Bucci Presses Case To Reverse Chief Garcia Appointment

From Dan Tepfer, CT Post:

The lawyer for four top city police officials, seeking to overturn the appointment of Rebeca Garcia as assistant police chief, said he will appeal a court ruling delaying the case to October.

Thomas Bucci said his clients, Captains Brian Fitzgerald, Steven Lougal and Roderick Porter, and Deputy Police Chief Anthony Armeno, are being retaliated against because of the stand they have taken against Garcia’s appointment. He would not say what that retaliation has been.

… In December, the captains and Armeno filed suit in state Superior Court one day after the City Council approved Garcia as assistant police chief. Garcia, the first female Hispanic to hold the post, was chosen by Mayor Joe Ganim and Police Chief Armando Perez for the $142,425 a year job.

The suit claims the appointment of Garcia to assistant chief is “unlawful and invalid,” because it was not done under the provisions of civil service.

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  1. Which brings us back to Ron’s favorite subject, where is the report from the Chief from DC?
    Please. Will the City Council act on this BEFORE naming another deputy. Not only may it have information relative to the position of Deputy, it might also contain data relative the the BOD as a hole.

  2. And another one of Ron’s favorite topics is what the hell is David Dunn doing???
    When the courts find in favor of the door, David Dunn should be shown the door.

  3. Once again, the City Council should NOT approve anything from the Bridgeport Police Department until they have the complete study of the BPD by Charles Ramsey which costed the city taxpayers $25,000.

    The article states “Without regard to a specific candidate, I believe this is the right thing to do if done correctly.
    Councilwoman Eneida Martinez said the council was not told of Gaudett’s order by the mayor or his administration when they were urged to approve Garcia’s appointment.”

    “We were misled on this position, that in 2016 Gaudett had eliminated the position,” Martinez said. “When (the appointment) was brought in front of us by the mayor, that was not given to us and we were misled.” Once again Councilwoman Eneida Martinez and all of the council members except Councilwoman Maria Pereira who voted no have been misled by Hamilton Burger (Mark Anastasi) and David Dunn, the head of the Civil Service Commission and the City Personnel Director.


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