Who’s ‘Public Enemy’ Number 1 On School Board? Pereira Battles Gardner

#bridgeport boe member maria pereira didn’t get her way. Her response as meeting continues pic.twitter.com/os54Pms5zx
— linda lambeck (@lclambeck) June 22, 2017

Is Maria Pereira the school board’s new DJ? What was once a relatively solid school board coalition could be experiencing a meltdown following Pereira’s unique music-attention strategy–blasting the song “Fight the Power” on her cell phone during a committee meeting–after items she wanted to discuss were rejected by member Howard Gardner. CT Post education reporter Linda Conner Lambeck was there to chronicle the meeting in words and video. Board members Ben Walker, Gardner and Sauda Baraka were not pleased by Pereira’s ear-splitting confrontation. While Pereira has battled an assortment of board members, this time she rattled a coalition that has generally been on the same page. Pereira asserts, however, the coalition hasn’t been close for some time.

From Lambeck’s story:

As the music blared, Gardner and board members Ben Walker and Sauda Baraka attempted to ignore her, calling school staff and school principals to come up closer so they could try and shout over the booming music.

Unable to get Pereira to stop, Walker moved his seat so the cell phone wasn’t blasting in his ear. He said it was causing him physical pain.

“I’m fighting the power,” Pereira responded. “This is about breaking bylaws.”

“Ben, it’s a reflection on her,” Gardner told Walker.

“Your childishness is just beyond me,” Walker told Pereira as he moved.

When the lyrics of the music became profane, board Vice Chairman Sauda Baraka objected.

“I can not take the language,” Baraka said. “I am getting ready to call somebody to deal with it.”

Pereira then switched to loudly reading from emails she had sent Gardner. In them, Pereira told Gardner he was infringing on her rights as a board member.

“It was intentional, purposeful and not OK,” Pereira told Gardner. She went on to call him lazy, outrageous and a coward. By the end of the diatribe, her voice was raspy.

Full story here.

Pereira, who is also the Democratic leader of the 138th District, wrote in the OIB comments section on Thursday, “There is not a single school board member up for reelection that should seek reelection or be reelected. Not one. They are all irresponsible, lazy, and unwilling to put in the work necessary to help our over 21,000 students.”

Pereira fight the power
Pereira makes her point. From the 138th District Facebook page.

Photo above included this passage from Pereira:

When you volunteer significant time to help our children, families, and community, don’t ever let those that do nothing meaningful to help others disrespect you.

If you won’t stand up for yourself, don’t expect others to stand up for you. Period.

OIB has reached out to Howard Gardner for a comment.



  1. maria you are a total jerk. Your actions are a disgrace. If I was chairing that meeting I would have declared you out of order and asked you to leave. If you refused I would have had the police department remove you. Please don’t tell me that cant be done because it can

  2. Maria,
    I think the point you were trying to make when you began the “antics” was that the things you were raising could save dollars from the budget? Didn’t that get lost in the “performance” and broadcast?

    Are you on the Finance Committee itself? Or just a well-intentioned and informed member who came as a guest for the final such Finance Committee meeting of the year where possibly that group had matters of more substance, IN THEIR OPINIONS, that took precedent? Were any of them open to your Parliamentary motions? If they stood with the Committee Chair on that issue, doesn’t the POWER reside in more than one “enemy of yours”? Majority voting or failing to vote within the Rules of the BOE is determinative, isn’t it? I have often been asked what I have accomplished, but as a writer/reporter of content in the City I see progress but I am a Committee of One in essence…a solitary voice crying in a sometime desert….But you are one of nine elected representatives who require majority cooperation on an issue to carry the day, or do I misunderstand? As such, your essential public disrespect is not likely to provide what you wish in terms of voting? Perhaps you can explain your rationale? (Of course you can deny such explanation to me, or readers of OIB. You have no obligation, just an opportunity?) Time will tell.

    1. I am one of six (6) “elected” school board members. Three didn’t receive a single vote. One ran for the school board and couldn’t get elected to save his life.

  3. Board Policy 9130 reads as follows:

    “… The agenda for each committee SHALL INCLUDE ANY MATTER referred to that committee as well as any item submitted to the chair and superintendent by any member of the committee at least 72 hours in advance of the committee meeting”.

    Although I specifically told Mr. Larcheveque to remove me from the Finance Committee, he refused.

    I fully complied with this policy.I spent sixteen (16) hours Father’s Day weekend researching, preparing documents, analyzing data, etc. in preparation for the Finance Committee Meeting and the Students & Families Meeting which was scheduled for the same day but canceled at 2:53 PM that very same day. In fact, Mr. Gardner praised the analysis I spent two hours researching and emailing to the board and CFO. I raised my hand to be recognized and he refused to acknowledge me. A man who shows up for committee meetings without a single piece of paper thought he had the right to deny my right to speak as an elected school board member. Of course, these actions are being pursued by those who know the law.

