Bridgeport’s Brand Of Comedy Returns Downtown

Vinnie Brand’s a nut. My kind of nut, snatching humor in the darkest places. Vinnie and his wife Vickie are back in business in Downtown Bridgeport reopening the Stress Factory Comedy Club darkened for months.

Anthony Rodia is headlining this weekend.

Order tickets here.

Check out a show or two or three.

Let’s host a City Council meeting there. Maybe a stand-up pissing contest featuring Pereira-Newton II. Nothing like a viral re-do. That would be some fundraiser for a political Petri dish. Mario, fire up the sausage and peppers.

Maria Pereira and Ernie Newton. Lab results please.


  1. Since councilman Newton said this about Ron and Me we should be added to the piss contest as well.
    “You and Don need to stop smoking what ever you are smoking.”

    I’ll be in the piss contest, but I’m not taking a piss test!

  2. Lennie, were you suggesting that the City Hall Council Chamber will soon be in session?

    I hold serious respect for Vinnie and Vickie Brand who have worked hard to create a serious downtown Bridgeport destination as a gathering place for those who seek the therapy provided from professional humorists. And what is humor (from slapstick to absurdity in costume) but the clash of ideas and images that often strike the recipient as appropriate for laughter, though on occasion for outrage because outrage and other emotions were generated?

    In any case, if the Brands are an example of initiative and ability worthy of copy, what of the entire DTC gang who have been elected to office, who run the local City Council which is operating with the limitations of ZOOM, and yet have the space to do otherwise safely gather in person. Is virtual the same?. Open the CITY HALL Council Chamber to the public? A startling idea at this time? Or is it a secret like other recent City developments that are resisting oversight?

    After all Maria P. and Ernie N. are not the only members of the Council whose comments are worth hearing for either factual and/or comedic content. There are at least a half dozen more ‘wannabes’ who wish to be heard but are not open to listen well to others or question when personally in serious doubt. Finally, the “Bridgeport City Council Players” might entertain one-liners from the audience and attempt to respond to them? Kind of a test monthly or more in between elections? Potentially seriously funny? Time will tell.


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