Budget Committee Crunches Numbers, No Tax Increase

From Brian Lockhart, CT Post:

City Council members spent their Saturday finding a couple of million more dollars in the draft 2018-19 budget for the public schools and libraries, and without raising taxes.

They got a big assist from a last-minute announcement by Mayor Joe Ganim’s administration that the city will move from being self-insured to joining the state’s health plan.

“We’re talking millions and millions in savings on both sides (the city and public schools) in the years to come,” Tom Gaudett, a mayoral aide, told members of the Budget Committee and other council members present.

Gaudett warned “it’s not a done deal” and needs employee approval. But that may not be difficult, given that some city unions–in particular the police–have urged City Hall to join the state’s health insurance pooling initiative.

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  1. Retail politics is the strategy of shaking your hand before your vote is tabulated. Retail has changed. But here’s why I’m writing:
    I’m crunching numbers, too.
    As soon as the City Council “finds” a few million dollars, a tax increase seems more likely. Despite massive inflows, Bridgeport’s operating budget has declined, meaning fewer tax dollars will be needed.
    Put another way, if you cancel all spending, taxes default to zero, minus debt servicing costs.

    1. Paul, that’s sounds great, now all we need is for 45 to give America a balance budget and to allow Bridgeport and Connecticut taxpayers to claim their property and tax taxes on their federal tax return.

    2. I’ve been saying that if one does a true fiscal actuarial analysis of The City Of Bridgeport,the city’s finances and fiscal worth is untenable. Bridgeport is BANKRUPT. It’s like squeezing more out of a stone.

          1. Bridgeport Kid: The window is closing. Your chance to challenge me to a guitar players smack down is almost over.

    1. The 2window has closed? Good. You want to show me what you’ve got I’ll be at TruNORTH Tavern & Table, 3171 Fairfield Avenue until midnight. Steven Auerbach has a standing invitation but he’s a gutless coward, can’t say things face to face so, like the giant pussy he is, hides behind the Internet.


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