Unions To Rally For MGM Resorts Casino

jobs rally

Major labor unions will conduct a rally for casino jobs Tuesday, 6 p.m. at 40 Logan Street in the East End including a push for a Project Labor Agreement with MGM Resorts that has proposed a $675 million waterfront gaming facility in Bridgeport.

Members of  UNITE Here and Bridgeport Trades–IBEW, Teamsters, Carpenters, Operating Engineers, IATSE–will gather in support of MGM to provide union jobs for the proposed Bridgeport destination at the Steelpointe Harbor redevelopment area. The MGM plan calls for roughly 7,000 jobs.

MGM Bridgeport
Rendering of MGM Bridgeport.

A public hearing on a bill that proposes an open, competitive process for a casino is scheduled to take place March 8 before the legislature’s Public Safety Committee.

MGM’s proposal requires legislative approval. Connecticut currently operates under a gaming monopoly in which it receives 25 percent of the slot take in exchange for granting gaming exclusivity to the state’s two tribal nations that operate Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun.

Legislative supporters of the tribal nations are trying to kill the bill while proponents of an open, competitive process urge gaming proposals to see what comes back for a state swimming in red ink.



  1. project labor agreement is baloney all it does is guarantee thaat the project will be a union job. If anyone thinks that people from Bridgeport who are not union members and are unskilled are going to be hired thats not going to happen.Even if you are a union member it does not mean you will be hired

  2. Not Sure I feel about this. Unions sometimes are too overzealous. This casino battle is in Hartford, The unions should stay quiet until a winner of a Casino Bid is actually granted. A lot of wasted effort and exposes a lot of opportunists. I never see the unions pushing and recruiting folks for training in the trades. I could be wrong, but too soon in my opinion.

  3. Many of the promised 7000 jobs will be going to union members, more than a few of which do not live in town. How about that. Bass Pro promised jobs for Bridgeport residents. The best they offered were positions in the restaurant.

    1. No, of course not. A few regular commenters have been wetting themselves at the prospect; they should invest in Depends.

      This is going to drag on ’til the cows come home.

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