    The Republicans control both houses in Congress. Can they deny Democrats an opportunity to speak at committee meetings? Democrats staged a sit in on the house floor in protest of gun violence. Fight the Power!!!

    I will not let anyone violate my rights as an elected school board member, nor disrespect my work, but especially when the vast majority of school board members have horrific attendance records, are lazy, offer no meaningful policies,or ideas to generate revenue or generate savings.

    Howard Gardner, who has a really poor work ethic, refused to place my referrals and submitted items on the agenda in violation of board policy.

    The Superintendent agreed I had complied will the policy, had her administrative assistant type up a new agenda, and she personally called Howard Gardner to ask his permission to allow the revised agenda to be filed at the City Clerk’s office across the hall. Howard refused to allow her to do it.

    Some of these items were referred as long as five months ago. All committees are supposed to meet once a month for ten months. I would repeatedly have to pressure him to hold Finance Committees and he at times would say “I’m too busy”. There are 28-31 days in a month yet he couldn’t find a day to hold a Finance Committee Meeting. That is not acceptable.

    There is no board in Bridgeport more important than the Board of Education. This work is meaningful and critical, and anyone who is not passionate about this work, is using it as a stepping stone for political ambitions, is lazy, doesn’t want to do this work or doesn’t have the time to do this work should either resign or not seek reelection.

    Next to me, Ben Walker really takes this work seriously and puts in substantial effort. Joe Larcheveque, John Weldon, Dennis Bradley, Rafael Fonseca have done NOTHING to propose a relevant policy, program, additional revenue, cost savings in the entire time I have rejoined the board. Annette Negron has struggled but I honestly believe she is trying and wants to accomplish the work.

    One of the school board’s most important responsibilities as per state statute is to set policy. Why should our students, teachers, parents, and administrator’s follow board policy when members of our own board choose when and what policies they will follow? The policies apply to every board member and you can’t use policies when they benefit your position, but not follow them when they are against your position.

    Our last Regular Board Meeting is on Monday. My significant other is in Cape Cod, but I stayed behind to prepare for Monday’s meeting. I am literally in the office as I am posting this.

    If anyone here wants to allow others to violate your rights or disrespect you, feel free to do so, however I will not accept it. Howard Gardner’s decision to violate my rights under Policy 9130 was purposeful and flagrant, not a mistake.

    If I won’t stand up for myself, than why should I expect anyone else to. I stood up for right versus wrong and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

    FIGHT the POWER!!!

  4. On a side note, thanks for all the calls, texts and emails commending me for my actions. Quite a few people called me cracking up. As one person said to me,” Maria, you don’t take sh_t from anyone”. Ain’t that the truth. 🙂

    I spoke with two administrators after the meeting who were both present and both agreed that Howard was out-of-line.

      1. Lisa,
        That was a well explained response that calmly fleshed out much of Maria’s commentary and that which was reported. I defer completely on the alleged correctness of the process. I have a reservation on the relative importance of matters for specific timely fiscal
        attention. That subject was not covered by Lambeck or Maria and we all know that as much time can be spent on $100 matters as well as $100,000 matters unfortunately.
        At the end of the day, I appreciate Maria’s explanation. Broad community support is necessary these days and that is why the more that is specifically shared with the community that is factual, the better our community use of taxpayer resources will be and seem. Discord in an of itself undercuts the factual and moves
        folks away from governance issues. Help the public become more informed. Watch them attend meetings and provide questions and responses, formal and informal. See them share well developed comments with the press and neighbors. Have enough of that citizen voice mobilized so that Boards and Commissions necessarily have such NON-“YES, BOSS!” attitudes as current holders with expired terms! And isn’t the the Mayor’s fault anyway? Time will tell.

    1. Could you please identify the 2 administrators that supported your actions? The person that called you and made that comment, is she a product of the Bridgeport School system?

      Speaking about the new Superintendent pushing through the new Bassick High School Principal. Hmmm, Have they considered Kathy Silver? She would be a perfect fit for the school. She was a most revered teacher there.

      Back to the BOE. How credible will you be trying to get re- elected. you no longer support the people you initially ran with. You do not support the Councilman that you supported and The Mayor? How do you go back and expect to be taken seriously when these antics will be magnified?
      There are some interesting candidates running for the BOE.
      It should be very interesting.

