Check Out The Greater Bridgeport Young Dems Endorsement Questionnaire

Wow, young people involved in city politics? It’s been a long time. Campaign activist Rowan Kane, vice president of the Greater Bridgeport Young Democrats, shares this communication the organization has been sharing with candidates for City Council seeking the group’s endorsement.

Thank you for taking the time to seek the Greater Bridgeport Young Democrats endorsement for city council and for volunteering to run for office.

We are a group that is working to engage and inform a new generation of Bridgeport voters. As Democrats, we believe in a government that is effective, progressive and compassionate. As citizens of Bridgeport and its surrounding towns, we believe in this vibrant community and the enormous potential it has to grow and succeed. This year we will be endorsing candidates that will uphold these values and we will work to support these endorsed candidates throughout their campaigns.

The attached questionnaire is designed to elicit your views on the wide range of issues you would face as a city council member and to inform us about the experience and values you would bring to the position. Your answers to these questions will be shared among our group and should be considered public. We will be voting to endorse candidates at our July meeting and will inform you on our decision shortly thereafter.

We look forward hearing from you on the issues that matter to our community and to working together on the challenges and opportunities our great city faces together.


Please complete the attached questionnaire and submit via email to Rowan Kane, GBYD vice president, at by July 3, 2017. Alternatively, you may submit your answers via Google form by following this link. You are welcome to submit additional material that supports your candidacy.



  1. Rowan, I commend your effort, however, it will be necessary for you and the group to be prepared to offer resources in every phase of a comprehensive election plan for the districts all of you will be assisting.

    1. Lisa, that’s very good advice because why answer those questions with nothing behind it except that Greater Bridgeport Young Democrats will say that they endorse the candidate. “Money is the mother’s milk of politics.”

  2. Seems like a very fair questionnaire. Though there are candidates that will obviously receive the endorsement with or without the questionanire. like DUH!!!:-)

  3. I am so glad to see any and all younger Bridgeporter’s get involved. My understanding is that the age limit for Young Democrats is 40yo. My advice to Young Democrats…Just go for it!!!!! Do not listen to Sages of BPT… JUST GO FOR IT.

  4. The first question should read:
    Are you prepared to go door to door every day between now and primary day?
    If yes go to question 2.
    If no, thank you for your time.
    The rest of the questions are superfluous.

    1. In 2010, Bob Walsh was the guy who refused to pick up a phone at Democratic HQ. His advice is questionable meaningless. Just because he was a CC member doesn’t mean he understands the complexities of Bridgeport politics.


        1. But then again, I’ve been in so many HQ’s in so many elections, in primaries and general elections, it seems like a blur.
          Was this your first one?

      1. Frank,
        The OIB “cheap seats” are always ready to provide political info and the wisdom of “past participants” to whomever is reading. Some of it is accurate. Much of it is plain cynical. And that reflects the lack of respect and trust in the community at large. Reform movements see a different potential and pursue it as they see it. Issues that resonate with large numbers are important. So is truth telling amidst too many examples of politician self-interest. (Bridging my second chance with my first chance interrupted by criminal trial and seven years served and earning benefits underserved in the eyes of most citizens while making taxes high for some and schools funded inadequately for many others.)
        Better Bridgeport speaks to principled behavior not loyalty to a party. Personally, I need to know more about Young Democrats, issues and principles, but screening those who express interest and sharing the forms is a step forward……NOT SOMETHING EITHER OBSERVED OR EMBRACED BY THE DTC, OR THE RTC FOR THAT MATTER, TO MY KNOWLEDGE. Comments? Time will tell.

        1. JML…my comments are not directed towards any one group. I do know that there was a recent posting about “Better Bridgeport” and their questionnaire although I already knew of it before the posting. Then I saw the YoungDems doing the same thing. My concern is that these questionnaires are one dimensional and people,in this case community leaders and those seeking elective office,are multi-dimensional. I hope these two groups don’t over rely on questionnaires and use them as an opening portal to more substantive discussion to see whether a person earns the endorsement of the group.It would be helpful if more,not less,of the process is open to all members of the group. The major political parties use their own screening process. The issue is what is the end result?

          1. In the experience of four years ago and again this year, the Better Bridgeport questionnaire is a “starting point” only. It is time efficient in that it provides questions that have proven important historically in the community and that a person new to the game should consider and answer personally. When the form is submitted it is followed by an interview that may delve further or ignore the questionnaire answers if the interviewer is satisfied. Hope that this explanation further expands your notion of ‘what’ and ‘why’ in this case? Time will tell.

  5. I agree 100 percent with Bob Walsh. This is not the first time he has given that sage advice. If you are not prepared to personally go door to door. Give up now!

    Frank Gyure, You are on the money- They are a progressive group but no different than the DTC. I am a member of the DTC as well as other members of the Young Democrats. When you get strong, who is going to be your leader? Rais all of the money? etc. etc. Bypassing the DTC just alienates you from potential supporters.

    Ron Mackey- Bingo- absolutely!

    Now the endorsement process get real- lets be honest and serious. We all know who is being endorsed– endorsed by what?. This is going to be a very interesting year. There is nothing new under the sun. The NRV- New Republican Voice attempted to overthrow the Republican town Committee. Paoletta got the endorsement. Moran and the NRV fought it. We were a young and energized group. The truth however, Moran did not win the election. Tom Bucci lost. People had enough. The NRV and Demcrats put Moran in Office. The Republicans were loyal to Lenny Paoletta and did nothing to get Moran elected. The divide in the party was very instrumental in Ganims first win. Plus the Bankrupsey and Lowell Weickers refusal to help the city when Moran declared the city broke! Only in Bridgeport.

