1. Currently, BRIDGEPORT is the COVID-19 hot-spot in Connecticut, with about 3,300 cases to Stamford’s 3075, Hartford’s 2,200 and New Haven’s 2,300… We have been the outlier, Connecticut city in this regard, for the past week…

    Certainly the new testing opportunity is good news, and essential in controlling COVID spread, but it seems that Bridgeport’s failure to trend down in new cases, even as the other urban centers of Connecticut have started to level-off or trend downward, says that something is unique about Bridgeport in regard to how we are handling — or not handling — the Bridgeport spread…

    I have observed a lack of enforcement of mask-wearing, gathering size, and “inside” bar/restaurant drinking/dining at several Bridgeport establishments — some well known — in all parts of the City (from the start of COVID lock-down, to the present).

    If I have observed it, so has BPD… Bridgeport is, and has been, playing pretty fast-and-loose with this virus from the get-go. I would give City Hall a “D (-)” or “F” in the implementation and enforcement of anti-spread measures. Our outlier infection rate speaks for itself…

    Bridgeporters have to ask what’s up with Mayor Ganim/City Hall (Health Department) and the BPD in regard to enforcement of state orders/CDC guidelines in regard to lax implementation/enforcement of anti-COVID measure?!

    Again: Bridgeport is the only city in Connecticut with an upward-trending rate of increase of COVID-19 as of May 26… This is just another distinction that we don’t need… And our populace and government are on track to wide-open COVID assault in Round #2 with the VIRUS this Fall, per our laxity in mitigation in Round #1…

    It’s great to publicly hand-out 100,000 federally-provided masks, but if people don’t wear them, and enforcement is lax in regard to gathering/social-distancing rules, it amounts to only a handy set of reelection campaign-mailer pictures and campaign-ad videos… We’ll need to remember our infection and death rate at election time (for the upcoming GA elections, as well as the 2021 and 2023 municipal elections…).

    1. Come on Jeff. Talk is cheap. Name names.
      What bars and restaurants did you personally see serving drinks?
      Which are the several well known bars doing this?
      Who on the BPD know this is happening?
      Talk is cheap. Let’s see some action.

  2. Anybody that is curious about gatherings/bar-restaurant COVID-guidelines violations only has to take a ride around the city any given evening between 9PM-Midnight and they’ll get an eyeful… Ron and Bob: Get up, get in your car, take a drive, and see for yourself… (I know that Branford is a bit of trip, Bob. But check it out. Or are you afraid to drive around Bridgeport at night?…)


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