      1. Steve, Maria Pereira has lost all effectiveness, if she ever had any, while on the BOE. Maria doesn’t know how to build a coalition among the BOE member. Maria is Bridgeport’s Donald Trump because she doesn’t know how to shut her big loud mouth just like Trump, they both get trouble by running their mouth. Everything is about Maria, just listen to her you would think that she invented the wheel. She is total useless and she’s suppose to be in a leadership position to help our children to get educated, please, hell no Maria got to go.

    1. Tom,

      1) Non-BPS Students Participation in School Athletic Programs. Our athletic programs have been decimated and four separate athletic teams have had Go Fund Me pages to cover basic costs. This would have raised approximately $20,000 to put right back into our athletics program.

      2) Madison School Asst. Principal. Thus is the only K-6 school with an assistant principal. Ms. Seigel and I worked on a formula.calculation which indicated they should have an asst. principal three days a week. It would have saved $100,000.

      3) A revision to Policy 3310- Contracts. Administrators arbitrarily have signed MOUs, agreements and contracts woth hundreds of thousands of dollars without going out to bid in violation of state law and the city ordinance. We were just told our former IT Director signed a $200,000 contract for a service we did not need. These revisions would have tightened the policy and any proposed MOU, agreement or contract would have had to be reviewed by our attorney, vetted in the appropriate committee and ratified by the full board.

      4) A revision to Policies 3320.1 & 3320.2 R Purchasing Procedures. This tightened up the process and requirements for going out to bid.

      5) A revision to Policy 9270- Conflict of Interest. It would require any staff member or board member to disclose any conflict and recuse themselves from all discussion and voting, including the hiring of an immediate family member

      6) A motion to require a Special Meeting be scheduled within 7 business days after the state of CT passes its budget because we will probably make additional devastating cuts.

      1. Maria,
        I often agree with many of your positions re: BPS, and as a non-resident taxpayer am not involved in the politics of Bridgeport.

        BUT: I DISAGREE with your position regarding the Asst. Principal at Madison School. I spent 28 school days at Madison this past school year and saw the school and its administration in action.

        Madison may be the only K-6 school with an assistant Principal, BUT it is also the only K-6 school with three classes in grades, 4, 5 and 6. The others have only 2. The school is one of the few that operates on 3 floors, is overcrowded with insufficient classrooms, so that students receive both music and art on a cart in their own classrooms.

        I don’t have the student population breakdown by school, but I would not be surprised that Madison has a substantially bigger enrollment than the other K-6 school.

        An assistant Principal is not a luxury at Madison. I don’t believe scaling back 40% on days spent by an AP at Madison could save 100K, because that extrapolates to a 250K salary for an AP, which is not the case. I’d be interested to see the math on this proposed savings for 2 days per week.

        1. Hallen School has 400 students with NO AP support. Madison School has 500 students with a full time SO.

          Hallen has PK and Madison dies not, however Madison does have 5 self-contained special ed. classrooms.

          My calculation showed Madison should have two days of AP support, however the CFO’s calculations showed Madison should have three days of AP support which I agree with.

          We would implement the same AP support our magnet schools use by placing AP’s in place utilizing stipends.

          This would save $100,000 in benefits and salary.

          1. Thanks for the numbers. I had no doubt you had backup. I can only write from having seen the school and its AP in action. Madison’s population is 25% bigger than Hallen including 5 self contained SPED classes which require extra administrative/discipline attention. Hallen is also a 2 floor school, which is easier to physically cover by an admin.

            Your reference to using stipends is unclear. Do you mean that an existing school employee should undertake the AP responsibility for additional compensation? If so how would that person’s classroom have adequate coverage the balance of the week and no harm done to students who no longer have a 100% dedicated classroom teacher?

            I am not quite sure how you expect this part time AP support to work.

    1. I know Bob, but Charter $chools and the deplorable Achievement First are the absolute best.

      Let’s take a look:

      1) They take 13% of the $11,000 per child grant they receive from the state and pocket it in “Management Fees”.

      2) They are only allowed to have 30% of their staff be non-certified per state statute, however they were caught with well-over 40% of their teachers as non-certified

      3) They have the highest suspension and expulsion rates in CT including kindergartners.


  5. Well this shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Maria’s antics continue to be a hindrance to effective governance on the BBOE as well as an embarrassment to the city. Is there anyone left in the city of Bridgeport that was her ally that now can’t stand the sight of her hate filled face. Maria says she cares about the children of Bridgeport, if that was truly genuine she would step down from the BBOE so that they can move forward for the sake of the children she professes to care about. I know Maria you were elected to the board, but so was Trump elected so we know that the electorate gets it wrong sometimes.

    1. Electorates got it right for U.S. President Donald J. Trump and Maria Pereira. Mr. President Trump to represent the citizens of the USA and Maria Maria representing the true public education system in Bridgeport.

