Bridgeport To Launch Police Recruitment Campaign

Mayor Joe Ganim, Acting Police Chief Rebeca Garcia and other police officials on Tuesday at 3:30 p.m. will Facebook Live news of a police recruitment campaign encouraging “Motivated, goal-oriented individuals with heart to ‘make the shift’ in their career to become a Bridgeport police officer.”

The application process will go live on Tuesday. For more information, visit @BPTPolice on FacebookTwitter or

Bridgeport Police Training Academy at 405 Newfield Avenue, Bridgeport, CT 06607

Watch on Facebook: @BPTPolice



  1. What testing company is giving this exam and what is their experince in giving a police exam that mirrors Bridgeport population, its racial makeup and makeup of women? David Dunn’s favor testing company is Randi Frank and Assoicates that’s the same company that illegally gave Dunn the answers to the police chief exam and then them to AJ Perez. Let’s see how many out of towners get hired.

    1. The more proper question might be: let’s see how many Bridgeport residents get hired…….then move out to both reside and take police jobs in other towns and cities. Of course the non residents hired will do the same thing as soon as they get the chance. Why wouldn’t they?

      1. Here’s the kicker, the city is about to lose another 10 officers to transfers. Why? Well the city is playing games with their health insurance and retirement benefits. This city in its current state is embarrassing when it comes to the collective bargaining agreement and benefits compared to other towns. Imagine making less money than New Haven and surrounding cities but you do three times the work. Nothing good will come out of this drive. They are not going to attract quality candidates and they will hire whatever is left over, creating further liability in the city. I means that’s what’s been happening.

        1. When Bridgeport changed their health insurance policy in July 2001 a large number of police members retired and a smaller number of firefighters including myself. The reason was a business decision, from July 1, 2001 the cost of their medical insurance was more than whatever pay raise they get, that’s the main reason why they MUST work overtime or move to a place that pays better. Bridgeport police and fire departments respone to more calls than any city in the state but their pay is in the middle of other cities in the state.

          1. Yes. “WE” understand this because of where we came from and what we did. When will “they” get it and figure it out?!!


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