How Many Times Did The Cops Need To Kick Him! Video Captures Police Stomping Suspect On Ground–Feds Inquiring About Police Conduct

UPDATE: This video, posted on YouTube three weeks ago, captures Bridgeport police officers repeatedly kicking a suspect in Beardsley Park in 2011 after he was felled by a stun gun. After Police Chief Joe Gaudett reviewed the video, veteran officers Elson Morales, Joseph Lawlor and Clive Higgins were placed on paid administrative duty, outside of patrol. The United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Connecticut has been in contact with local police authorities about the incident. Federal law enforcement officials will often review these kinds of incidents for possible civil rights violations. Too soon to know if the feds believe this video reaches that threshold. OIB would welcome a comment from the officers involved and/or Bridgeport Police Union.

“I’m concerned by what I saw and ordered the Office of Internal Affairs to conduct an immediate, thorough and timely investigation,” said Chief Gaudett in a statement issued to OIB. “If violations are found, we will take action. Our officers are held to high standards and rightfully so, and we intend to maintain these standards.”

Gaudett has not released the suspect’s name, but News 12 Connecticut was on the scene in Beardsley Park that day in May of 2011, according to a posting on its website. “At the time, police announced they had Tasered and arrested 25-year-old Orlando Soto for being in possession of a stolen gun and drugs,” News 12 reports.

Gaudett, however, has not stated if, in fact, a weapon was found on the suspect or discovered in a search.

“No person should be treated as an animal, no matter what they are charged with,” said Carolyn Vermont, president of the Greater Bridgeport branch of the NAACP. “The NAACP is outraged by the police brutality shown on the video. This type of police misconduct is totally unacceptable. The NAACP plans to hold a press conference on Monday at 4 p.m. in front of BPD Headquarters to further address this incident.”

As this story has gone viral, police officials have been swamped with media inquiries.

Gaudett, according the news release issued by the city, learned about the video last week and promptly ordered the OIA probe. He also contacted the Bridgeport Office of the State’s Attorney. Once the officers in the video were correctly identified, Gaudett placed them on administrative status.

Bridgeport Police have identified the man who was arrested in the video. He has not, to date, filed an excessive force complaint.

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  1. And we have absolutely NO IDEA what he did to deserve it, so let’s keep that in mind. The last cop who pulls up jumps out of his squad car, runs over and kicks him–CLEARLY there’s a reason for that behavior. How come the idiot from the NAACP isn’t sticking up for him? He’s black! I’ll lay 2 to 1 the guy on the ground deserved all he got and more.

    1. So this young man is a criminal, that’s why the police officers kicked the shit out of him. The fact that he is African-American had nothing to do with the brutish treatment.

      Carolyn Vermont needs to get over this “feel sorry for him because he’s black” attitude.

      1. It doesn’t matter what this kid was accused of. What the police did was immoral and illegal. I support BPD but this behavior is beyond the pale. Our Mayor is more concerned with closing massage parlors and taking over the Board of Ed than he is about public safety. When you have to be afraid of the police things are bad.

    2. The president of the local NAACP chapter issued a statement saying she was going to have a word with Chief Gaudett about this. Right, as if that is going to make a difference. You can’t unring a bell.

  2. Now don’t jump to conclusions. If you play the video tape in slow motion (Rodney King) you will see the subject was trying to get away. That’s when officer Fat Ass kicked him. Then they put the handcuffs on him, and started kicking him again. Then black Fat Cop pulls up and he kicks subject in the head. Remember folks, this was last May.

    1. Get over the liberal bias, anna. Bridgeport cops have to deal with scum every day. The suspect in the video probably belongs in that category. Imprisonment doesn’t seem to work; a right good ass-kicking may have a positive effect.

  3. Chances are about 100% the officers involved knew the suspect and he needed to be tuned up, another little ghetto savage with a bad attitude.

    Everyone complains about the cops, criticizes them. But when your house is burgled, your car stolen, who you gonna call, “ghostbusters?”

      1. Show me a video of someone obeying the law and complying with the police and then getting kicked in the head … and I will care more. If you act like an animal, you should be treated like one.

  4. The action of these three police officers is NOT representative of the Bridgeport Police Department.

    I agree with the statement by Police Chief Joe Gaudett that he told the Connecticut Post: “I’m concerned by what I saw and ordered the Office of Internal Affairs to conduct an immediate, thorough and timely investigation.” “If violations are found, we will take action. Our officers are held to high standards and rightfully so, and we intend to maintain these standards.” Well, that’s a good start but are those high standards and what are the policy and procedures that allows a police officer to kick someone and what type of training have they been given?

    This is “Rodney King Revisited Bridgeport Style 2013.” How much will this cost the taxpayers of Bridgeport?

    1. This has nothing to do with Rodney King and EVERYTHING to do with a punk and a gun (the Hartford Courant is reporting a firearm was recovered). If the cops kicked the shit out of this worthless puke he probably was asking for it. Knock off the bleeding-heart liberal bullshit.