      1. Gary Tobin- good that you are Maria Pereira’s biggest ass kisser. Yes the electorate got it right and Maria is as vitriolic and insensitive as Trump and he put Betsey Devos in office and supports charter schools. You go Gary- The electorate got it right with Trump. Thank you Maria for being like the most disgusting President the nation has ever seen and asking the country the laughing stock of the world. Yes Gary Tobin- Thank you for being a loyalist and putting your idol in the same class as Trump!!!

        Maria Thanked you! OMG– She could not have read your post!

        1. Steve, that’s rich coming from you. Vitrolic??? Didn’t you call a woman a “c_nt” on OIB? PURE HYPOCRISY, Steve.

          I don’t agree with Gary about,Trump. I am not a sexist, racist, mysoginist, pathological liar and narcissist like I believe Trump to be.

          Was Robert Texeita demoted? I thought he was my number one add kisser? 🙂

          1. Maria- isn’t it so ike you to compare one horrid comment on OIB that I acknowledged and apologized for and compare it to the vile consistant mean spirited personal assaults and anybody you don’t agree with- You have burnt every bridge and you will most likely pay a price. The nightmare on Nutmeg will go door to door everyday annoying and terrorizing her neighbors. The only way Anthony and Nessah , or Gage and Dolly could pssibly loose to you is if they are lame,lazy and stupid. We will see how that plays out. As for the BOE , If Jessica Martinez and a slew of others can not beat you than Bridgeport continues to be held captive to your antics. .As far as being compared to Donald Trump and his Charter school support , you can Thank Gary Tobin. You still didn’t answer the question for the 3rd time. What administrators were impressed with your childlike behavior as Ben Walker called it. Is there anyone on the BBOE that can work with you or want to?
            You are a terror. Donald Day and Ron Mackey fear you. Given your domestic violence history it is outrageous an emotionally unhinged individual would have such a loud voice on the BOE- you do not give a crap about the 21,000 children you continually remind us. Rhe reachers and administrators of the BBOE are NOT fans of yours.

            You are so knowledgeable on BOE issues. Too bad the info is lost in translation. When you have 24 hours a day to focus and be obsessive compulsive about one subject and have nothing else to offer is sad.

            I apologized to Carolanne Curry for my comment You? Have you ever apologized for your actions or comments? Just like Donald Trump.

            Speaking about Robert Texeira, Maria it was you who told me he was nuts and removed from Ganims headquarters. That was when you were a Ganim follower. Now he is your biggest supporter like your friend Tammy Boyle. These people must have extremely low self esteem. The terrible comments you have made and they still worship you. Amazing to me . Just amazing.

          2. Steve, you are coming across as unhinged. Take a deep breath, it will all be okay.

          3. Ron mackey, I was kidding about you and Donald Day fearing Maria. :-). I was being facetious.

  6. Bob, be sad for New Beginnings and Achievement First Charter $chools who were both placed on probation for their performance and treatment of students.

  7. Nice to see Beavis chime in and his duo sidekick, Maria is just one vote on the board. If she doesn’t build a coalition her items don’t get passed. (Some of them are concerning while others are not) It’s just that simple. A question JML, Bob, and the dynamic duo (Ron & Day) need to ask is why Howard and others wouldn’t let Maria speak on her items of concern? They don’t have to agree with them. Hell they could they could of played their own theme song vote 8 to 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OgtQj8O92eI

    I certainly don’t agree on Maria’s stance on Charter Schools. As board member that would see the goal of making sure Bridgeport kids are getting educated, I would say to Maria, “that was a well research and articulated opinion” now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-osEBe8zpg

    Maria Charter School Students are Bridgeport students too. If you want to see Charter School fail then you want to see Bridgeport students fail. It’s not like the money is going to students in another town, and it’s not like the BPS is leading the pact on education gap with other cities and town.

    PLEASE! 13% of $1,100, what’s that $143. You stated how the BOE wasted 200,000 that’s like 1400 students at 13% of $1,100. If you add just the Superintendent position it would equal to, over 3,000 students at that 13% of $1,100. How many Charter School Students are there? (If my math is correct) Matthew 7:5

    1. Robert,

      Per CT state statute, children that attend Charter $chools Are defined as students of the state, they are not defined as Bridgeport students.

      Every Charter $chool in this country should be closed down. They exist wealthy white people wealthier and to break the most powerful union in this country.

      I doubt you have completed one iota of research on charter $chooks.

      1. But isn’t every public school student really a student of the state. Didn’t you and Joe go Hartford asking for equal funding and more money from the state to educate Bridgeport students?

        You didn’t answer my question though. How many Bridgeport Charter Schools students attend the Charter Schools in Bridgeport? How many out-of-towners attend Bridgeport Charter Schools?

