Black Rock Library Forum For City Council Primary

Black Rock library forum

A City Council candidate forum will take place August 22, 7:30 p.m. in the Black Rock Library, 2705 Fairfield Avenue, involving Democratic endorsed Scott Burns and Rowan Kane and challengers Christina Smith and Pete Spain. Assistant City Library John “Salty” Soltis will moderate. See more here. The 130th District covers Black Rock and a portion of the West End.



  1. We know who Scott Burns is. But I continue to ask;Who is Rowan Kane? I’ve gone to meetings concerning the rezoning of Black Rock several years ago. I remember going to NO TO O&G meeting where people from Black Rock,West End<South End came together and we beat O&G. I remember going to other community meetings and I don't remember going to meetings and hearing someone by the name of Rowan Kane making any comments. Who is Rowan Kane?

    1. He is friends with Christina Smith. The young lady that was not endorsed by the young Democrats. Rowan Kane is a candidate running for city council in the 130th. He is a key member of the Greater Bridgeport Young Democrats and he was endorsed by the Democratic Party in the city of Bridgeport. I suppose he and Scott have a website Where you could direct your questions Frank. He is a very impressive candidate . He is aware that BlackRock is a very diverse community an I am sure that he as well as Scott have been embracing the diverse neighborhoods. I have taken a break from posting on the blog but had to respond to your post .

      I would guess that Lennie did well by this post for people like yourself, so that you may attend the forum and educate yourself.

        1. Steve, “He (Rowan Kane) is aware that BlackRock is a very diverse community an I am sure that he as well as Scott have been embracing the diverse neighborhoods.” Steve, Black Rock is NOT very diverse community and you know that’s a lie. Scott Burns and Rowan Kane are running for the City Council of Black Rock and NOT the 130th district as a whole.

          1. Ron Mackey, I do not agree with you. I think their prescence at PT Barnum speaks volumes. Not sure why you feel they are not representing the entire 130th? Not sure if you think the other candidates are? Oh yeah, because Marilyn Moore endorsed the other candidates. She always so visible in the 130th– the other part of Black Rock where she is loved and adored- Not!.

          2. Steve, let be quote you, “that BlackRock is a very diverse community an I am sure that he as well as Scott have been embracing the diverse neighborhoods,” Steve, you know that’s a lie, Black Rock is NOT a diverse neighborhood. Steve, how much of a presence does Burns and Kane spend in PT Barnum and over on State St?

          3. Ron Mackey you are correct and I apologize. I refer to the 130th and Black rock as the same place. They are not. lack Rock pays the bulk of the taxes in the city. I do believe that the 130th an Black rock need to be served equally. I am not so sure anyone candidate is going to satisfy the needs of all of its constituents. Black Rockers paying upward 40,000 a year in taxes obviously expect more attention . The needs are great. I guess the forum will help us understand which candidates can best serve all. Lets see what constituents that live in the 130th show up . I am hoping to go and listen to John Soltis moderate.

      1. “He is very aware the the Black Rock is a very diverse community”
        Thank you Stevie Auerbach.
        He is one of two white males endorsed by the not so diverse 130th Democratic Town Commute.
        Thank you Stevie

  2. Bob Walsh it is a shame they are 2 white crackers running in the 130th. I didnt see you are the cookout this weekend- I didn’t see Ron Mackey or Marilyn Moore. I do not know what you are expecting from Rowan Kane or Scott Burns- I am not sure what to expect from your candidates Spain and Smith. It is not my district. But then again. Wash lives in Branford a very diverse community- NOT! Ron Mackey- Not your community either. Jim Fox- I forgive you . I forgive you for all of your unnecessary and unprovoked insults. You are a clown.

  3. Rowan Kane, who is running for council in the 130th with the elitist Scott Burns, just moved to Black Rock a few months ago. He is a renter. He doesn’t even pay taxes on his car. He is not involved in any local Bridgeport initiatives. I am not sure he even has a job. Christina Smith, who is running for council in the 130th with the very impressive Pete Spain, is the director of Groundwork Bridgeport and very involved in local issues and organizations. She is from Bridgeport, went to school here, has a degree in economics from Princeton, worked as Bridgeport’s Director of Grants, was a founder of the community group PT Partners and so much more. See her impressive credentials here on the informative Spain/Smith website:

    1. Bepo in the know- Her credentials are outstanding for sure. I am not sure one needs to be a lifetime neighborhood resident. But I will agree on one point- many of the Young Democrats in Bridgeport are young and do not pay huge property taxes as much of the 130th.They are young and energetic and idealistic. He is smart and probably has an awful lot to contribute. We will see at the forum. I wouldn’t be so quick to judge him on his lack of experience. I commend him for running. The 130th with have a battle with the Republicans running in November. If they are still running in November with Trump! 🙂

  4. Her credential are outstanding for sure.
    But you don’t have to come from Bridgeport
    You don’t have to know Bridgeport.
    You don’t have to volunteer in Bridgeport.
    As long as you suck up and Danny Roach and / or Mario Testa likes you, you too can be on the City Council.
    Stevie Suck-up

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