  5. The Bridgeport Kid, you said, “If the cops kicked the shit out of this worthless puke he probably was asking for it.” I can’t wait for Bridgeport Police Chief Joe Gaudett and the Office of Internal Affairs to say it is their policy for cops to have kicked the shit out of this worthless puke because he probably was asking for it.

  6. The police department does not send officers out on the street to randomly select citizen to beat on. According to an updated version of this story on the Hartford Courant’s website a firearm was recovered at the scene. Now Ron, be honest, tell me how many more teenagers and young men need to be shot and/or killed on the streets of Bridgeport before you lose the bleeding-heart liberal view? This wasn’t police “brutality.” It was the cops administering a life lesson to a street punk who thinks drugs, guns and gangs is cool. I’ll bet his mama is proud of him …

    1. Sure looked like a bunch of thugs in uniform beating up someone who is subdued. Their job is not to administer punishments … We have laws in this country and the police are not above them … and this has nothing to do with being liberal or conservative … it has to do with common decency.

  7. The Bridgeport Kid, you are talking emotions and I’m talking about the law and the polices of the Bridgeport Police Department. I want to hear Police Chief Joe Gaudett and the Office of Internal Affairs say you are right.

  8. Nothing more than brutality imposed by three dumber than shit thugs. The cops had the right to subdue the perpetrator. If he resisted after the first tasering, then he gets hit again and again and again until he is placed in restraints. That type of professional behavior is what I expect … no, DEMAND from the local police. This isn’t about white on black. It’s about three shitheads who don’t belong in uniform.

    1. I think it’s about one shithead with an illegal handgun who got the shit kicked out of him by three cops doing a job everyone criticizes them for. Who you gonna call when your home is burgled, when your car is stolen, when you’re assaulted on the street? Who you gonna call, Ghostbusters? Get over the sanctimonious bullshit, staunch that bleeding heart. This is the reality of the big city.

  9. I just heard on Monday, January 28 2013, there will be a gun hearing at the Connecticut Capitol. I’d like to inform as many people as I can about a key tactic of the NRA. Expect the NRA to have as many members (thousands) to show up or start lining up very early (Sunday) to sign the speakers list in order to control the number of speakers in support of changes to our gun laws. If the rules are the same, anyone who wants to speak, in favor or against, must sign the speakers list and they are called in a first come, first served basis. Please pass this along to anyone who is planning or would like to speak at this hearing. If you have any information about this hearing please post here and I’ll try to pass it on. Please share with friends.

      1. They have my picture still hanging at the Capitol Police office. Hmmm, I recently heard the term cross dresser. Nahhh! Security is going to be too tight and besides that, I’d be more dangerous if I have more fingers to type.

    1. The National Rifle Association ha just over 4,000,000 members. There are more than 80,000,000 mothers in the United States of America. Which do you think will prove to be the more powerful lobbying group? (Hint: never ever get between a mother and her children.)

  10. There are other videos out there that haven’t gotten posted and some even deleted by the people in possession of them. The person who had this video was afraid of putting it out there for fear of retaliation. From the look of the video, Lawlor (the white officer) will take the brunt of the punishment as it is obvious he was the first to start the assault and delivered the most number of hits, his action seems to have triggered the other two officers. Their adrenaline was rushing in their veins as one can expect. I’ve seen this many times–officers with their adrenaline still rushing even after the suspect is locked up in the holding cell. I know all three and I can say they are not monsters. For the record, I work for the City of Bridgeport in maintenance at the BPD.

  11. I will wait for the results of the thorough investigation. However, I will say based on what I saw, Those cops will be in court and found guilty. It is a good thing the NAACP had something to say. Just for the record you do not have to be black to be a member of that group. It’s not like Al Sharpton defending Tawana Brawley. If it weren’t for this video it would all be speculation. This was not the cops’ lucky day. I agree with Mackey, these do not represent the best of Bridgeport. I have always found the policemen in this city to be respectful. Those three cops do not deserve to be in uniform. I cannot imagine anything that would instigate a few kicks after he was down.

  12. *** Not enough is said in the CT Post article from the reported complaint call to the actual response and PD chase to tell if in this short video clip such boot kicks and stomps were warranted on this Hispanic suspect! Most suspects usually will try (if capable) to run from the police such as in this video where the suspect is felled by a stun gun, booted, cuffed and then without moving is continued to be booted by the Hispanic, white and black officers while down on the ground! PD officers deal with criminals on a day-to-day basis and see people at their worst. It’s a tough job that’s hard not to take home with you once you’re off the clock but by the same token a job where you must be professional and control your emotions during stressful situations. Remember the model is to “protect and serve,” meet force with force when needed not the opposite! ***

  13. The cops were wrong. They deserve to be punished and fired. They exceeded their authority. They exercised faulty judgement which calls into question their suitability to continue to serve as police officers. Most, no ALL of the Bridgeport Cops I have spoken to clearly state the situation did not require the force these thugs imposed.