        PS when you played, “Fight the power” to Howard at you BBOE meeting, were you referring to the power of the rich and wealthy BLACKS. BAM 🙂


        1. I lobby for equitable funding of the Bridgeport Public Schools and its 21,199 students.

          Please don’t ever put me and Joe Ganim in the same sentence when it comes to working on behalf of our public schools. GANIM has broken EVERY single promise he made when it comes to our true public schools.

          1. Which question, number of charter $chool students? I believe it will be about 3,000 this upcoming school year which is pretty sad.

          1. Over $4,000,000 will be siphoned away from the BPS to find the special education and transportation of the six charter $chools located in Bridgeport.

          2. It’s sad because so many parents only know what they know. They don’t know what charter $chools are truly about which is $$$.

          3. You mean allocated. You’re missing the point. The state and federal (taypayers) pays for 80% of BBOE educational budget. Correct? Is the money not being used to service those educational needs of Bridgeport students?

          4. No it all taxpayers money being spent on education, Right .It the money was going to to the parks department then I would agree. But since it education taxpayers money allocation for education and is being spent on education. Allocation is correct

    2. Howard never explained why he wouldn’t just follow the policy and place my referrals on the agenda. But I know why he wouldn’t, he is,L-A-Z-Y.

      An eight item agenda, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO way.

    3. @Robert Teixeira

      I believe you missed a ZERO in the numbers. Maria wrote the Charter schools take 13 per cent of ELEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS, NOT HUNDRED, so the $143 per pupil is actually ONE THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED THIRTY DOLLARS per pupil spent on administrative overhead.
      This is money that could be spent directly on the students if they enrolled in a BPS school that already has all the central office and administrative positions in place and functioning.

      Watch what happens on October 2nd. That’s the day after state funding is allocated for the year to the Charter Schools. You will see a good number of students bounced back to BPS. The Charter Schools keep the funds allocated for the entire school year and the BPS has the expenses of educating these returning kids through June.

      BPS is sometimes guilty of this tactic in the InterDistrict Magnet Schools. If a student wants to leave for their home district school, the transfer and paperwork often gets stalled until October 2nd.

      1. Yes it would be $1430 but the BOE would have and absorb the cost of the of administration and teaching cost the come with the 3000 students as will. In some case under the union and state obligation that PS paysout it could be more. of the cost for the taxpayers over all. That’s what I think is really diving Charter school. State Budgets, Unfunded liabilities and pensions obligation. It’s mostly a push on the operational cost of education. (Peter or Paul) Except for Charter School’s rent. That’s money wasted that can go to the students directly.

        As for the students bouncing back to BPS that’s just a policy fix. I guess that could be driving expulsion in Charter School.

      2. Yes it would be $1430 but the BOE would have to absorb the administration and teaching cost that comes with the 3000 students as will. In some cases under the union and state obligation that BPS paysout it could end up costing taxpayers more in the end. That’s what I think is really diving Charter Schools, State Budgets, unfunded liabilities and pension’s obligation. It’s mostly a push on the operational cost of education. (Peter or Paul) Except for Charter School’s pay rent I believe. That money is wasted and can go to the students directly in some manner

        As for the students bouncing back to BPS that’s just a policy fix. I guess that could be driving expulsion in Charter School.

          1. The transportation director completed a cost analysis of the 1200 students that attend Charter $chools utilizing bus transportation.

            If every one of these students attended their neighborhood school, only 126 would have still needed bus transportation. Mr. Lafitte shared that almost every one of those 126 students could have been absorbed into current BPS bus routes.

            Next year, we will be paying for 37 buses for charter $chools at $65,000 per bus. You do the math.

            Taking in every charter school student would result in negligible costs to the BPS. I hope we would agree that redirecting money ulized for school buses would be better spent on adding teachers, guidance counselors or social workers.

          2. It would be $2.400,000 plus. Please define “ WE” will be paying. It is not (Yours) the BBOE’s money. It is Connecticut and Federal taxpayer’s money. Please tell me how much money is spent on the total transportation for Bridgeport’s STUDENTS.

            Let’s cut the Athletes programs, Art, Bands and all extra-curricular programs that have no direct impact on education. That would save a lot of money wouldn’t you agree. If fact why have Public Schools at all? Let the parents be responsible for their own children education. At the end of the day it is just Peter (BPS) or Paul (Charter School) spending taxpayers money on education. That is something that doesn’t have to be agreed upon. It’s just a fact.

            Here’s a thought I think the Department of Transportation should take over all PS transportation of student. Since it’s such an issue

            speaking a analysis what ever happen to the Light House Program

  8. I had a late dinner with a Bridgeport couple last night. She informed me she had read about my protest in the CT Post. I showed her the video and she could not restrain herself from really laughing. By the way, she had two young children.

