Brown Will Appeal Court Ruling For New State House Primary

City Councilman Marcus Brown will appeal to the Connecticut Supreme Court Judge Barry Stevens order for a new Democratic primary in Connecticut’s 127th State House District.

Stevens cited four electors who didn’t sign their absentee ballot applications as justification for a new vote noting the court couldn’t correctly assess the outcome of the primary that experienced two recounts. Brown holds a two-vote lead over incumbent Jack Hennessy based on the second recanvassing of all ballots.

Statement from Brown campaign:

We strongly disagree with Judge Steven’s ruling today that four legitimate Democratic electors that cast free and fair ballots without interference should be disenfranchised because a relative signed their absentee ballot application. We are even more disturbed that over 1,100 other Democratic electors are also being disenfranchised by this ruling by ordering a new primary. Because some of the issues in this case are new and have never been decided by an appellate court in Connecticut, we will be appealing to the CT Supreme Court.

In the meantime, we look forward to knocking on doors and once again earning the support of the people of the 127th. Marcus won all of the schools on the machines by large margins. We fully anticipate another victory in a special primary election.


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  1. Well, Brown is declaring these fuor ABs as disenfranchised votes, who he believes are in his camp for his win. Why isn’t Hennessy appealing this decision as well?

    Considering there are 11 step-child votes still unaccounted no one seems to care about them anymore. It would seem Hennessy has a stronger case and more incentive to have the court approve the first recount before the nine AB were mysteriously found.

    It’s not like it really matters though. The courts are going to do what they want regardless of what is right, or evident. We know that.

    However, it is not a sure thing Hennessy will prevail in a new election. In fact, I put Brown as the favorite to win. So you would think Hennessay would try everything to keep his one-vote recount win with the court’s JS

    They say money is the root of many evil, If so, politics/lawyering has to be a close second. 🙂

    At any rate, Peace out people, Good luck.

    P.S Lamb for Thanksgivings, the meat everyone can agree on. 🤣


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