Ganim Pushes Action Against Cop Charged With Sexual Assault

Mayor Joe Ganim, in a YouTube video released by his office on Saturday, is urging immediate action be taken against city Police Officer Steven Figueroa who has been arrested six times including most recently for sexual assault.

Figueroa is currently suspended without pay pending an Internal Affairs investigation involving violations of department policies.

Standing next to City Councilwoman Jeanette Herron and aide Carolyn Vermont, Ganim declared “To watch the process slowly turn when you have a Bridgeport officer who has been arrested six times and I gotta stand here and call up and say ‘why is this taking so long?’ is outrageous. I can’t terminate him myself and we can’t shortcut due process but we can push it and demand action if these allegations are true that he be terminated. As I stand here with a councilwoman who was a victim of domestic violence.”

Ganim’s mayoral opponent State Senator Marilyn Moore has been urging action against Figueroa for more than a month.

“One instance is one too many,” she said in a statement in early July. “But once again we are reminded that it persists when we read about an officer who has three separate charges against him.”

Since that time Figueroa has been arrested twice more by Shelton police including first degree sexual assault. His arrest record goes back to November 2017 for criminal mischief and disorderly conduct. The victim did not cooperate and the charges were dismissed. Most recently he was charged with sexual assault, risk of injury to a child and violating conditions of release.



  1. What a quick call to action. Afterall, he is only on his 6th arrest.

    I was walking in my neighborhood the other day when I saw one of my loyal voters. She made a point of telling me that Ganim knocked on her door and shook her hand. I asked her did she immediately wash her hands. She looked puzzled.

    She volunteers in the public schools. Once I broke down how Ganim promised to fund our schools if elected in 2015, but instead proposed four consecutive budgets without one additional dollar forcing the Board to make $51,000,000 in devastating cuts to our 20,400 students it was a wrap.

    EDUCATE voters. That’s all they really need.:)

    1. Quick question Maria, are the schools, 20,400 students, any worse now then in 2015 with the additional 51,000,000?

      From my perspective:

      A. Those devastating cuts came for Hartford, not the city. So I think the state needs to take blame for BOE cuts and the current funding. Not saying the Port’s BOE can’t use more funding, just saying lets not look in the change jar (city) for real funding, look in the wallet, (Hartford)

      B. The Port’s System had been failing in 2015 with the additional $51,000,000 to their budget. So clearly it’s not just about funding when it come to the success of the Port’s school system. Because the City can give the BBOE $51,000,000 today and it would be back at its 2015 failing system levels. Can anyone disagree with that premise?

      C. And for all those detractors using our kids as a means to attack the city for investing 2.5 million in the only zoo in the state that brings ten of thousands of visitors to the city. Using the kids for your political view point and position of attack, shame on you. This is why I say most don’t care about the kids or the city over their position. The real criticism is why is the new tiger exhibit going to cost 3.5 million. Have you ever seen a new 3.5 million dollar home that was built?

      D Maria in your own words, when it come to wasteful government spending, yes the people lose including the kids, but sometimes BOE and the city share the pot. JS poeple

  2. What a political ploy ! This officer has been arrested 7 times during Ganim’s administration starting in 2017 and Ganim just now is so outraged. Well, his big primary that could (hopefully) end his political career is just 5 weeks away…maybe that has something to do with his new-found outrage. On the other hand, the city is defending a Bridgeport detective who sexually harassed a crime victim he was supposed to be helping. CT Post article about that one here:

  3. Perhaps Ganim2 will take a moment to instruct us just what form of “due process” would serve best in this issue?? It is my impression that this type of matter is no longer in the hands of the Police Commission based on union contract. And if the Police Commission leadership needs any reminders in case they have powers they are not exercising, isn’t “airport project manager” and Police Commission leader and 130 DTC Chair Roach reachable through means other than You Tube?
    Are there not rules, clear to the Chief to chew over with Ganim2 more rapidly than in this case, that Ganim2 can make clear to citizens and voters. A public safety officer with this many occasions of anger and/or assault is neither an example to other officers nor worthy of citizen respect. Who does not understand that? Does the City make itself liable, if not in this situation, but by infecting the imagination of others for financial damages now or in the future?
    Isn’t this another clear failure of Ganim2 as a municipal administrator? When you organize a system with sycophants and paid operatives, you kill the way a bureaucracy naturally responds. Ganim2 takes control of the power desired, but he loses out on the sensitivity of “the people” to inform you of where a genuine problem exists!! Coverup becomes the order of the day!! Is You Tube better at revealing the whole truth or better at “coverup”? Time will tell.