    Fight the Power! 🙂

    1. Well, the Chair never referenced any such policy. In addition, how would he utilize a board policy regarding my actions when he blatantly violated a board policy regarding my agenda items?

      Certainly, if Mr. Gardner doesn’t believe board policy applied to him he can’t legitimately say a policy applied to me.

      Howard Gardner would certainly be on a,slippery slope…

        1. What should have gotten you removed was your behavior. Just because you were elected to the BOE does nott give you the right to act anyway you want

  9. I admit, i am not well versed in the financial equation / money spent on Charters etc.just like many of the parents. But I am into results.
    Achievement First – Amistad High School in New Haven (which also includes bpts children) was ranked #1, their whole graduating class is going to college, AND they have a program in place where their advisors are accessible for 6 years after graduation to help them with any issues they have in college. Thats what parents wantto sign up for, and if its some fancy millionaires behind it, most are willing to accept that as an alternative to a school system that is not producing the same results and is filled with turmoil.

    1. I suggest you check the idiotic methodology used by U.S. News in that ranking. They actually ranked a Success Academy in MY that doesn’t exist.

      Central HS was ranked 40 because the methadolgy is so idiotic. No disrespect to Central, it just isn’t an accurate picture or ranking.

      By the way, students held a walk-out this spring because of their dissatisfaction with the school.

      1. You are correct – they held a one day walkout. and guess what – it was successful. They made their point and changes were made. they all then refocused and went on to finish a succesful school year. Perhaps the 21,999 BPS students should walk out and protest the circus that is the BOE and ask that they all work better together for the good of the STUDENTS? and despite the rankings shortcomings, the facts on all of the graduates going to college and the after care program are still correct and valid.

        1. No, they are not.

          This is typical charter $chool propaganda. They tout 100% of their students are accepted into a college. What they don’t share is how many actually attended and graduated with a degree.


          1. Actually – they did acknowledge that bragging about the 100% college rate was a failure since half of the kids were not finishing college. That is why they created a 6 year after care program where the HS advisers are available to the graduates for assistance – even visiting them on campus when they need them. Since you brought it up – What is the college graduation rate for the students that graduate BPS? What program(s) has the BOE put in place to follow and support those students?

  10. Butthead, the real issue is why Maria wasn’t allowed to bring her items up for discussion. Howard needs to called out for it. While the “fight the power” protest was probably a slippery slop in its own right. It was by no means for visceral condemnation. What is or should be a concern is valid items not being discussed and voted on. However I stand by my original theme song


  11. Maria, what friends and associates do you now have on the BOE now that Sauda Baraka and Howard Gardner are no longer your friends? Of course, you have none because nobody liked you or trust you. It’s real not about the rules and who was right and who was wrong because you are just a big distraction for the BOE do anything. This board is now hopeless as long as you are on the board. It’s time for you Maria to do what is best for the 21,000 Bridgeport students and that is for you to step down off of the BOE.

    1. So Beavis are you saying the rules don’t apply. Please explain to me how Maria is a distraction for doing what she was elected to do because of the Board (Howard) fail in what he was elected to do. How can you find Maria at fault and not for his actiona of not allow Maria to bring items up for discussion is hard for me to understand. Please explain.

      you’re sounding like Denise and Howard’s action too.

  12. The Bridgeport Board Of Education has 9 members and in order to pass anything voted on there must at lease 5 votes in support of the action taken. Maria Pereira is trying to make her case now about policy but what did Maria do to get 4 BOE members to support her position? Who did Maria lobby for support and what BOE said that they would support Maria? Maria has no coalition inside the BOE, Maria has no friends on the BOE in fact the very members who at one did support her, Sauda Baraka and Howard Gardner no longer support Maria plus Dennis Bradley who Maria supported to become a BOE member have gone in different direction a long time ago. Maria Pereira is a totally ineffective BOE member nobody will work with her to support anything she propose. Maria main interest is to talk about what a wonderful person she is and how bad all the other BOE members are. Just read her post on OIB and most of the time it’s all about what Maria doing but the BOE is a nine person board not a one person board. Dennis Bradley was wrong in trying to get Maria removed from the BOE because he use the wrong reason. Today Maria Pereira is a ineffective BOE member who needs to be replace because she is doing nothing to better the quality of education for the 21,000 Bridgeport school students.

