Book’s Read On Mayoral Race–I May Run

Ethan Book may be poling for mayoral votes.

Republican Ethan Book, the conservative nonconformist when it comes to just about anything establishment related, writes on his Facebook page he’s contemplating a run for mayor.

I’m considering running to be our Bridgeport Mayor.

I do so for 3 key reasons:

1) I cannot be comfortable with any of the front-running Democrat candidates,

2) I don’t see another good Republican candidate emerging,

3) There are several important issues which need better development. These include the following;

– The City of Bridgeport is nearing completion of yet another budget review and approval process, yet another such process which leaves me without good confidence that there has been the best reasonably complete and diligent auditing for eliminating the costly political fat from the budget. This means that Bridgeport residents are likely paying more in taxes and fees and getting less efficient government.

– Related to the above, I’m one of the few political figures in Bridgeport who opposes the proposed casino plan for the City. Those who promote the plan do so primarily for the promise of jobs. However, we must first recognize that the observed scarcity of good jobs is mainly the result of several decades of City and State government’s spending too much and taxing too much such that many businesses have been driven away. An attempt to move forward, particularly to an industry which is morally tainted, without dealing with the cause of the problem, is very unwise.

– As acceptable other viable options for good economic development, I support more commercial development of Steel Point (with the only tax incentives being a significantly lower mil rate that is shared by all), and the revitalization of the Bridgeport deep water harbor.

– It’s time for Charter revision to include matters such as providing for the Ethics Commission the authority to enforce their own decisions and for minority party representation on the City Council.

– There needs to be prompt action to address the crisis of excessive pension liabilities.

– The City needs to do more to reasonably fund its Education Department.

This is not a full set of possible platform. It’s an initial listing of priorities!



    1. Ron, before dealing with solutions, there must be good diagnosis/identification of problems. Simply considering with what is presented above, I raise both issues and soluntions; including suggestions for reducing taxes, for good commercial development, specific points for Charter revision and for improving education funding. Also, the photo depicts me cutting sneakers from telephone wires, an annoying issue which initially emerged in the Hollow NRZ from which during the past year, I’ve cut across the City about 3 dozen pairs of sneakers.

      There is more!

      In 1985, as a specialized bank officer, I uncovered and exposed some issues of the CT Resources Recovery Authority (CRRA). It was for that that I made various presentations to the Bpt City Council. In part for my efforts, in 1987 with the support of then Stamford State Rep Chris Shays, Co-Chair of the Program Review and Investigations Committee, there was comprehensive legislative revision of state statutes dealing with quasi-state agencies.

      In the late 1980’s, I did a letter-to-the-editor proposing that Bpt City government would be more efficient if the term of Mayor was extended from 2 years to 4 years. That was done several years later.

      In 2003, I observed the problem of a large portion of innocents incarcerated in CT. Between 2003 and 2013 (before the early release program was inplememted), the number of men incarcerated in CT declined from about 19,000 to 16,000.

      From 2004 to 2013, I was a member of the Board of the El Alfarero Hispanic prison ministry.

      In 2012, I began to raise the public issue of various decades of some attempting to remove God from our public schools (also with my article “The Secularization of Government”; found at Dealing with the problem is identifying it and recommending reversal of the trend.

      In 2014, I did research and exposure of apparent abuses of the stipend program for City Council members. Exposing the problem is part of the solution. I’ve been told that there has been improvement of this. I recently took steps for further review.

      I have done much for investigation of the WPCA crisis and related issues of City handling of tax liens. I am assured that the results of my efforts have contributed to respective changes in state statutes and city procedures. In addition, as part of this process, I’ve made various FOI requests to the City and had various hearings before the FOI Commission. There have been some good results. In fact, in a recent action as is confirmed in a Commission proposed decision, it became apparent that the City administration had not been getting all the authorizations required by the City Council for selling tax liens. As a result of what I uncovered, there is now a specific form to ensue that all required authorizations/concurrences are obtained.

