City Council Budget Vote Coming Soon

As the City Council’s budget committee wraps up its work this weekend on Mayor Joe Ganim’s proposed $561 million spending plan, the full council will vote early next week for the budget year commencing July 1. Most of the work is done at the committee level.

Following the full council vote the document returns to the mayor for possible veto action. The mil rate is set early June. Ganim’s budget calls for no tax increase but with several caveats regarding education and library spending as well as anticipated state dollars.

Ganim, a candidate for governor, wants to avoid a tax increase. He’s been moving around the state opening campaign operations in Hartford, New Haven and Waterbury, in addition to the one in Downtown Bridgeport.

The full council meets Monday night. See council agenda here.



  1. Heaven help us! After Judge Lopez’s recent encounter with the City Attorney and members of the City Council, what chance do we have of the Council showing courage and concern for the taxpayers and children of Bridgeport? They’ll fold like a cheap suit.

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