Bloomin’ Bridgeport–Watch: Ganim Morphs Into Flower Child

Remember that Pete Seeger folk song “Where Have All The Flowers Gone?” covered by hundreds of musicians? Mayor Joe Ganim says they’re all around the Park City. Thousands of them.

The mayor sounds like a modern-day flower child. Yes, peace and love and simplicity.

The mayor’s hoping the budget cycle ends up that way as the City Council’s appropriations committee ponders alterations to his spending plan to begin July 1. A vote could take place on Saturday.

No wilting, please.



  1. Too many doom freaks and not enough growing plants.
    It would be a political miracle if Mayor Ganim could make Bridgeport synonymous with blooming flowers.
    Stand back and watch a man work!

  2. Wasn’t it Mayor Finch who was giving away signs for people to put in their yards?
    Or was it Fabrizi?
    Or was it G1?
    Well, who’s kidding who. Ganim will take credit for it. He will morph into himself.


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