      Also through the FOI processes, after about ten months and three hearings, it became apparent that the City Attorney doesn’t have information as to the ownership of LLC’s to which it assigns/sells bundled tax liens. This issue is very important given the various public questions about the ownerships of Benchmark Municipal Tax Services and American Tax Funding (It is for the latter that various speculate that members of Mayor Ganim’s family have ownership interests. Mayor Ganim hasn’t answered my questions on this.).

      On state matters, I have re-exposed the problem of our legislators claiming mileage allowance reimbursement when they merely ride-share with another who is driving. I have proposed that our legislators take action to close the statutory loophole which allows for this.

      I also have an FOI action pending wherein I seek historical data regarding which of our Bridgeport delegation actually seeks $0.54 per mile for ride-sharing. I await that process.

      In addition, I have been working for several years on reversing a 1990 wrongful murder conviction of Luis A. Rivera, a very serious matter which apparently resulted from errors of Bpt Officer Nicholas Ortiz and several other Bpt Police Officers. Even Chief Perez has failed to act professionally and completely in responding to my pleas on this one.

      More recently, I have revisited the issue of the number of patronage City hires.

      This is a sampling of a more complete listing of what I’ve done for solutions for the City.

      With respect to our mil rate of 54, I make no apology for being a non-conformist.

      Overall, reflecting more simply and affirmatively, the essence of the material above is a plea to the voters of this great City; a plea to become part of the solution by electing as Mayor a good prepared Republican candidate !!!

          1. Ethan,

            Take a pill and get over yourself. You’re more likely to win Mega Millions or Powerball that be elected the mayor of Bridgeport, Connecticut, as a Republican.

  1. Ethan, I engaged you in a conversation because nobody else was, there’s NO WAY that you will get elected into any political position in Bridgeport especially as a Republican. The issues that mentioned are not what the voters in Bridgeport are concerned about.

    1. Derek, since 1971 there have been four Republican Mayors in Bridgeport. Thus, there is precedent. Also, one can look to other major cities where Democrat Mayors are typically elected, such as Chicago, Philadelphia and San Francisco. What has electing Democrat Mayors done for those cities? Nothing of note. Since 1993, Bridgeport has had Democrat Mayors. The last two have guided us to the largest tax increases in City history, with adverse impacts on the economy and availability of good jobs. This is a crucial issue. Also, while the Democrat Party tends to be liberal on social issues, many urban voters tend to be conservative on social issues. Thus, there is a glaring disconnect between what they believe and how they Considering all, it is quite possible that a good prepared Republican candidate is elected! I’m prepared to make it probable !!

      1. Hope you have a lot of money to buy votes. They go for twenty bucks a pop in Bridgeport, plus pizza. The GOP has a tarnished and dented public image thanks to Donald Trump. Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham deserve mention for defending a man that is well known as a tax cheat, a philanderer, a liar and a general moron. Every time you say “Hi I’m Ethan Book and I’m a Republican running for mayor” people will throw garbage at you.

        1. If Ethan Book was a Democrat he still couldn’t get elected to any elected position, he’s a nice guy but he’s not progressive especially for Bridgeport.

          1. Ron, thank you. Would you describe points of a progressive agenda which you believe would be attractive for a municipal political platform? I’d be interested in reviewing and responding!

        2. Derek, that didn’t happen when I ran for State Rep in the 128th last year. Also, while some good things have been accomplished under the Trump presidential administration, I would not be running on national issues, rather local issues for which some main ones are high taxes and government efficiency.

    2. Ron, I don’t believe you! Actually it is more likely that you were attempting to knock a good Republican candidate out of the box before he becomes a political threat to the local political establishment. Your twists of facts betray you. Now, you’re going to tell me that Bridgeport voters don’t care about levels of taxes, the economy, jobs, moral integrity in government, violence and education? It’s clear that you will find and even construct ways to object to a good Republican candidate, not for the issues but simply for the party label. Shall we go back to the words of MLK ?

  2. Ethan, here’s what I’m telling you, you are not the the one to make that change in Bridgeport. It’s not about a party it’s about the message and can they keep their word. There is NO Republican Party in Bridgeport, none.


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