  13. Sec. 53a-182. Disorderly conduct: Class C misdemeanor. (a) A person is guilty of disorderly conduct when, with intent to cause inconvenience, annoyance or alarm, or recklessly creating a risk thereof, such person: (1) Engages in fighting or in violent, tumultuous or threatening behavior; or (2) by offensive or disorderly conduct, annoys or interferes with another person; or (3) makes unreasonable noise; or (4) without lawful authority, disturbs any lawful assembly or meeting of persons; or (5) obstructs vehicular or pedestrian traffic; or (6) congregates with other persons in a public place and refuses to comply with a reasonable official request or order to disperse; or (7) commits simple trespass, as provided in section 53a-110a, and observes, in other than a casual or cursory manner, another person (A) without the knowledge or consent of such other person, (B) while such other person is inside a dwelling, as defined in section 53a-100, and not in plain view, and (C) under circumstances where such other person has a reasonable expectation of privacy.

    (b) Disorderly conduct is a class C misdemeanor.

  14. Better yet, maybe Lennie should play music from Phantom of the Opera for the cowards that hide behind masks and slither in the darkness. 🙂

  15. Ron you failed to say where Maria went wrong. She did her job and wanted to bring up with the board. Howard was in the wrong. Maria’s antics were par for the course.

    Steve we don’t say nuts we say retarded. BAM

    Please read this thread. I disagreed with Maria on her position. However she had a right to state her position. Howard was wrong. Ron Maria has the right to speak. 8 to 1 if she has no support,so why violate the rules.

    PS Steve I prefer the word SPECIAL 🙂

    1. Maria can speak as much as she wants just like Donald Trump. NOBODY on the BBC can work with her. Like I’ve said before, on the BOE you need 5 voters to get something approved and Maria can not get 4 other board members to support her on anything, she a embarrassment to Bridgeport.

        1. Maria does not understand political process, Maria does not know how to lineup her votes on the BOE in order to get accepted, she’s like a bull in a China shop. What kind of behind the scene lobbying did Maria do in order to be heard? If Maria was correct in position then what BOE members supported her position? Maria feels that being a loud mouth bully will work for her, wrong.

          1. Bully! where did we hear that? That’s Maria’s political process.
            What was wrong was Howard shutting down Maria’s items she wanted to bring up with the BOE. The voters will judge Maria on her effectiveness in how she addresses her position and the out comes. That is not for the BOE or Howard to rectify. It for the Voters.

        2. Robert, you are now showing that you don’t understand political process. You never put something up for a vote if you really want it to pass without first lining up your votes for passage, well, Maria doesn’t know how to do that. Maria thinks that she can loud talk people and they will get scare and listen to her, NOT.

  16. That’s not the point, She still has the right to put up something with or without the votes. Howard shutting is down was wrong, unless he did it because Maria didn’t have the votes and was saving her ass. Either way Maria has the right to put up any item she want with or without the votes and Howard when against the rules. (as far as I can tell.) They have to listen to her they don’t have to agree with her. You are just wrong on this and it has nothing to do with Maria, it’s about the rules.

      1. Its not about Maria or who backed her. all I’m saying is If she wanted to bring up items, Howard no right to shut her down. Why it was played out this way,I don’t know, but it was for from a spontaneous act. Those flyer indicated Maria know Howard was going to shut her down. Fight the Power. This is not much different the what Dennis did.

        Maria stated it perfectly. Being on the BOE really doesn’t have anything to do with the students it’s about controlling a $200,000,000 plus dollar budget, like all politics.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZVzgXYGjJYs

        1. Robert, Howard could do whatever he wanted to do whether it was right or wrong the question is what backup plan did Maria have to make Howard let her speak? Yes had nothing, if she had support from other BOE members then they could have changed things against Howard but Maria has no backup, no support. Maria doesn’t matter anymore to the other BOE members, right or wrong they are not going back Maria on anything. It’s not about right or wrong, it’s about who has the power to make decisions and Maria doesn’t have any power. So Howard was wrong, so what. Maria’s act is getting old to the members and they don’t need to pay any attention to Maria.

          1. 8 to 1 vote, there was no reason to be wrong. The question is why Howard wanted to be wrong. 8 to 1 vote.

          2. What 8 to 1 vote? Again, Howard didn’t need a reason because Maria couldn’t do anything to stop him.

          3. Just like Dennis and his boycott. So if Howard or any other board member stages a boycott against Maria you’re cool with it?

          4. And you cool with Howard breaking the rules by not letting another elected board member do their elected dutie?

          5. Robert, my feelings has nothing to do with this. If Howard Gardner was wrong then Maria should have her backup plan ready to go. That would mean getting enough BOE members to support her and to take action against Howard Gardner but Maria can’t do that because she has NO support on the BOE.

          6. what back up plan? Like you said their nothing she could do or any other board member. You’re defending something wrong that Howard did by trying to make Maria out like she did something wrong. No matter how you try to spin it Howard was wrong. As an elected official Maris tried to do her job and Howard hindered it.

