Shotgun Redo Primary Between Hennessy And Brown In State House Contest

In the extraordinary world of Bridgeport politics that intrigue with zenith and nadir, this one is an up-and-down outlier for the ages.

Superior Court Judge Barry Stevens has approved a request by state election officials to redo the August primary, he ordered, in the 127th State House contest between Democratic incumbent Jack Hennessy and City Councilman Marcus Brown on Oct. 18, less than two weeks.

They are separated by five, one, two votes depending on the original vote, the recount and second recanvassing. It’s complicated.

Hello? So many questions.

Will the State Elections Enforcement Commission that oversees public financing approve extra dollars to the camps?

If so, how do the campaigns turn around mailings to reach voters?

What about distributing absentee ballot applications to receive a mail-in ballot on time with such short notice?

And by the way, will electors voting by absentee in the November general election be confused when receiving an AB for this primary?

For the most part, the reality is, the Hennessy and Brown camps must rely on their respective voter identifications from August to churn out a vote.

Oh gee, well, remember when I asked you to vote for me in August? Can you please do the same Oct 18?

Sure, but why?

Well, it went to court and yadda yadda yadda.



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