  14. I am sorry, but the way the third cop just jumped out of the car and joined in with the beating was so ridiculous it almost made me laugh. He just jumped out and started kicking. It leaves one to wonder what was going on beyond the reach of this video. Was the guy on the ground talking smack about one of the cops’ mothers? Is he sleeping with one of their wives? Is he a donut bandit?

      1. If I were not a lady I might say something like: BPK, is that a cruller you are brandishing or are you just happy to see me? But I am a lady so I wont. 😉 A little donut bandit humor …

        I get where you are coming from, I really do. We have far too many guns on the streets here, and maybe those officers just had their fill that day. BEPO’s finest have their hands full every single day, and they have GOT to be sick of it.

        But what if they put him in a coma or killed him? What then? I don’t want my tax dollars going to a thug’s family because of the lawsuit that would surely be lost.

        1. Nice try. This punk is in prison on unrelated charges. This incident occurred way back in May of 2011 and the little miscreant hasn’t filed a brutality complaint or the notice of intent to sue the BPD. There’s more to this story than meets the eye. The video was produced with a cell phone and the recording begins in medias res. So the whole story is yet to be told.

  15. This incident happened awhile ago. Surely Gaudett was aware it happened. Most on the BPD knew about it. It’s a serious question I have right now. WHY is this just coming to light? Even a ‘rumor’ of this magnitude should have been referred to Internal Affairs for investigation.

    Chief … What did you know and when did you know it? If the answer to my inquiry is what I think it will be, Gaudett must be fired immediately. We cannot have a Chief of Police who tolerates such adverse behavior from his sworn police officers.

    1. I hope you have never been in a position or post where you made the hiring and firing decisions. It’s more likely than not the chief knew about this video. Had the chief known about it, I’m sure he would had been on the phone with OIA A.S.A.P. I bet I have heard and seen more videos of alleged police brutality than the chief has. There was one in which a person from Bridgeport posted a series of videos that alleged abuse and brutality by officers. The video in reality showed this person did not cooperate and the officers used lots of restraint. This person filed a complaint, but made no mention of the videos to OIA. When I heard a complaint was filed against one or two of the officers and heard of the nature of the complaint, the alleged details of the complaint sounded familiar to what I had heard and seen on the videos that were posted on the internet. Sure enough, those were the videos of the same incident alleged in the complaint and not reported in the complaint. I told one of the officer where the video could be found and copied.

      What you see in the video took place under one minute and in between that minute the hitting stops. It’s not like the police beatings I’ve seen so far in my life. Remember when the police carried and used the Blackjack? I’m imagining a different scene on the video clip: A man decided to bring his children to the park and let them play on the grass. Suddenly, the sound of police sirens and the sound of a speeding vehicle makes him look and he sees a red van being chased by the police on the grass where the kids are playing a short distance away. The kids are nearly struck; officers apprehend the suspect who is handcuffed on the ground. Out of nowhere, a white man appears and starts to kick the shit out of the suspect on the ground. The white man is arrested and later identified as Bridgeport Kid of Black Rock, the father of the two kids who were in danger or getting run over by the suspect’s car. Days later, Bridgeport Kid is fired by his boss yahooy after he read about the incident on the webzine OIB.

  16. yahooy, on this one I’m in total agreement with you.

    That famous statement, “What did he know and when did he know it” came from the Watergate break-in and subsequent coverup that would be asked by Sen. Howard Baker in the Ervin Committee hearings. It was the coverup that cost Richard Nixon to step down as President.

    The question must be asked of Police Chief Joe Gaudett, “what did he know and when did he know it” and to others in the Bridgeport Police Department.

  17. “Bullies With Badges”
    FBI will likely come in with a few indictments, no?
    Where’s Connecticut’s U.S. Attorney?
    Indictments should serve as a powerful message that we in Bridgeport will not tolerate abuse of power or victimization of civilians by anyone in law enforcement.

    1. The FBI will not waste their time investigating this. They know what sort of scum swims in this pond. The feds are more interested in frying big political fish.

        1. Yeah, right. The FBI has to deal with Bridgeport scum, so I doubt they’ll be shedding any tears or expending any resources over this. That punk got what was coming to him. End of story.

    1. Since the little savage is now caged up on unrelated charges and has not filed a complaint of brutality or a notice of intent to sue the city and the police department one would assume it is over. Most of the people complaining about this do not live in Bridgeport or do not know what sort of scum haunts the streets here. And it should be pointed out the video begins in medias res, the camera jostled around. So it is not an accurate document of the event in question.

      This is going to go away and not cost the city a dime. End of story.

  18. Since this worthless little punk is now incarcerated on unrelated charges it’s a safe bet he wasn’t on his way to choir practice. It is seriously doubtful he is an innocent bystander. You’re right about one thing, though: the court system was created to mete out punishment to individuals who choose to violate the law and otherwise engage in assholistic behavior. Maybe the officers involved just wanted to give him a going-away present before he shipped out to Osborne …

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