          7. Robert, what are you talking about? You act like Maria’s hands are clean, just read the first paragraph on this topic. Maria Pereira has no value or effectiveness as a member of the BOE because she no allies or support from other BOE members. Robert, how can Maria be effective when no one supports her?

          8. This not about someone effectiveness. It’s about right and wrong. Her ineffectiveness should have ended by a 8 to 1. That’s how it works. What Howard did was not even let her be ineffective. I just calling it for what is it. Maria is just not wrong to bring items up with the board and here ineffectiveness has nothing to do with Howard or any other board. those how voted for her bear that responsibility. From a elected official Howard was actual ineffective by not carrying out what he was elected to do. Right. Maria not wrong for trying to do what she was elected to do.

  17. Robert,

    Once again, can you please stop defending me to Mackey and Day? Mackey has NEVER been to a BOE meeting since I became involved in 2009.

    It was a committee meeting, therefore there were not nine voting members, there were only three.

    I have passed more agenda items or initiatives than any other board member since rejoining the board in 2015. I am not referencing agenda items driven by the administration, I am referring to agenda items solely driven by a board member.

    1. Maria, who on the BOE supports you now? We know that Sauda Baraka and Howard Gardner don’t and your running mate Dennis Bradley doesn’t give a dam about you so is willing to stand up and support you? You can’t get a majority of votes for committee votes or with the whole board voting now because nobody cares about yoi or support you.

  18. Maria, please stop telling me what I can and can’t say. Do you not find the irony in your request? “Fight the Power” This was a conversation (I mean “communication”) between Ron and I. Day was not involved in our discussion. I was not defending you. I was defending the rule of LAW.

    Ron and I were discussion on how you have no support on the board which is an 8 to 1 vote margin, in a committee 3 to 1 or 1 (Maria) to whatever. You are a combative person. Your comment to request me to stop defending you against Ron and Day is a reflection of you combativeness. I actually challenged you on thread. I defended the rule of law and attacked Howard. There is a difference.

    I understand what everyone on OIB says about you in your bridge building or should I say bridge burning political style. Like you said in that video when you first ran for the board you thought you were going to help out the students but later learned the BOE generally has nothing to do with the students, but it was more about the control of the $230,000,000 budget. However BOE members are not real politicians while it is an elected seat it’s far removed for politicking.

    If you go to Hartford you will learn it might require those bridge building skills Ron and Day are talking about. Skills your current intellect does not possess. And Hartford is a much broader arena than your Crusade on Charter Schools

    In my defend of not defending you I refer to my prior post
    Robert Teixeira // Jun 25, 2017 at 9:41 am

    “I certainly don’t agree on Maria’s stance on Charter Schools. As board member that would see the goal of making sure Bridgeport kids are getting educated, I would say to Maria, “that was a well research and articulated opinion” now

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-osEBe8zpg “ BAM 

    1. Robert, as you can see Maria Pereira does not respect you and we all can see that in her post telling you, “Robert, Once again, can you please stop defending me to Mackey and Day?” Robert, Maria knows that the more that reply back to Don and myself that we would keep on talking about Maria should be remove from the BOE.

      Robert, you are Maria’s best only supporter, you in your own way and style reply back to those who say things about Maria.
      Robert, you were trying to talk about the law and Howard going against the law. Well, Martin Luther King Jr. was arrested 30 times in breaking the law. King was fighting unjust laws and he knew that in his protest against laws that he believe were unjust that there would be a price to pay and that price would be going to jail. Here you had a young black preacher with a jail record fighting the power. Senator Ed Gomes was a staff worker for the United Steelworkers Union of America lead numerous demonstrations and strikes against companies that were unfair to union workers and in fact Ed has been arrested and he has stitches in his head from being the police from refusing to stop picketing. That’s what you do when you are trying to make a statement.

      Robert, think about this, who on the Bridgeport Board Of Education supports Maria Pereira? Her hatred of charter schools is not what we need in Bridgeport. The Bridgeport school system is failure and we need to do whatever it takes to educate our 21,000 students. Bridgeport has never really had a open and honest discussion about charter schools, public schools and magnet schools are a portion of the answer but not the only answer. How long must Bridgeport students suffer with this fail school system? 

  19. Beavis I hope the that reference to Martin Luther King and Gomes was not in anyway to defend what Howard did to Maria. King broke laws that were unjust. What Howard did was unjust. If anything it should apply to Maria but instead of fighting the “Power” in the form of a protests and getting arrested. Maria play the song Fight the Power” to fight the unjusted Howard committed.

    Lets not for get Gomes and Moore vote for economic development of East Windsor and left Bridgeport blowing in the wind.

    As for me and Maria. Check the thread Maria got severed Fight the power https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1LrPHozzy24 🙂


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