    I wish all of the candidates good luck and thank you all in advance for your time and desire to serve the city. Should we state all of the endorsed candidates for the young Democrats now? To be clear, they are some very impressive candidates but seriously? We know who is not getting endorsed and we do know who is.

    1. Steve, let me perfectly clear, what Bridgeport needs a is a strong, active and viable Republican Party that would give Bridgeport voters another option. Unfortunately the Republican Party in Bridgeport has gone the way of the dodo bird, they both have gone extinct. I have voted for Republicans in the past and I have no problem in doing it now as long as they are dealing with local issues and not what their national party is doing. Both Democrats and Republicans must learn how to speak truth to power.

      1. Ron Mackey, It is the nature of the beast. It doesn’t matter your party affiliation. Educated voters vote one way, ill informed another. In the booth we all have our own agenda. Some people see the big picture others see whats in it for me. On a local level party doesn’t matter. You put up enough candidates and people have a choice. We are still a democratic society. The country really does need a 3 party system . Bernie Sanders was a Socialist. He ran under the Democratic banner being a socialist. Could you imagine Connecticut, a bankrupt State having Free college tuition? Talk to the young Democrats. You will find most supported Bernie and still do. That is why unless Trump is taken out of office for Russian conspiracy, I see him in office for 8 years. The sad truth.

        Back to Bridgeport, I can not remember when there was a strong Republican party, though Lenie Paoletta was a good Mayor.

  6. All of you collectively make excellent points. The endorsements mean nothing anymore, money helps, but you can do more with less if you know the dynamics of the district you hope to represent. If you are armed with previous numbers, where they came from, and who worked to bring them out, that includes voters who used ab ballots, your whistling in the dark.. It requires knowledge of the small details and an ability to get creative when assessing the terrain. Unless this group have, or plan to incorporate knowledgeable, seasoned, honest operatives to their group, I fear they will suffer their first losses, and that will be their legacy. They will scatter and go away.

  7. How I would answer them.

    1.What in your background prepares you to be a city council member?

    I don’t know. What background does one need to prepare them to be on the city council? Beholden to no special interest group, including yours, (GBYD) I guess virtue would guides them in their decision making, and a desire to do what’s in the best interest of the City. Not sure if these constitutes what’s in one background or what’s resides within a person.

    2.Cite an experience that has inspired you to run for public office.

    As a native of Bridgeport, P.T Barnum is the father of the city. After witnessing Trump’s and Hillary Clinton’s 2016 election, American politics have surpassed P.T Barnum and has become the Greatest Show on Earth.

    3.What makes you proud to call Bridgeport home?

    Nothing, let’s not forgot Proverbs 11:2 When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.

    4.What are the biggest challenges Bridgeport faces as a community?

    AHH! root of all discord in the world, it’s not the size of the challenges big, medium, or small. Stop sugar coating it. Challenges are nothing more than something to be conquered or over come. Bridgeport has problems. No matter what size of the problem or where you place it. In the end it all climaxes the same.

    5.What would your prioritize as a member of the city council to improve Bridgeport’s economy?

    There’s not much a City Council Member can do to improve Bridgeport’s economy. That’s a broader picture of influence. However the most important thing a City Council Member can do is not vote for underdevelopment projects in the city’s scares available land.

    6.How would you work with state and federal officials to bring government funding to the city?

    What do you mean by WORK? Every municipality begs for more state and federal funding. The treat of the city not voting for them works best. Unfortunately Bridgeport is a one political system party. So if a Democrat elected official don’t deliver we can’t threaten to vote them out. Is the GBYD going support a Republican when Democrat official don’t bring home the bacon?

    7.What, if any, experience do you have in the field of economic development?

    None, but my common sense says a casino is an economic development, and East Windsor will benefit from it more the Bridgeport. Thanks Moore and Gomes for your vote to bring economic development to East Windsor and not Bridgeport.

    8.How would you facilitate communication and cooperation between the city’s law enforcement and community?


    9.Do you support Bridgeport’s status as a “welcoming city”? Why or why not?

    This goes to the heart of what’s wrong with Bridgeport politics and the Evil that resides within it when you only have a one party system and their really no opposition. You end up feasting on each other, regardless of the damage to the city, party, or those who are affected by it. Is there a real difference between “welcoming city” and sanctuary city” other than a threat of funding being cut off, and the continuing exploitation of undocumented worker by employer in lower paying jobs will continue under whatever you call the city?

    10. What, if any, experience do you have in the field of public safety?

    None, but this too is a broad statement. Was is public safety? What happened in Flint was public safety. My common sense says no lead in the water let the kids play on the splash pads in peace.

    10.How would you work to decrease the achievement gap and general educational inequality that our city faces?

    I would start by not voting against a multi-million dollar school from being built. The inequality that our city faces is not just based on the Bridgeport’s educational system, but at home as will. That is not an excuse though, that is a challenge. K thought 6 should be reformed to focus on the foundation of learning with reading, written comprehension, math, and vocabulary. make the class rooms smaller in sizes. A “single” standard uniform and dress code for each school including high school.

    11. What, if any, experience do you have in the field of education?

    None, I’m practically a retard.

    12. What are some of the environmental challenges that our community faces? How should city council work to address them?

    Your used of the word challenges is in the right context, Great job GBYD. However a much broader question though, I would fine businesses and Property owners for not keeping their property clean for litter. if they don’t pay the fine add it to their tax bill. Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

    13. What, if any, experience do you have in the field of sustainability and environmental policy? You still have your fuckin Oceans, and the sun is still shinning.


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