel was delicious, but I haven’t been there in years–I’ll put it on my “go to” list. I enjoy Ralph&Rich’s also, but truth be told I preferred them when they were a little hole in the wall on that side street next to the Holiday Inn.

  2. Downtown I like Two Boots, loved Melt and disappointed they couldn’t make it. Disappointed Épernay closed but the last four times I had gone there they did not have onion soup. There is a great place by Housatonic in the professional building condominium that is great for lunch. Tiagos is fun but again the best deal in town are both buffets on East Main and Huntington Tpke. Also I really loved the Turkish restaurant next door to City Lights. I love middle eastern food and they were as excellent as Bereket Deli on Main Street in the North End.

    1. I recently had lunch at Barnum Public House on Broad St. and they serve an amazingly delicious onion soup. I was with a few friends and we ordered their nachos, which were surprisingly made with potato chips. I had dinner twice at Épernay, but I must admit to feeling claustrophobic and under-impressed with their menu.

  3. It’s not in Bridgeport but it’s close enough to the border. The absolutely brand new WINDMILL has reopened in the past two weeks. The new guys have restored the greatest hotdog of yesteryear and brought back the sinful roast beef sandwiches along south artery killer KIELBASA washed down with with pierogis that will make you moan. Plus they have repurposed the place into a nifty sports bar with wide screens all over the place. They have enhanced the menu with some really good stuff not before known to the once largely polish and Italian neighborhood. Try it. Corner of Hollister and Thompson in Stratford’s venerable Hollister Heights.

  4. How great is that?? The Windmill is back! Can’t wait to go. Turkish food–try Bereket now in Black Rock. Colombian home cooking try El Pueblito downtown (in the old Ralph and Rich’s). It is really, really good. Great Jamaican veggie food at Capitol and Main and of course, always, Bloodroot is the best.

  5. JFOC,
    Damn fine place you had there. Kelly was a great manager. Lots a great memories. One very bad memory, though. My lawyer and I came into your place at lunchtime one day. We had to wait for the L’Ambiance workers to finish so we could get a seat at the bar. A few minutes later, tragedy.

  6. I was happy to hear Famous Pizza re-opened. Truly that was a landmark. There was also another Greek-style pizza place in Black Rock on Fairfield Ave. … I can’t recall the name. Is it still there? How about Jenny’s Pizza on Main St., whatever happened to them? I’m a bit of a pizza aficionado, but as of the past few years I have a preference for Sally’s or Modern Pizza in New Haven, albeit a bit of a trek to get there.

  7. Godiva,
    I think you are talking about Beverly Pizza in Black Rock. Head there for a pepperoni pie and then cross the street to Timothy’s for dessert. Real comfort meal. I come from New Haven so Modern and Sally’s work for me, but Black Rock is definitely closer these days. See you there soon. Time will tell.

    1. Yes, now I remember!!! That was indeed Beverly Pizza and I will make it a point to go there soon. Thank you very much for the reminder. Tell me–how do you compare Pepe’s on Wooster to the Pepe’s in Fairfield?

  8. I like their clam casino pizza (with bacon, not kosher but whatever) and the Margarita pie in the summer when the tomatoes are good. Yes, beer & pizza go hand in hand. I’ve never been to that location in NY, but for some reason the one in New Haven seems better than Fairfield. To sum this conversation up–I am now desperately craving a pizza!

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