  4. As I listen to Ganim2 on the tape, he has made himself into a victim appearing with two women in a story about a female abuser who happens to earn his daily bread as a police officer.

    How dare Ganim2 make himself the victim here? When photo-ops are taken in the City where is Chief Perez, the Police Union leader Chuck Paris, and/or members of the Police Commission who collectively share responsibility for the outrage that lingers. The legal representatives will each do their required part as process is followed I am confident. But what is “due process” for officer and the public citizen taxpayer who pays for it?
    Joe, your smiling advertisement below, with the big bank in the background claims that you are making progress and we should acknowledge that and keep it on the right track. I assume your marketers are not telling city voters to “vote Republican” as one example of a “right track”. Your pledge to add 100 officers four years ago is complete, but admit it, its a basic need for about 20-25 trainees each year as replacement officers. And tell us how “internal affairs” under (your former driver when you were involved in corrupt activities as Mayor initially) Chief A J Perez functions because they seem to have received a lot on their plate in recent years. Yet very little hits the light of day for taxpayers to decide whether “this train is bound for Heaven”. Time will tell.

  5. it’s election season – what else did you expect Ganim to do and say?

    on channel 12 news last night, Ganim was at 2 events in the 133rd and the 134th. if he really cared about the 134th like he cared about running for governor, things would be better here. but Ganim doesn’t give a flying rat’s behind for and about anyone but himself

  6. What a political joke, here is Ganim using two female as props, City Councilwoman Jeanette Herron and aide Carolyn Vermont, Vermont has to be there because she has to do whatever Ganim tells her to do. Then Mayor said, As I stand here with a councilwoman who was a victim of domestic violence.” Did Ms Herron give permission to the mayor about speaking about something so personal as a victim of domestic violence. Mayor Ganim could tell Police Chief to fired Police Officer Steven Figeuroa right immediately and let Figeuroa fight for his job by filing a grievance with the State Labor Board, the City does this all the time. City Councilwoman Jeanette Herron should be ashamed of herself to used as a prop for Mayor Ganim, as for Carolyn Vermont she loves being in pictures and videos with Ganim.

  7. “To watch the process slowly turn… and I gotta stand here and call up and say ‘why is this taking so long?’

    “… One instance is one too many,” she said in a statement in early July. “But once again we are reminded that it persists…”

    Really Joe? The same could be said for your lackadaisical response to the violence, drug dealing and flauting of the law that’s been occurring on Stratford Avenue, for decades. Only when there was a photo op did you do something. Who did most of the talking? The Health Department Director. Health violations. Really? That’s the best y7ou could do? The city of Bridgeport has a police department. It is staffed by people trained to deal with drug dealers carrying firearms. Did you call them in? Oh no…

    Now we hear about “Police Officer Steven Figeuroa who has been arrested six times including most recently for sexual assault.” Why was he not in a jail cell before now? Six arrests and he’s still on the force? Either the Polcie Commission doesn’t care about public safety or Figeroa is a sacrificial lamb.

    1. What is “due process” Mayor Ganim? You are a “returning citizen” more aware of civil and legal procedure than most because of your experience at one time as a legal practitioner as well as finding yourself accused of multiple corrupt public activities and needing to defend yourself.
      You have been a mentor to some. You are currently an elected leader. Here is a real opportunity to educate all of the people about lawful behavior, about civil processes, and how these coincide to provide reputable examples of great behavior from those who are pledged to protect and serve. You own the platform. What are you words of instruction? Time will tell.

      1. JML, this is very easy for Joe Ganim, all he has to do as mayor to order the Police Chief to fired the officer for conduct unbecoming of a officer and let union and his lawyer fight the firing at the State Labor, case closed. The case would take 12 to 18 months, even if charges are lowered the public understands that his type of conduct is not acceptable.


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